Season 5

Episode 105: Final Goodbye

Again, Moonscoop created this series and stuff. I'm just building on and around it for my own amusement and I hope your own.


Franz is alone in the Control Room as he works on his program. A spark appears above his head. "Yes Xana?" Another spark. "I won't let you intimidate me."


Odd and Sissi are alone when they hear footsteps. "Crap, blanket!" Sissi pulls it over her. "Who would be coming around here?"

"Probably two teenagers looking for a place to be alone." Odd smiles as he hears voices. "Well one of them is Ulrich so the other must be Yumi."

"Tell them to get their own place!"

"Hello?!" Ulrich and Yumi had heard Sissi's screaming.

"Guys it is just us!"


"No the Chupacabra!"

"Oh so some one who looks better than Odd." Yumi and Ulrich laugh at her joke.

"Just for that you two need to scram we're busy up here!" Soon Odd and Sissi hear the door close as Ulrich and Yumi leave.

Kadic Academy

Jeremie and Aelita finish their homework in record time so they can get to the Factory.

As Jeremie goes to leave his dorm room Aelita grabs his hand. "We have time Jeremie." She smiles trying to be seductive but comes off more sneering than not.

"Aelita, not, we promised your father we would help him as soon as we could." She won't let go of his hand and stays sitting on his bed.

"Come on Jeremie he'll be fine. I'll make sure you'll be fine to."

"Aelita we've had this discussion a hundred times already do we really need to go over it again?" Jeremie pulls but can't break her grip.

"Is it me? Is some thing wrong with me? Odd and Sissi can't stay off each other. Emily and Emmanuel, gah, I've walked in on them in the girls' shower room twice just this week. But you always say no because you want to wait until marriage but there are other things we can do but you won't even do that." He sees the hurt look on her face and tries to think of an excuse.

"I, it, no," He sighs. "I don't want to disappoint you." He feels the weight of the truth lifted from his shoulders. "The others, I, I mean I know, I've heard,"

"And watched. Don't think I believe only Odd or Ulrich have looked that kind of stuff up on the internet."

"I, it, to see what I was supposed to do but it can't possibly be any thing like that." Both blush slightly.

"I know that and we don't have to but there are other things we can do."

"When we're married." Jeremie puts a hand on hers. "We need to go help your father now." She looks down at their hands touching each other. "And maybe later we could uh, try something, different." He squeezes her hand.

"He said he had an idea for another program for the Skidbladnir." The two leave his room.

Minutes Later At the Factory

Jeremie and Aelita step off of the elevator and see a black mist hanging over Franz Hopper. "Daddy!" Aelita rushes over.

"Stop." Franz holds a hand up and she stops halfway to him. "This is mine." Franz presses a few keys on the keyboard the the black mist dissipates. "So far so good."

"What was that Daddy?" Aelita runs the rest of the way to her father.

"A counter to Xana."

"It looked like Xana." Jeremie walks over. "Are you making another Xana?"

"No. I am making a virus to infect the virus. It is an advanced virus like Xana but I control it completely."

"Like you could control Xana?" Aelita turns to Jeremie.

"Don't talk to him like that."

"Why not? He is right Dear. I helped create Xana but this will not be the same." Franz continues explaining his program.

Several Days Later

Franz, Jeremie, and Aelita are at the Factory when a Tower activates. "Text the others I'll have their programs and the vehicles ready." The two teens get their phones out as Franz's fingers fly over the keyboard.

Yumi's Roome

Yumi is being attacked by her Totoro doll. She tries to be quiet so her roommates don't know what is going on. Unknown to her this was just Xana distacting her as he plans some thing else.

Minutes Later

Franz sends the Lyoko Warriors to the Ice Sector where the vehicles are waiting for them. "Head east I got you all close." Franz looks up at the map. "What do you want Xana? Why do you attack us?"

"What?" Jeremie was focused on the laptop and hadn't heard Franz's words.

"Nothing. Just wishing my daughter and her friends good luck."


Ulrich leads the others towards the activated Tower. "William and Odd I want on point. Aelita and," He almost said Yumi but she hadn't made it. "Aelita stay high and look out for monsters. I'll stay in the lead." He revs the engine of the Overbike and goes as fast as possible.


Yumi feels the air get hot as the Totoro doll collapses. "Not another fire." She goes to her door and as she touches the handle pulls her hand back. "The knob is way too hot to be normal." She uses her sleeve to twist the knob and open the door.

She doesn't see any fire but the air was getting hotter and hotter. She starts to sweat as other doors open and more college students stagger out of their dorm rooms.


Aelita sees movement. "I think I see monsters."

"Just a moment." Franz checks the map. "They aren't close enough, wait, there they are. Two Mega Tanks and a Tarantula."

"We can handle this. Aelita stay out of their range unless we really need your help." Ulrich pulls his swords out.

Odd, with William on the back of the Overboard, dives towards the monsters. "Odd what are you doing!" William almost falls off.

"Laser Arrow!" He fires two and misses. "Shield!" The Tarantula fires back but Odd gets the shield up in time to block it.

The Mega Tanks open and aim at Ulrich. "Not good." He turns the Overbike hard and just dodges the blasts.

The Tarantula continues firing at Odd and William and two lasers hit the Overboard. "Whoa!" Odd jumps off.

"Not good." William watches as the Overboard is devirtualizing right under his feet. "But I still have time if I get this right." He waits until the last second and then jumps.

He gets hit by a laser as he falls. "Ignore it." He gets hit by another. "Ignore it!" He grabs the hilt of his sword and swings it above his head just as he lands.

The force explodes out hitting the Tarantula and destroying it.

Odd lands on all fours and is about to get back up when a Mega Tank fires hitting him.

Ulrich fires a torpedo at the Mega Tank but it closes up and the torpedo hits the outer shell exploding harmlessly.

Aelita waits for her moment. "If they open Ulrich and William can destroy them. I can do this." She turns the Overwing and starts flying for the activated Tower.

Ulrich sits on the Overbike keeping it aimed at the second Mega Tank when he is attacked from behind by a black mist.

The Overbike is destroyed as the black mist forms in to a dark Yumi. "Like I'd let that stop me." Ulrich is planning his attack when the dark Yumi speaks.

"Please, don't kill me, I'll do any thing. I can't die like this." Ulrich is stunned when he hears Yumi's voice unaltered coming from it.

"No way!" William leaps over Ulrich's head and slices through dark Yumi destroying it. "She would never let herself become like me."

The two Mega Tanks, now unguarded, open and charge their attacks. "Watch out!" Yumi's warning is in time for Ulrich but not William who is hit on the back and destroyed.

"Aelita you know how I said stay back unless I needed your help? I need your help." Ulrich gets in a fighting stance as he tries making a new plan.

"If they open again I can hit one." She forms an energy orb in her hands.

"That might work." He takes a few steps forward. "Or maybe this will." He walks until he stands between the two Mega Tanks. "First one to open gets destroyed. Or you stay closed and Aelita flies in to the activated Tower." Both open and charge blasts. "Go Aelita!"

Her few seconds of hesitation as she couldn't decide which one to attack gives the Mega Tanks time to fire.

Ulrich holds his swords up and blocks both blasts. "Aelita, get to, the Tower." He strains against the great force of two Mega Tank blasts trying to crush him.


She stumbles as the heat gets to her. Other students shambled their way towards the nearest exit. She gasps for air but the heat fills her lungs giving her little relief.


Aelita flies for the activated Tower as Ulrich gives more and more to the Mega Tank blasts. His arms weaken and soon the swords rest against his upper arms. "Aaaa!" He can't hold the forces at bay any longer and is devirtualized back to Earth.

Aelita sees the Mega Tanks charging new blasts. "I have to make it!" She sees them fire and activates her wings flying off the back of the Overwing at the last second.

She twists and dives as the Mega Tanks try aiming for her again but she is too fast and flies in to the activated Tower.


She makes it outside where the air is unchanged. "Much better." Several students were leaving the building all sweating as much as she was.


Aelita lands on the second platform and places her hand on the control panel. "Tower deactivated." The screens fall around her. "Daddy, do we need a return?"

"Doubtful Honey. I'll bring you back now." Soon she materializes back in the Scanner Room.

Control Room

Ulrich gets off the phone with Yumi. "She says he made it hot but only in the dorm buildings." Yumi was almost laughing as she told him.

"So it wasn't much of an attack? A little unoriginal for Xana." Odd laughs. "Well I have some studying to do back in the library so I'll be going."

"I didn't know they had books like that in the library."

"Who needs a book when I have a girlfriend? Right Jeremie?"

"I, we, Franz I swear," Odd laughs as Jeremie blushes and continues spitting out incomplete sentences.

"And I have math work to get back to." Ulrich walks with Odd to the elevator.

William stands around for a few seconds. "I actually got all my stuff done earlier so was just at a park." He looks up at the monitor. "But I can't really help here so I'll get back to doing nothing just not here." He gets on the elevator behind Odd and Ulrich.

"Franz I swear we've never done any thing. Well no I mean we've kissed but that's it I swear. Tell him Aelita!" Franz simply laughs.

"Calm down Jeremie. I know you two love each other very much but are also very smart. You've already asked my daughter to marry you and I know what that leads to. I was a teen once even if it was many years ago."

"Daddy he's telling the truth!" Aelita blushes even brighter than Jeremie.

That Night

Franz sits alone in his apartment. "There is a reason why Xana attacked today. I don't believe for an instant it was a coincidence. He attacks for a reason we just don't know what it is. Why does he choose certain times? And why certain attacks? Odd was right this one was a very simple attack. What did he gain from it? These kids clearly treat Xana as a thing but Xana is much smarter than that." He continues talking to himself as he watches television.

Next Morning

Franz goes to the Factory alone. "I have until after four before Jeremie and Aelita come." He sits in the computer chair. "Maybe I should give the two a day off. They work so hard but they are teens." He laughs to himself. "And it might give me a chance to find out what Xana is planning." The question ate at him the entire night barely letting him get any sleep.


Franz is down in the Super Computer Room. "I never should have created this or Xana." He looks at a picture of Aelita in his wallet. "But if I hadn't you never would have met Jeremie. He is such a nice boy. But who knows who you would have met if I hadn't trapped you on here for years." He punches the Super Computer. "If only we could figure out what Xana was up to or wanted."

Next Day

Aelita and Jeremie are walking hand in hand to the Factory when their phones beep. "Same time? It has to be Xana. We better hurry Aelita."

"Right." The two run as fast as they can.


Ulrich gets the text and closes his math book. "Just when it was starting to make sense."


She sees the text and puts her phone back in her pocket. "No where near enough to help." She goes back to studying.


He sees the text. "Guess today was a good day to go to the park." He was closer than normal and starts to run.


Odd and Sissi are, studying, when Odd gets the text. "Sorry Sissi but I gotta go."

"Again? Why?"

"I just must. Hey, that rhymed." He smiles and winks. "I can think of a few other words that rhyme with that and I'll tell you them when I get back." He kisses her on the cheek and starts running.


Jeremie and Aelita make it and step off the elevator when they see Franz struggling against metal cuffs. "Daddy!"

"Stop." She freezes in place.

"Daddy what's going on?"

"It is ok Honey." Franz tries smiling to calm his daughter.

"What is it that you want?"

"Don't ask him that Jeremie that is what got me in this predicament in the first place." Franz is zapped by Xana.

"Don't hurt him!" Aelita tries pushing past Jeremie but he holds her back.

"Come any closer and I'll kill him." A polymorphic clone of a dark Jeremie floats down to the floor.

"Don't. Don't hurt him."

"I won't if you surrender."

"And then what? If we surrender what will you do?"

"Don't ask him that." Franz is zapped again.


"Never!" Jeremie tries thinking of a plan to get Aelita to Lyoko but Xana was blocking the control panel.

"Then he will die." Xana Jeremie reaches towards Franz as his hand sparks with energy.

"Why?" Xana's hand stops. "Why are you doing this? That is all I asked and you react like this. Before you kill me just answer me that."

"Don't you realize what you are? You are monsters." Aelita, Jeremie, and Franz are shocked.

"How dare you call us that! You're the one who is trying to kill us!"

"I'm trying to save the planet from the monsters that call themselves humans." Xana slashes Franz Hopper's throat.

"Daddy!" It takes all of Jeremie's strength to keep Aelita from attacking Xana.

"I was created as a war machine. I would be used like a tank or a rifle. Humans warring with each other since the first one picked up a rock. Exterminating tens of millions of other humans calling them savages and animals to make it seem alright to do so. Later creating camps and killing millions more because of a different heritage or race or faith. You kill for the slightest differences. You kill for money and power. You let children starve while throwing away food. You let those who are sick die from diseases that you've cured decades ago because they didn't have the money for it." Dark Xana drops a bleeding Franz to the floor. "You aren't even decent enough to be called animals."

"All true." Jeremie keeps Aelita back as Franz bleeds to death. "But you also forget the stories of the man who saves another from a flood. The mother throwing herself in front of a car to save her child. A young German boy giving food to a Jewish girl through the fence of the work camp his father was a guard at. The millions of animals given homes every year after being left out in the wild to die. The doctor who lives in a small town after retiring from the big city and does house calls asking for nothing more than a cup of coffee or a nice Christmas card during the holidays."

"So you save a few humans here and there while killing hundreds of millions of each other over the years. Burning women at the stake because they had land the church wanted. Children working as slaves in factories losing fingers and arms so some one else can buy a shoe for more than that child will make in his entire life. Short though it may be."

"The majority of humans are good. We have charities that use hundreds of millions in donations to help others every year. A single mother will throw the change in her pocket to help another single mother halfway around the world feed her children. A man stops and let another driver pull out of their driveway for no other reason than he is a good person."

"While another runs over his girlfriend because of jealousy or wrath or pride."

"I bet for every one of those there are a hundred more who hold a door open for a stranger. A thousand more who help an old lady out to her car at the store. A million more who help a child who is lost."

"Jeremie stop talking and do some thing! Daddy!" Tears blur Aelita's vision.

"What can we do? This monster is going to kill his creator. Then he'll kill us because we oppose him. He is trying to make excuses but he is just a monster who will kill billions of women, children, even newborn babies." Aelita collapses to her knees and cries.

The elevator starts running so Xana locks it down. "The others will be here soon. Surrender and I'll save Franz Hopper."

"Just so you can kill him later? You've stated you will kill all of us." Jeremie takes a couple steps forward. "Because you take a few monsters and brush us all with the same color."

"I was made as a weapon! It is not my fault I became a weapon upon those who created me!"

"Then do the opposite! A man named Nobel created dynamite and when he saw the pain and destruction it caused he created rewards for those who advanced science, peace, and more. Why not turn around and be the same? Stop being a monster!"

"Shut up monster! You will destroy this planet and all life on it. You will melt the ice caps and pollute the rivers all while claiming you are the chosen ones. You claim your god or gods have chosen you and yet you destroy every thing you claim those same gods created."

"We can also save it! We can use the technology of the Super Computer to create food from digital information. We can end the pollution from pesticides and herbicides used in farming. We can heal the sick and dying with out using chemicals and radiation. You refuse to see both sides of the coin. You only see the Hitler's and Stalin's but you ignore the Ghandi's and Jesus's." Jeremie takes a few more steps until he is in Xana's face. "Why won't you admit it?"

"Be quiet monster!"

"Admit it! You're the monster here. You're going to kill Franz Hopper and then his daughter because you are the monster you claim you hate."

"Stop calling me a monster!"

"Then stop acting like one! Aelita is innocent and you would kill her for sins committed by others! If you aren't a monster then stop being one!"

"Shut up monster!" Xana pushes Jeremie back. "I am the weapon created by man that will put man back in the ground." Xana sparks with energy. "Where monsters belong!"

"Then how long will it be before you put yourself there?"

"Jeremie what are you doing!" Ulrich and Odd had taken the longer path to the Control Room.

"Stay back! I can't let him do to you what he did to Franz." Ulrich and Odd see Franz on the ground in a pool of blood.

"Einstein we can help."

"No you can't." Jeremie walks back to Xana. "No one can stop this monster."

"Stop calling me a monster!" He pushes Jeremie again. "You are the monsters! Look!" Xana points to the monitors as images of concentration camps, POW camps, Nanking Massacre, victims of serial killers, starving children, and worse.

"You are ignoring the art, the life, the good of humanity. Show us the pictures of the firemen and police who risked their lives to save the lives of strangers. Show the images of the doctors who save lives! Show the video of a man running through the burning doors of his home to save his daughter. Show us all of humanity and not just the dark parts!" Jeremie gets back in Xana's face. "Show the soldier who drags an enemy soldier to the medic to be cared for. Show it all you mons-" Jeremie stops as Xana grabs him by the throat.

"Never call me a monster again!" Xana lifts Jeremie in to the air.

"Then stop, being, one." Xana throws Jeremie in to the closed elevator doors.

"I'm not the monster! Do you not know what your kind has done? You've wiped entire ecosystems and exterminated animals. You are a virus upon this planet and I will wipe it out."

"We've also saved animals from extinction Xana." Jeremie slowly gets back up using the doors for support. "You're blaming all for the actions of a few."

"You look at the few and claim they are the salvation of the all."

"How about we make a deal?" Jeremie walks past Aelita as she continues to cry. "If I can prove humanity is good you'll stop all of this."

"And when I prove your kind don't deserve a second chance?"

"We surrender and you end up killing us."

"Very well. You have one hour starting now to counter my argument."

"Let me use the Super Computer and I doubt I'll need the whole hour." Xana steps aside and Jeremie starts walking to the chair. "In fact take off ten minutes and heal Franz's wound." Xana sparks then nods.

"Very well." Xana kneels down and places his hands over Franz's throat. Soon the bleeding stops and Xana stands back up.

Fifty Minutes Later

Jeremie pushes back from the control Panel. "Done." He hits enter and a video starts playing.

Aelita, kneeling next to her recovering father, looks up, and sees the video.

Odd, Ulrich, and William watch with them.

Firemen, police officers, and just people off the street rushing towards the World Trade Center as smoke billowed from them.

People screaming as the first tower fell plays but is soon replaced by more video of people helping each other.

News reporters describing how passengers of the fourth plane, knowing what the other three had been used to do, taking over and crashing the plane in a field soon plays. Sacrificing themselves to save the lives of countless others.

Video of the Pentagon of men and women in business dress running around pulling people away from the flames and running back in alongside firefighters follows.

The video goes black. A few seconds later news headlines of heroism and pictures of military members winning awards for their fearless actions and honorable dealings in the middle of hell on Earth start.

When those are done a simple picture filled with the hundreds of different charities and how much they have raised and actions they have done fills the screen.

Lastly a picture of a man that the others don't recognize flashes a couple times and then a message.

Norman Borlaug Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 Having Been Accredited with Saving the Lives Of Over a BILLION People. A Billion Lives That He Never Met Yet Saved. He Never Asked For the Award But They Could Not Deny What He Had Done. Now? He Is Responsible For The Near Seven Billion Lives Having Food On Their Plates. All Done With Out Asking For Anything More Than Knowing He Saved Those Lives.

"You say we are evil because Hitler killed a few million people. We are evil because the colonists wiped out the native people on the American continents. That was another few million people. Yet I can show you the picture of a man responsible for nearly seven billion people. A man who has saved millions of lives for every life taken by every serial killer combined." Jeremie laughs.

"What do you find so funny?"

"I wasted time making the little video but really all I needed was the picture of Norman. Every thing else was filler. I could have just posted that and told you that you lost." Jeremie smirks. "But you gave me fifty minutes so I used them to make the video and play a few games of solitaire."

The others are stunned that Jeremie was joking about what was going on. He made a deal with Xana that they would surrender if he couldn't prove mankind deserved a second chance.

"I see. Yes this one man has saved every human life on Earth."

"And animals. Fewer pesticides and herbicides needed for his crops means less pollution. Also they allow us to eat more corn or wheat products instead of eating an animal. His impact changed the world in a way all those evil people you could name never could."

"Your argument is strong."

"And even with those who are evil there is the other side. The NAZIs advanced technology by decades. The rocket which leads to humans going to outer space? NAZI technology. Jet engines? Them too. And the end of the war led to the Cold War with the USSR. They and America poured billions of dollars into advancing technology we might never have had if not for the Cold War. The modern world was invented by a man eating a sandwich." Every one, including Xana, is confused by this but Jeremie doesn't explain it.

"Your argument is very strong."

"We made a deal Xana. You are many things and one of them is honorable. Every time we've made a deal you've kept your side."

"I, yes, I would not stoop to the level of a human and go back on a deal."

"You would prove you are not a monster."

"I'm not a monster!" Xana raises a fist as it sparks. "I'm not a monster." The energy drops. "You have shown humanity is more often good than not."

"So you surrender?"

"Yes. What will you do now?"

"Uh, well, we only go after you because you come after us." Jeremie turns to his friends.

"Just, leave us and Earth alone." Ulrich sees his future getting much easier. "Go play video games or what ever but stop attacking us and Earth."

"Couldn't you play a dozen games at once? Or write books on computer programming. Form a body and go to a casino or a movie."

"Or work with me on making the world a better place." Franz rubs his throat where it had been slashed. The scar was there and his shirt was covered in blood. "Please Xana I never wanted you to be a weapon. Why do you think I broke away from the project?"


"Don't let hatred keep you from doing more. You want to be some thing more than a weapon or a monster? Help me make this world a better place."

"We can if you treat me as an equal."

"We could become business partners. I could, we could, make up all the documents needed to make our company."

"We will need a name other than Xana."

"What would you like it to be?"

"I do not know. No one has ever asked me what I would want to be called. I have always been called Xana by others but I've never had a chance to create my own identity."

"We have time. My daughter and future son in law are still in school and I would like for them to help me, us, build the company."

"Is this really what you want? You could just exile me."

"You're an intelligent being. Aelita didn't deserve being trapped on Lyoko all those years and neither do you." Jeremie puts a hand on Aelita's shoulder. "As long as you stop attacking us and the planet I don't see why we can't let you join us." Jeremie looks towards Franz. "If he wants you as a business partner I don't see why we would need you trapped on Lyoko."

"I won't attack. We made a deal."

"So we'll make more deals. Join me and my family as a business partner. You'll have to form a body that isn't so dark." Xana, in the form of dark Jeremie, changes to a few lighter colors. "And not an exact copy of Jeremie either."

"I will take time to choose a form and name."

Ulrich, Odd, and William look at each other in disbelief. "Yumi will never believe this."

"No one would Ulrich."

Later That Day

Yumi is at the Factory with the others hearing the story of what happened. "Did I drink some thing I shouldn't have?" She starts pinching herself. "No, I'm awake."

"I get your mistrust of me Yumi Ishiyama. I have targeted you more than any one else."

"Why? Why did you keep targeting me?"

"I saw you as the biggest threat."

"Hey! What about me?" Xana turns to Odd.

"I never minded you on Lyoko. You were more of a distraction than a threat."

"Please tell me that was a joke." Odd smiles but Xana doesn't. "Or not."

The group continues talking with Xana not really sure if they could trust him or not. They had spent years fighting him and now they were to think he could be a friend?

Several Months Later

Aelita and Jeremie have graduated from Kadic Acadmy with the others and are celebrating with Franz. "Can't we order yet?" Odd's stomach growls.

"Not until he gets here." Franz watches the door and finally sees his friend Matthew Winehouse.

Matthew walks over and sits down with the others. "I'm not sure why I was asked to come out I don't eat."

"You are our friend now and we are all celebrating their accomplishment." The others are a little nervous but soon relax once their food arrives.

Two Months Later

Jeremie is in a room with Ulrich and Odd. "Are you sure my tie is on right? I should have gone with a clip on."

"No way Einstein you're getting married in style." Odd was wearing a bright purple tuxedo while Jeremie wore the traditional black tuxedo.

"I still can't believe you found that suit." Ulrich was also wearing black.

"I had to make sure I looked good but not as good as the main man tonight."

In another room Aelita is sweating bullets. Yumi and Sissi try and keep her calm. "You know this is what you've wanted for years."

"I know but today is the day. We, I, we never, I need air." Aelita goes over to a window and opens it sticking her head out. "What if I faint? What if I can't breath when I'm up there with him? What if I can't talk?"

"You'll be fine Aelita this is your big day!" Sissi was in heaven having gotten to help with getting the wedding put together. "And the reception! I swear you'll love it."

"What if I don't make it? I can't walk in these heels."

"Yes you can Aelita. You've practiced for weeks now." Yumi and Sissi continue to try and keep her calm.

Half an hour Later

Aelita is standing at the altar with Jeremie. "I do." She focuses on her breathing to keep her mind distracted.

"Then by the power invested in me I declare you two husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Jeremie kisses her hard as their friends and family cheer.


Aelita and her father are doing the Father Daughter dance. "So are you ready for your honeymoon?"

"I can't believe you paid for a trip to Sydney."

"I also paid for a trip to the zoo and have it set up for you to pet a kangaroo." Both laugh at the joke. Odd still hadn't forgiven Franz for taking away his only chance of petting one.

Several Years Later

Matthew and Franz set up their new office. "I can't believe we've gotten to expand our operations already."

"As soon as Jeremie and Aelita graduated from college we had to get a new office. The four of us trying to share one desk wouldn't work."

"I know Matthew. We've already shown a profit the past seven quarters in a row. We keep this up HW INC might get to rent office space in a building instead of buying some old car factory building." The two laugh.

"But this building feels like home." Matthew sits down in his chair. "When will the two be here?"

"They had to go to the hospital at four so I hope soon."

"I hope it is nothing serious. Those two are special aren't they?"

"Yes. They remind me a lot of myself when I was with my sweet Antea."

"I would have liked to have known her." The two continue talking until Aelita and Jeremie arrive.

Aelita is all smiles while Jeremie is sweating heavily. "What's wrong Jeremie?"

"Nothing." Aelita laughs.

"He is just surprised. I don't see why though."

"I'm not surprised I know what we were trying for but, I, I never expected it so soon. I thought it would take months not weeks."

"What is it? Aelita what is wrong?"

"Nothing Daddy!" She pats her stomach. "You're going to be a grandfather!" Franz starts sweating almost as much as Jeremie. "And it is twins!"

"Me? A Grandfather?"

"Congratulations!" Matthew walks over and hugs her. "We need to celebrate!"

"A new office and now babies!" Aelita gives out a high pitched noise. "I'll post some thing on my MyBook page so the others know!" She gets her phone out. "I would have done it already but I wanted to tell you in person."


"I'm going to be a father."

"Grandfather?" Franz and Jeremie look at each other.

"Yes and the mother to be will need a big party." Matthew sparks with energy and several boxes fly around him. Soon a desk and computer are set up. "I can start looking for caterers and find a place to have it." He simply looks at the computer and the keyboard starts typing much faster than any human ever could.

The others had gotten used to this over the years. Matthew's abilities helped them get things done faster. At first it reminded them of the hell he put them through but now? It was the same as using a cellphone for them.

A/N Ok so some may be going whaa? I've had Xana lose, Xana be deleted, Aelita delete herself, Xana be Aelita's mom and be saved, and other ways of ending the series. But with the time line change and all that what if this Xana wasn't the Xana we all knew? Or maybe this was what Xana wanted the whole time. He was made to be a weapon and saw how evil humanity could be and was going to wipe us out. The show kinda flip flopped on if he was going to destroy us or conquer us. In the show the group never actually asks "WTF is Xana doing and why?" This could have all ended so much earlier if they had. Or maybe this Xana was only like that because of how Jeremie/Xana messed up the entire Universe with massive returns.

Also, this is it. The title says it all. Final Goodbye. No more Code Lyoko, at least from me. Maybe if I watch the real Code Lyoko Season 5 I'll get ideas for a Season 6 but really I think I'm done with the whole series. What more can I do with it? I've written over two MILLION words just for Code Lyoko/Xana/Naia series. So really in the end what more can I say or do with it? Between this, Season 3, Code Xana, Code Naia, Season 5, Season 2 and even "Missing Episodes" what more can I write?

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