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Sarah's POV:

I was sitting on a chair with my white wedding dress and hair ready. Two ladies were doing my makeup, and Benny and Erica were standing behind me, arms around each other. Their marriage was two weeks ago. Erica was wearing a yellow dress with silver sparkly flowers at the bottom. Benny was wearing a grey suit with black dress shoes.

"Erica, I'm so nervous," I said.

"Relax, Sarah. You look beautiful," Erica said.

I shook my head. "I'm just gonna get me some water."

The ladies removed the brushes from my face when they heard me. I walked to the right door where there was a water cooler. When opening the door, I saw Savannah and Rory kissing. They looked at me with wide eyes. Rory was wearing a grey dress shirt, a dark blue suit with a black tie and black dress shoes.

"Would you guys please get a room?" I questioned.

"We did. Up until you came in." Rory released Savannah.

"You should've got another one because people come and go here." I laughed and got me some water.

I entered the room once again and the ladies were done with my makeup. I knew that that time was the time for me to hold the roses and stand in front of the door. Since my father was dead, I called my nephew, Racer. He was like 34 and he knew I was a vampire. He took my arm, and somehow, he noticed my nervousness.

"Aunt Sarah, don't be nervous. I know everything will be fine. Why wouldn't it be?" He said.

He made a point, but I was still nervous. The door in front of us opened and my heart started beating really fast. I tried and succeeded to force a smile. We started to walk slowly. I didn't really bother to look up. I was too nervous, too afraid to do anything. But then Racer let go of my arm. I looked up and I saw Ethan. He was smiling at me. I wasn't nervous anymore. I felt calm.

(AN: Sorry guys, but I'm not American. I know what happens in weddings in America, but I don't memorize what is said. So, I apologize for that.)

When people started talking, walking and laughing, Benny and Erica approached us. Ethan's hand was around me while he was holding a drink.

"Congratulations guys," Benny said.

"Thanks, Benny," Ethan said.

Savannah, Rory and Jesse came towards us.

"We're really happy for you," Savannah said.

"Thank you all for coming," I said. "This is the best night in my life."

"It has to be. It's a special day." Jesse said, tapping Ethan on the shoulder.

There were a few seconds of silence until Benny spoke. "So Erica and Sarah," Benny started. "Ethan and I were thinking of moving to New York and living there in our two separate houses."

"New York?" Erica asked. Ethan nodded.

She looked at me with a smile. "Sure. That'd be great," I said.

Slow dance music started playing.

"Erica and I will-"

"Yeah, sure." I knew what he was gonna say.

Erica grabbed his hand as they went to dance.

This really was a great night.

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