"You don't belong here anymore Iris, You should leave" she stared into the eyes of her best friend Hermonie Granger.

"After everything we've been through?" Iris asked her voice trembling, her raven curls whirled around her

"You go against nature Iris, you can't be here anymore, you must go" Iris watched as Hermonie turned away leaving behind a small raven head all on her own.

Iris shot up and was gasping for breath, that dream was more like a memory she sighed today would be her first day at 'Mystic High' she was nervous about starting a completely new life.

Iris dropped back down to her bed and glanced at the time and saw that she had woken up ten minutes before her alarm was set to go off, she lied down and stared up at the white ceiling.

And thought back to the last year, which was hectic Voldemort was finally gone and she saw to that, but in his wake he left total devastation behind, broken families people who would never be the same but now the wizarding world had a chance at peace but without her.

Hermonie's words were ringing in her hear, she goes against nature she was not welcome into that world anymore.

Iris groaned and rolled over knowing she would have to get up now, since she didn't want to late on her first day. She headed towards her attached bathroom and stripped out of her night wear and turned the shower on, she sighed as the hot water hit her sweaty skin. Iris reached out and grabbed a wash cloth and lathered it up with strawberry scented soap. She scrubbed her skin and let the water wash over her pale alabaster skin,

"What am I doing?" she muttered to herself, she thought was it wise to start a life here granted she knew nothing about this town she just spun the globe and picked it out.

One thing she was sure of though she had to get out of England and America was the next best option on the whole.

She shampooed and conditioned her hair.

Once she was cleaned and fresh she grabbed a towel and dried herself off, she wrapped it around herself and headed towards the large mirror at the sink, her full pink lips tugged into a frown when she saw the lightning bolt scar and was glad that she had bangs to cover it.

She moisturised her porcelain like skin and padded barefooted back to her bedroom.

Iris rummaged through her dresser and pulled out a pair of lacy black panties and a matching bra and then proceeded to like any teenage girl to criticize her looks, gone was the scrawny skinny girl, which had clearly malnourished and now stood a curvaceous petite teenager. She shook her head and rummaged through her newly stocked closet and decided to wear a pair of black skinny jeans and an emerald green buttoned down top.

Iris opted to leave her inky black hair out in its natural form of waves and curls, it had reached her waist. Iris looked around her messy room to try and find her pair of conversers and sighed in frustration when she couldn't find it. She was now on her belly and peeked under the bed and triumphant smile adorned her face when she spotted the pair of worn down converses she grabbed the pair and slipped on some plain white ankle sock and slipped on the shoes.

Iris trudged downstairs she could hear the sound of a woman yelling for a pair of teens to wake up, it reminded her if Mrs Weasley, she mentally slapped herself she won't think of them anymore as they clearly never thought of her.

She walked into her large kitchen and was once again grateful for the trust fund her parents had given her as well as the properties she was given.

She looked through the freshly stocked cupboards and saw a box of pop tarts on the top shelf, she cursed her short stature of five foot, she dragged the chair over the cupboard and stood precariously on it and jumped up grabbing the box of pop tarts, unknown to her a pair of deep brown eyes had watched the scene on in amusement from her kitchen window.