Sarah POV

When I opened the door I saw Ethan but he was young Ethan.

"Ethan is that you?" I asked

"Yea I am a vampire like you" he said and then he hugged me tight. I need to tell him that I am in a relationship with this really nice and cute vampire named Dean. I was crying for 50 years for Ethan and then I met this boy 10 years ago. First we were friends, but now we are in love.

"How did you become a vampire?" I asked really interested in this story

"Well let's talk about it over dinner come on" he said

"Ok let's go"

Lauren Houston (made this name up)

"I love this place but I want to know how you became a vampire and who turned you?" I said

"We have all night to talk about that but I want to ask you this are you in love with Dean" he asked

"How do you know about that? I asked

"Well he is a good friend of mine and don't worry I am not mad and I have a girlfriend" he said

Ethan POV

I can't believe this but I don't care because I have a plan to get her back. She will be mine again but I need a fake girlfriend first. I know who will help.

"Really" she said. She sounded so jealous

"Yea but let me…."

I didn't get to finish because two vampires came at our table and one of them punched me.

Sarah POV

Two really big vampires came at our table and one of them punched Ethan.

"Ethan are you okay?" I said

"Yea but anyways what do you want Ed and Ted?" he said fixing his jaw

"Jesse wants you" they said in unison

"Jesse!" I screamed which made the whole restaurant look at us

"Wow he can't last two weeks without me. What does he want?" Ethan said with a little laugh. Which made no sense to me? Why does Jesse want Ethan?

"He needs you to come to Russia for the Speech" Ed said

"Ok well Sarah do you, Rory, and Erica want to come to Russia for the weekend?" Ethan asked

"Ok…umm I just need to ask if they want to"

"Let's go ask them, and Ed and Ted pay the bill." Ethan said with a cute smirk. He took my hand and in a second we where outside my condo.

"Wow!" is all I could said

"Well let's go ask" he said. Well Ethan is not that nerd boy he used to be. He has muscles and his hair isn't messy at all. He doesn't wear t shirts and jeans anymore. He wears black like Jesse does.

We opened the door and saw Rory watching Star Trek and Erica reading Dusk. As soon as they saw Ethan they ran up to him and hugged him. Erica gave me that tell me everything look.

"Do you guys want to go to Russia and visit my castle?" he asked I didn't even know that he was rich.

"Yea" they said

They went into their rooms and packed for the trip. I sat down next to Ethan and asked him

"Who turned you into a vampire?"

"Let me tell you the whole story from the beginning. After Benny and Grandma Weir left I went to Jesse's mansion. I know you think I'm stupid but I wanted you back. He opened the door.

"What do you want" Jesse asked

"I want you to turn me into a vampire so I can be with Sarah forever. If you do this I will be your right hand man like Cord was." I begged

"Ok I will do it because I heard you're blood was h deficient and I have this big Vampires vs. Werewolf war coming up. If I turn you into a vampire I will teach you how to be strong and all powerful." He said

He bit my neck and I was a vampire. I knew who I wanted to kill. I found that guy name Scott who called me Teethan and Benny bennyrabbit. I went to his house with Jesse. Jesse taught me everything; he showed me how to suck Scott's blood without turning him into a vampire. I moved in with Jesse and my parents put up missing child flyers all over town. I didn't tell Benny because he wouldn't understand. Jesse and I lived everywhere like Russia, New York, Italy, and even Antarctica. I met some vampires that knew where you lived. I haven't seen you in 60 years, wow! Jesse said he has to going back to Russia so he can meet up with people for his war plans. I didn't go so I can find you. When I went to your condo I knocked on the door. You opened it." he explained

"Wow!" is all I could say

"Yea" he said.

"Let's go!" Rory screamed running out of his room

"Ok my private jet should be here in 5 minutes." Ethan said a little cocky

"Private jet that is awesome!" Erica screamed

"The private jet is here" Rory said

When we went in the private jet I couldn't stop looking at Ethan. He is so sexy. I want him so much but I am with Dean. Oh yea Dean I forgot about him, I should have invited him. I am forcing myself to think about Dean but my mind is focus on Ethan. He turned himself into a vampire so we can be together. I love Ethan so much that I…

"Before we go to Russia I have to get something" Ethan said interrupting my thoughts.

"We landed in White chapel and Ethan gave me a come on look that was so sexy. I got out of my chair and followed him. We went into his old backyard and he started digging and then he picked up the cubile aminus. I took it from his hand and started screaming at him.

"Why are you doing this? Are you giving this to Jesse? He is still evil are you insane?" I screamed

"Keep your voice down my sister owns this house now. We need this so we can win the war. If we have 219 powerful vampires on our side then we can get rid of ware wolfs forever." He said in a quite scream

"Did you forget that you where a ware wolf before I cured you." I said with a "you know I am right" smirk. Then he came closer to me and looked like he was about to kiss me. Our foreheads touched and then I felt him breathing on me. I was just about to kiss him but he said something.

"Thank you for curing me. I would never be able to life like a stupid animal. Well let's go." He said. He took the cubile aminus from my hand. He took my hand and he led me to a hospital.

"What are we doing here?" I asked

"Well you will see." He said with a goofy smile.

"Mr. Morgan I haven't seen you in two weeks. Mr. Weir was getting worried. You can go in." a nurse said

"Are we here to visit Benny?" I asked

"Yea" he said

When we entered the room Benny was so old and weak. When he saw us he put on a smile but it was really weak. Ethan sat down next to him and told him something in his ear that made him smile even more.

"Sarah I am going to smash this big window so I need you to get Benny and jump out the window with me make sure he doesn't have a heart attack." Ethan said