The world, Novalith was left behind. Everything was burning, entire starships were malfunctioning and almost instinctively crashing into the surface cities of Novalith. Everything else just short-circuited and exploded. Galileo was the first to be destroyed. The explosive round had detonated above the city, destroying the city and sending a burst of energy, causing everything inside the gravity well of the planet to stop working or be destroyed.

Captain Jason Michaels stood above this carnage aboard the TDN Hyperion. His Cronus Titan had arrived shortly after the Vasari missile had detonated. The Hyperion, while in orbit of Argonev, had taken some modifications. They were able to quench viruses in their system without relent, fire PMC rounds three-at-a-time, strengthen their nano-mesh armour at will, activate black-hole-grade shields, self-destruction from the supernova reactor and fire a destructor round which, for want of a better term, incinerates Vasari and Advent capital ships and could easily crush a black hole in on itself.

"Sir. The...uh... device is ahead and should be in visual range just about now."

As if to fulfil the man's prophecy, a structure came into view. It had two long columns and a central hub with a fire control tower. He had seen the plans to this, as he had level 99 security clearance (came with the job of captain of the most powerful space-worthy vessel of all history), and this was described as the Novalith cannon, which could fire a ten-thousand-megaton hydrogen-detonator missile into deep space, uses an extremely advanced targeting system to fire upon any Vasari or Advent world and destroy it completely, leaving only the planet which was left as a victim of nuclear winter. His old memory flashed back to the briefing of the Novalith cannon's power.

"But nothing can destroy a planet like that." Captain Michaels argued against it.

"Nuclear bombs can. Lots and lots of nuclear bombs can topple a planet. And these busters are a lot more powerful than lots of nuclear bombs. This thing could send the devil running back to his mother if it wanted to." Admiral Dmitri Chekhov told him in his extremely old, Russian voice

"That's what they said about the Argonev starbase."

"Which is still in use, I might add." Captain Maria Jackson said. "A starbase is always posted above a planet for thorough defence. And the Ancients hangar defence stations are still around which adds a defender for this new hell-boy."

"Whose whacky idea was this one then, admiral?"

"Young man named Hoshiko Yamaguchi. Same guy who drew out the plans of the Javelis in front of the president's eyes. When he spearheaded the Javelis project, he wanted to impress the senate even more. So he opened up more missile projects. Eventually, he advanced missiles to the point of our new Novalith warheads. But nothing could fire them, So he drew out a massive space-based cannon to fire the warhead. And that lead to the Novalith cannon."

"He's also the same guy that built the phase inhibitor. Remind me how it works then, Mike."

Mike, the servant whom I knew at academy, also brainiac scientist, stood up to address us.

"Well, it fires a concentrated bolt of radiation at several enemy targets, the bolts are invisible to the naked eye, it then allows the defence fleet to pummel them and send them to their mothers. When the enemy drops into phase, they are constantly bombarded by exotic particles, destroying them as they go. They never survive. Not before they drop out of phase. When the phase effect dissipates, they can safely drop into phase again."

"Can you remind me what happened to the workers in the first Inhibitor?"

Mike sighed. "All of them died due to a station-wide case of radiation-poisoning."

"And..." Captain Michaels prompted.

"When autopilot went on, all ships nearby were fired upon. Quite later, a raid was issued and the fleet around Argonev was destroyed while in phase."

"Ah, but nothing like this will happen. Granted, all friendly ships would also be incinerated when a Novalith warhead detonates in a gravity well, but necessary losses. Trust me; I would want to save all those who got caught in the crossfire as much as anyone." Admiral Chekhov assured them.

The captain rolled his eyes. How could admiral Chekhov be so calm about the certain loss of so many men and women whose lives would be quenched in the near future?

Then the demonstration took place and they started a party to wait for confirmation from the TDN Behemoth, Marza Dreadnought class.

"Sir." the communications officer called out from the control deck just below the viewing deck on the bridge. "We have a transmission from admiral Chekhov, sir. He says to meet him at the coordinates in the attached file."

"Mail them to my WorkPad."

A few seconds later, a small touch-screen in his breast pocket beeped - You Got Mail! - He took the 'Pad out of the pocket and analysed the coordinates in the in-box.

Fifteen, fifty-five, north star hotel, Meet Us There, Tim.

Fifteen, fifty-five? 6:55? Of course! 6:55 was the time on the twenty-four hour clock when they used to have dinner at the academy. North star hotel? He meant the North star, Polaris, at the tip of the tail of Ursa Minor. 'Meet Us There, Tim'? He tried to put it into initials. That was usually the code-breaker of Chekhov's transmissions. M, U, T, T. Mutt? Mutt was usually the nickname of wolves. Wolves?

TDN Luna! Admiral Chekhov's command was a Sova battlecruiser named the TDN Luna!

"Helmsman, get us to Polaris before 6:55 on the twenty-four hour clock."

"Aye, sir."

"And I think we need to bring the device with us."

"Aye, sir."

The ship began to tow the Novalith cannon to the edge of the gravity well of Novalith. A phase window opened and the TDN Hyperion went into phase to the star. It took five minutes to reach the star Novalith was in orbit of. Then the ship set a course for Polaris.