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Guilty Crown- Sins of an emperor

Phase: 01- Outbreak: Genesis

As the scene comes into view, a huge city is seen. It was simply a basic modern city, only with a light house in the middle of it shining its light across in a circular movement.

The scene changes its view towards the roof of a building which was overlooking the city and a song is heard. As we get closer to the building, the song gets louder and louder and eventually the source of the song appears and it turned out to be coming from a portable device held by a teen leaning on the railings of the building while gazing at the player.

The teen was wearing a black colored, long sleeved sweater and having brown spiky hair with a calm expression on his face as he reached towards the device and subsequently the player's volume control and increased it.

On the screen of 'said' device, we see a girl whose appearance was a bit startling considering her outfit was made of what seemed to black feathers as she sang her song… She had long hair along with fair skin and was leaning on a pillar.

The scene fades into black while the song continues in the background; we now enter a sewer-like area where we see the same girl who was singing on the teen's device running while holding onto some kind of cylinder containing god knows what. While her face currently had a concerned expression, her face on the video that was being played by the teen on the roof was eerily calm as if she didn't know to express any emotions.

"Did you manage to grab the key?" a voice was heard coming from a mini-robot that was also in the sewer and was currently riding on the pipes.

"Yes..." a soft voice answered

The voice that questioned the girl told her, "You did well. I'll guide you to our rendezvous point. Regroup in 30 seconds."

While the girl was still running through the sewers, an elevator sound was heard and as the sound indicated, an elevator was heading down towards the sewers, as light shone upon the elevator, we see blue mechas riding on it.

The scene changes to what at first seemed to be interior of the mecha where we see a pilot looking at a screen full of statistics and information when suddenly the scene expands and it turned out that the pilot was actually in some kind of facility, this shows that the mecha was being piloted from afar.

Unaware of the events way below his position, the teen on the roof continued to gaze at the video in silence as the girl sang her sad song… the teen eventually sighed and murmured, "Its cold tonight…"

As soon as he said that, the building that the girl in the video was in suddenly became incased in crystal and eventually the interior of the building was also covered with crystals. The outfit that the singer was wearing suddenly changed in a blast of feathers and she was now wearing a custom kimono that was red in color and yellow in some parts with long sleeves.

Just as she changed outfits in the video, the mechas seemed to have caught up with her in real life and as she heard the whirring sound of the mecha's wheels, she turned around only to be greeted by a hail of bullets sent toward her to which she had managed to dodge most of it but not without being sent to the ground from the impact of the bullets.

As she got up, it seemed that one of the bullets had managed to scrape her left arm and was bleeding as she continued her escape turning invisible as she headed for the exit of the area.

She eventually met up with the same mini-robot that the voice who gave her the orders earlier, she kneeled down and grabbed onto the robot as she pleaded, "Please Fyu-Neru. Take this to Gai."

She then placed the cylinder into a slot seemingly made for it as it slotted in without any problems.

She heard the whirring sounds come closer and turned around to see that a mecha's weapons were locking on to her as it came closer and eventually the mecha fired a round at her to which she ducked down placing her arms over the robot which caused the round to miss and impact the ground in front of her.

As she got up from her protective stance over the robot, she saw the mecha getting closer until eventually it impacted an invisible wall which caused it to change from its mobile mode to its normal one and use its arms to ram into whatever was blocking its advance.

As the arms impact against the invisible wall, the wall slowly became visible and eventually we saw another mecha, this time white in color and was very different in terms of appearance was holding back the blue mecha.

The white mecha turned towards the pink-haired girl and shouted, "I'll cover you. Get that to Gai, quickly!"

She gave the mecha a nod as she addressed the mini-robot, "Fyu-Neru..." and both of them began running.

The blue mecha however, was resilient and despite it being held back by the white one, it launched three missiles from its back, aimed towards the escaping girl and robot.

The white mecha cursed as it saw the missiles getting launched not being able to doing while being in its position.

Two of the three missiles missed their mark but the third one actually impacted the ground directly behind the girl and robot.

They were both sent flying and fell down into the waters below as it seemed that they were running across a bridge. As the girl was falling into what was probably icy water, she had a worried expression on her face as she murmured, "Gai…"

As if that was a code, the song that she was singing on the video had also finished and the teen that was leaning on the railings, stood straight and stretched before turning his gaze towards the city.

"What was that sound… it sounded like missiles… but why would missiles be fired in Japan…"

Eventually he decided that he wouldn't be able to figure out anything and headed back in and went to sleep.

The scene then fades into black once more…

1st P.O.V- ?

My name is Ouma Shu, I'm 17 years old and currently studying in Tennouzu First High School in Class 2-A. There really isn't anything special about my looks, currently I'm wearing our school uniform and with my brown colored hair that has a slightly light streak on the left side along with my brown eyes, I look like a simple teenager going to school… But who knew that today I would meet someone that would change my life,

Scene: Interior of the train

As the doors of the train closed, I held onto the bar above as the train began to move. Just a few minutes into the ride, I heard someone call out my name.

"Morning, Shu"

I turned towards the source of the voice and saw that it was my childhood friend, Menjou Hare. She has brown hair that is kept in twin tails with red ribbons and brown eyes, we've been in the same school ever since Junior High and we also live in the same apartment block.

I then gave out a quite a big yawn to which Hare asked.

"What's the matter? That's quite a yawn."

I chuckled sheepishly as I told her, "I couldn't sleep last night and by the time I could, I only got roughly 3 hours of sleep, so I'm just tired."

Hare's concerned voice questioned, "Were you wasting time surfing the internet or playing video games again?"

Instead of answering, I brought up my portable device and showed her the main screen that had a document of yesterday's news.

Hare came to her own conclusion that I was simply reading and being sleepy I simply answered nonchalantly, "Yeah… Well something like that I guess."

Despite my drowsiness, I noticed Hare giving me a pout before turning away and saying, "If that's the case, that's fine."
I pocketed my portable device and turned my gazed to the window in front of me and saw that the army had brought out tanks and vehicles onto the main highway and I commented, "Seems like something happened yesterday."

That seemed to be my undoing as Hare's voice sounded angered as she said, "I thought you said you were watching the news yesterday?"

I blinked seemingly forgotten about that to which I had nothing to say in my defense knowing that either way, Hare would berate me for staying up listening to 'her' songs again.

After a few more moments of being the target of her glare, Hare turned back to her phone and told me, "It seems like there was some kind of terrorism yesterday. Previously it was Odaiba… this time it was in the Area 24."

I turned my gaze towards the windows yet again as we passed by what Hare had just mentioned, Area 24 or more commonly known as GHQ's base of operations.

"Heh, is that so… "

We then enjoyed the rest of the train ride in silence and we eventually reached our destination and got off the train.

We talked about everyday things as we walked towards our school. We reached it after just a few minutes of walking and after placing our shoes into our lockers and grabbing the footwear that we're required to wear, we made our way to our class.

As we entered, quite a number of our classmates were already in it chatting away while some were sitting at their desk reading. Both Hare and I made our way to our respective desks and as I placed my bag onto the side of my desk, two people approached me.

The one in front called out, "Hey Shu!" whilst the one behind him was simply walking leisurely.

"Hey Souta, morning Yahiro." As I greeted both of them respectively to which I got a grin from Souta who was the one who called out to me and a 'Good morning' from Yahiro.

Arriving at the conclusion on why would Souta seek me this early in the morning, I told him." Ah sorry, I'm still not done with the video clip for the contest."

It seemed that I was ahead of myself as Souta was taken aback by what I said, "I…I didn't really come here to make any demands about that."

Due to my lack of sleep, I was a bit snappish thus couldn't help but say, "Then why bother coming to talk to me? I'll make sure it's finished before the deadline, so don't worry about it"

Though I didn't mean anything bad, Souta seemed to take insult from the first part of what I asked and was about to berate me if not for Yahiro catching the look on my face showing how tired I was thus grabbed onto Souta's hand as he was about to shout at me and told him.

"It's alright Souta; he said he'll do it. So let's not bother him," He then led Souta out of our class as he told me that they were counting on me to finish the clip.

Waving at their retreating figures, I then turned towards the front as most of our classmates were seated waiting for the teacher.

Directly on the right of the person in front of my desk, Hare commented, "Poor Souta-kun…"

This made me confused as I furrowed my brow and asked, "Why did something happen?"

Hare simply sighed as she said, "You still can't read the mood well can you."

I blinked not knowing what I missed but simply answered, "I wonder about that…"

As our class's door opened and our class president asked us to rise, Hare got the last word in and commented on me being thick-headed which I simply shrugged knowing that it was probably true.

As school went on, my thoughts were busy flying all around still thinking about what Hare had last said to me.

'… I'm thick headed? If my feelings are out of sync with everyone else's, then maybe that's so but I still think it was due to me being sleepy from staying up so late. Then again, I just don't understand it… what exactly am I suppose to talk with everyone...Up till now, I've lived by building up the appearance of having friends, trying to match conversations even as I racked my mind for what to reply.'

As we headed for the cafeteria, my thoughts then went to the current situation for Japan,

'Now Japan is operating as an independent sovereignty, mum has also mentioned this:

"In the pandemic of the Apocalypse Virus ten years ago, this country was in shambles. We became unbelievably indebted to a huge number of outside countries. Even now we're still in dept but Japan is finally support its own foundations and we've been taught various truths, 'We can't leave anything up to you.' 'You don't have the ability to protect those who are important to you.'

But… is it really okay for us to be like that? I wonder… if there's something more that I could be doing, too…'

I continued my musing as I headed for the abandoned building near campus which was where I usually have my lunch alone.

The building was pretty much run-down, what with the broken windows and doors while being covered with vegetation and moss.

Despite that the building still had its generator working which was why I placed my computer here.

As I neared the entrance of the building, and stepped up to the door, I froze in place as I saw what was on the ground… red liquid which obviously wasn't paint led towards the interior of the building.

Not knowing who or what was inside, I cautiously made my way into the building as a sound reached my ears!

It was a person singing, and it was the same song that I had just heard yesterday. As I eventually reached the place where my computer was at, I was taken aback from what I saw in front of me, it was Egotist, or at least the main singer of Egotist. With her Sakura-pink long hair along with the red unique kimono, one would have to be blind to not know it was her.

I was shocked into place as her state of dress was surprising; she had a bandage over her right arm and was sitting on the floor in the middle of the room singing as if nothing was wrong.

However, as I got rid of my shocked state, I noticed something even more surprising, and that her back was totally exposed probably due to her needing to apply the bandage which made me turn away quickly despite my reluctance and in my haste, my foot rammed into a empty can on the floor which made her stop singing and turned towards where I was standing while letting out a gasp.

Before I could get out an excuse, I heard electricity and felt my world began to spin as I was tripped and the contents of my lunch box nearly spilled on the floor.

Mentally cursing whatever it was that tripped me, I hastily stood up still looking away from her and said,

"Um… It's not like that! I really didn't mean to watch you" All the while she slowly backed away from me not knowing that she was heading for my computer desk and as she rammed her head on the desk. I quickly turned around despite my situation to see what had happened and saw that my computer had turned on due to the impact for some reason.

As I approached her, I noticed that she had her attention on the small clip that was working on for that contest Souta registered us for. I felt a little embarrassed as the video was simply a loop between two very small clips: a flock of crows flying away from the roof of a house and a white pigeon also flying away from a sidewalk.

I blurted out, "I-It's still work in progress! The scenery of my hometown…" However, I was taken aback when I heard her say.


She turned towards me and away from the screen before turning away; I simply blinked at her actions before offering her my onigiri.

It seemed that she was hungry as we both finished the meager lunch I brought in a minute or two, I then left her for awhile as she softly told me that she was going to change the dressing while adjusting her dress.

Eventually I decided that she should be done by now and headed back in.

"London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down."

Was what I heard as I approached the room and saw her kneeling down in front of the mini robot that was the culprit that nearly made me lose my lunch.

As she continued singing 'London Bridge is falling down', I asked her, "Hey, you're Inori-san right? The vocalist for Egotist"

When she simply ignored my questions, I gave out a sigh as she continued singing.

My expression then turned serious as I asked a bit more strongly this time, "So why exactly are you here? Or more importantly, what happened to your arm?"

That got her to stop singing but her answer only left me with more questions.

"I'm delivering this to Gai."

"huh?" racking my mind, thinking If I knew anyone named Gai as it made my mind feel as if it was shocked for a moment.

Inori turned towards me as I was thinking and held up her hand gesturing that she wanted to play cat's cradle with me.

"Take it…umm"

Assuming she wanted to know my name, I told her. "Shu, Ouma Shu!"

She then replied, "If you do it, you might be up to the task but if you don't you absolutely can't do it."
"Is Ouma Shu a coward?"

Flashes of a fire and a cross suddenly flashed into my mind and Inori let down her arms that were still out stretched as I asked myself what I had just seen.

Before I can even contemplate even further, soldiers suddenly burst in the room carrying guns. Shocked I didn't notice Inori standing up and jumped over the railing towards the main floor were the soldiers were at as she murmured, "Fyu-Neru…"

When Inori's stomach was slammed by the back of one of the soldier's rifles while another grabbed onto her arm, I finally shook myself from my shocked state and was panicking not knowing why on earth were soldiers suddenly bursting into the room and harming civilians.

As I was about head down, a dark-skinned, bald male wearing a white coat giving the appearance of a doctor addressed me, "you a student?"

Giving my confirmation that I was indeed a student, I questioned, "What are you guys doing? She's injured! Pleas-…."

Before I could say anything else, the doctor-like person said, "This girl's a criminal. If you're covering for her, then I'll purge you as a criminal for the same offence."

Taken aback from what I just heard, I held in my urge to rush to where Inori was lying on the ground and moved my body slightly so that Fyu-Neru wasn't noticed as they'd probably take it as well.

Of course… the guns pointed at me had nothing to do with my decision... nope not one bit.

As I gritted my teeth, the doctor questioned the soldier next to him, "what were the results of the data comparison?"

The soldier replied, "There's no mistaking it. She's a member of the Undertakers (funeral parlor) in Roppongi.

The doctor scoffed as he made his way towards Inori and muttered loud enough for me to hear, " Self-styled Terrorist!" and kicked her head which made me want to scream in anguish as I knew I couldn't do anything but try and protect this robot which Inori seemingly wanted to do.

I closed my eyes in turmoil as I saw them drag her away out of the building. The doctor gave me one last smug smirk before leaving with the two soldiers beside him still pointing their guns at me until finally they were out.

After a few more minutes of waiting just to make sure that they were gone, I prayed that she'd be okay as I turned towards the robot and asked, "I'd bring you to this Gai person but where was Inori suppose to meet him."

As if answering my question, Fyu-Neru opened up and showed me a map of the sewer lines underneath the building leading to a location.

Assuming that was where Inori was supposed to meet this 'Gai', I picked Fyu-Neru and ran as fast as I could.

As I passed through a corner in the sewer lines while holding onto Fyu-Neru who was giving help by providing light and showing me the map, I wondered… was I doing this because of guilt? Or was this simply what I wanted to happen to me… something new in my ordinary life…

I wonder… would I go back to being my same self again after delivering this guy?

I gave a sigh as Fyu-Neru suddenly beeped as we got closer to the destination and suddenly the map closed and it opened up and showed me a cylinder object filled with something. Assuming that it wanted me to hold onto it, I placed it in my shirt pocket and climbed the ladder upwards to the location.

The location turned out to be a closed off area where gang members roam about. Sighing at my bad luck, I shrugged and made my way to the center of this place.

Scene change: highway

We see a number of military vehicles all around along with a blockade on one part of the road, as we grow closer to one of the vehicles, we hear the doctor asking, "Still don't feel like talking? We've been granted the authority to put down any infected person without warning."

It seemed that the Doctor was trying to interrogate Inori which by the conversation he was having it doesn't seem to be going too well. Inori had a blindfold place on her eyes as the doctor continued to give out threats saying that if she didn't tell them where it was hidden, they'd purge the whole neighborhood.

Seeing that he didn't get any reaction at all, he kneeled and grabbed a fistful of Inori's hair as he placed a pocket knife on her cheek.

Amazingly even that seemed to not have any effect on Inori as she kept her body relaxed and silent.

The doctor stood up abruptly and turned away saying, "You'll regret this…"

The scene then fades into the facility that we saw where the pilots were controlling the mechas. They were receiving orders saying that they were acknowledging that all inhabitants of the military area at contagion level 4+ and that Purifying actions were permitted.

The soldiers and mechas began mobilizing as an officer approached the doctor and asked, "What shall we do with the girl."

Turning back slightly, the doctor ordered, "After the fight's started, we'll dispose of her outside."

The scene fades into black once more.

P.O.V: Shu

As I walked towards the center, I see gang members smoking and homeless people leaning on walls as they gazed upon me.

I eventually reached my destination and looked around trying to find anyone in the area.

Turns out that my luck today was the worst as I heard someone address me in a gruff voice.

"Hey, you!"

Turning towards the direction of the voice, I saw a stereo-typical gangster looking at me,


He began approaching me as I tensed preparing for anything that he might do. As he reached where I was standing, he suddenly leaned closer to me… a little too close in my opinion and asked the most stupid or unexpected question I have ever heard…

"Can that thing cook?"

I immediately lost my composure as I questioned in my confusion of the situation, "Eh, what?"

It seemed that he was joking around and sternly asked me, "Can that thing cook rice?"

This time I figured out what was he talking about… he was referring to Fyu-Neru and the stupidity of the person in front of me nearly caused me to lose myself to laughter but I managed to hold it in.

I hefted Fyu-Neru up a bit so that the person knew I was referring to it as I said, "This thing? Well I don't think it does… probably…"

The member wasn't amused and told me to leave it to which I narrowed my eyes as I said, "That'll trouble me, I brought this here as a favor for someone so I can't just leave it here."

Just as I finished telling him that, he reached out for a punch which I managed to dodge as I slowly backed away since I couldn't really attempt to fight back… what with me needing to protect Fyu-Neru and the fact that the object it gave me might break in the fight.

More and more gang members came out and slowly surrounded me, preventing me from running. I sarcastically thanked whatever god it was that gave me such horrible luck.

And it seemed that the gods liked to have fun at my expense because as one of them was going in for a punch, lights suddenly came on and focused at where we were standing which cause the gang to pause in their step and looked around wondering what was happening.

I however was looking in front where I could hear footsteps approaching our direction.

As the footsteps got closer and closer, I could make out a figure with blond hair wearing a black coat. He was standing on a platform looking down at us as he said.

"Hey, all you corpses."

I had a smirk on my face from that comment finding it amusing to address people in that way. However it seemed that the guy who wanted to accost me didn't take it kindly as he shouted.

"Huh? Treating me as a corpse?"

The figure simply scoffed and replied, "In this particular situation, I won't permit your existence." With that he jumped down from the platform he was standing on and approached the guy who shouted.

As the gangster backed away, the figure got close and said, "Therefore, you're dying."

The two members on my right began muttering, "No way, is that… "


I snapped towards Gai's direction and saw that the gangster he was talking with swore and took out a knife and went in for a stab.

Just as I was about to call out for Gai to look out, Gai grabbed onto the outstretched arm wielding the knight and twisted it while making him lose the knife.

Whistling at what just occurred, I noticed one of the members approaching me from my right and as he got close enough, I turned quickly and delivered a kick on his chest sending him flying. While Gai was taking care of the rest of the members with an impressive show of martial arts.

I merely stood back and watched out for anyone would attempt to take Fyu-Neru from me.

As the rest of the conscious members ran away, I didn't notice anyone approaching me and as I turned to look at where Gai was last standing, I was surprised at seeing a girl leaning towards me and pointing towards Fyu-Neru.

She then proceeded to ask me if it was indeed Fyu-Neru and then without waiting for my answer, grabbed it saying it was hers and walked away.

As she left, Gai approached me and said something which continued my cycle of surprises for the day.

"Ouma Shu?"

My eyes widened hearing that this person knew me and from the tone of his voice, he seemed to be quite familiar with me.

He then asked me, "What happened to the girl who was with that?" that obviously was referring to Inori and Fyu-Neru respectively.

I turned away and answered him with regret in my voice, "They took her away."

Ignoring my tone, he asked, "Did you abandon her?"

Gritting my teeth and clenching my fists, I told him, "I couldn't do anything due to the guns being pointed at me and the fact that Fyu-Neru might've been seen!"

As soon as I shouted that, an explosion was heard and a bright light shined on our area.

A person who was a member of the Undertakers entered the area and shouted, "Gai! GHQ's guys in white have entered the neighborhood."

Gai turned away and scowled while I blinked wondering what did that mean.

As we exited the area, my eyes once again widened in horror at what I was seeing, the soldiers from GHQ were firing their weapons against mere civilians.

An Undertaker whom had blond hair that was standing in front of me, cursed the soldiers.

He then ran off, assumingly to go help the civilians escape. I then heard Gai from my right addressing the girl that took Fyu-Neru earlier, "Tsugumi. How are Ayase and the others doing?"

The girl, Tsugumi was behind a computer checking on the status of their teammates, she was about answer Gai when she received a warning and shouted, "One sighted on the left side!"

The three of us, Gai, a mature adult wearing specs and I looked towards the left and saw a blue mecha heading right for us.

However before it could even reach us, another mecha, this time white in color dropped from the building and crashed the blue one into pieces with its landing.

I then heard a girl's voice coming from the machine telling me, "Step aside, you're in the way!"

Gai then shouted over the raging flames caused by the explosion of the destroyed mecha, "Go, Shu! You'd better not let them get away with Inori. Protect her this time for sure!" with that he ran off.

I was taken aback by the trust he showed and the fact that I had forgotten to give him the cylinder object… cursing my inattentiveness, I ran towards the opposite the direction of the flames.

As I walked across the roads, I saw all the buildings were either destroyed or were inflamed. Enraged by this, I wondered what on earth were the GHQ doing performing such things as I continued searching for Inori.

'I wonder… when and if I actually find her, would I actually be able to do anything..."

Scene change: With the white mecha

"How many opponents?" the pilot of the white mecha questioned.

Tsugumi's voice replied, "Still unknown… The numbers keep rising! Hang in there."

As the pilot turned the mecha around a corner she accidentally rammed into a hostile mecha and gasped in pain before backing away while being berated by Tsugumi. The white mecha then launched a couple of missiles to which the hostile mecha began retreating away from the objects approaching it.

The blue mecha was successful in dodging the missiles as two of the three impacted the ground while the third impacted the building that a trailer was parked next to causing the trailer to fall sideways.

Coincidentally, that trailer was where Inori was being held and as the trailer fell, its systems were malfunctioning and Inori's blindfold came off which allowed her to see that a hatch was open and quickly made her way out of the vehicle.

As she got out of the vehicle, she grabbed a shard of glass and used it to cut through the binds that had ensnared her while walking to the top of a small debris hill.

P.O.V: Shin

I had just come out of an alley when I heard an explosion and saw a trailer sent flying from its stationary position and after awhile as the smoke cleared, I saw that Inori was standing on top of a tiny hill made of building debris.

As the smoke began to clear even more, I cursed as I noticed two mechas in front of her. I took a deep breath and braced myself before running towards the railings and jumped over them while hoping that I could get there in time.

At the time, I didn't even bother to think… what I could do even if I reached her in time… I had no weapons on my body or any special abilities what so ever… It didn't even occur to me as I ran towards the pink-haired girl calling out her name.

As I crossed my arms to shield me from the smoke, Inori turned towards my direction just as the mecha pointed its machine gun at her.

As I pushed myself to reach her in time, I didn't notice the glow coming from the cylinder that was still in my pocket. I reached where Inori was standing…. I grabbed on to her and tried to move her away from the gun…



I was expecting immense pain from the shot despite it being an infantry type bullet it should've hurt a hell lot, instead I felt as if Inori and I were floating in mid air… finding that weird, I opened my eyes and saw that we were in a white area covered with designs that I couldn't recognize.

As I muttered, "What is this…" some ribbon like material attached itself to my right arm causing a slight jerk of pain to which I hissed not expecting that.

When I hissed, I closed my eyes just for a moment and in that moment, the ribbons seemingly disappeared and turning my arm, I saw that a symbol was etched on the back of my palm. As I gazed at my newly acquired tattoo, Inori called out to me.

"Shu… Please, use me."

She then leaned back as a glow appeared on her chest; a memory of a blond girl wearing a white dressed appeared before my mind, the girl called out to me saying, "Take it Shu… this time for sure."

My eyes widened as the memory faded back and I tried to figure out who was that and why I felt a slight shudder as I saw her.

Before I could even continue my musing, her voice sounded in my mind once more, "This is power… The sinful crown spinning the hearts of people into their real forms."

More flashes occurred, I briefly saw the same blond girl In front of fire but part of her face was covered in crystal and her eyes showed a maniac expression, I then saw myself with the symbol on my right arm glowing and finally what seemed to be a younger version of the blond girl and a date that was too blurry to recall aside from what month it was, December… As if it was a keyword, more memories began flashing but they were too fast for me to make them out.

The memory flashing eventually stopped, and a scene where the blond girl was standing in the shadow of a spotlight while we were surrounded by bluish trees in a park appeared for a moment before fading once more.

At that moment, something inside of me changed, I grew calmer and focused. As if my body knew what to do, I stretched out my right arm as ribbons of light appeared circling us.

I plunged my arm into the glowing spot that was situated on Inori's chest and felt a warm sensation for just a moment as Inori gave out a pained gasp.

Ribbons began coming out of the glowing spot and encircled my right hand before rocks came out and did the same. As more came out, I slowly pulled back my arm as if I was unsheathing something and the rock-like formation continued to grow in length.

As the rocks stopped coming out, I held up the rock structure and ribbons began circling it and the whole thing began breaking apart revealing a long blade, it then sent out a bright blue light to the skies which was obviously noticed by the two mechas in front of me.

Now… was I so calm due to me having a weapon? Or was it due to me viewing the memories earlier that triggered something… Heh I don't think at this point any reason is relevant.

I breathed out slowly muttering, "I can get used to this sensation…" just as one of the mecha let loose a salvo of missiles aimed at us.

I positioned my sword in a guarding position as I stepped in front of Inori. As the missiles impacted against the sword, a barrier was briefly seen and it deflected all of the missiles.

The mecha undeterred by its failed attempt, rushed towards me while positioning its blade for a stab.

I tensed my body for a brief moment before jumping towards the mecha in a dash hefting my sword on the right side of my body.

And as we impacted, blade to blade, mine was far superior as it cut through the entire arm as if it was made of butter, due to losing an arm; the mecha began malfunctioning and eventually blew up in a blaze of fire and smoke.

Whatever state I was during the battle faded as soon as the enemy before me was defeated and I was left panting, gazing at the weapon in my hand as I made my way to where Inori was still kneeling on the ground.

As I approached her, I began to muse…

To think all of this was due to me meeting her in one of the most coincidental ways…

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