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Guilty Crown - Sins of an Emperor

Phase 13: Resurrection! The lost Christmas…

Previously on Guilty Crown – Sins of an Emperor

"Gai… What…"

He turned to face me and told me, "Even now… though it was completely different from before… I can't leave you alone to your own devices…"

As he began to breathe heavily, I shouted to him, "Hey, Gai! Hang on!"

He gave me one more smile though this time it was one of softer ones he had shown in front of us before coughing and falling limp in my arms…

No… No…

"Gai…? Gai..!" I shouted in anguish as the sky turned into darkness again and particles began forming a tower of sorts somewhere in Roppongi

Scene: A hallway of sorts.

"A Void? That entire town?"

Keido and Segai were walking through a hallway that was leading to the strange tower that was materializing at Roppongi; Segai had just asked Keido about what that tower was.

"Yes, Roppongi Fort is a phantasm given form by a single girl's heart."

"Ouma Mana, I assume."

Keido stopped in his steps as he turned to look at Segai who was simply looking back smiling.

Keido rummaged his pockets and took out a drive of sorts as he said, "Here is the Void information I promised you. Take it" and threw the drive towards Segai.

As the drive flew halfway to Segai, the platform where Keido was standing on glowed red as Keido began.

"I appreciate your cooperation… But the fare you paid only gets you this far." Keido then sunk through the floor while Segai simply watched holding the drive he was given before commenting.

"What a cold man."

Scene Change: Atop the radar tower in Haneda

P.O.V: Shu

Gai suddenly let out a cough which made me feel relief if only briefly before I saw blood pooling…

I swore and was about to grab my phone to call Tsugumi for help when I noticed the cross necklace that had fallen onto the pool of blood…

A brief flash occurred, showing two images, one of two people standing face to face in a church…. one of them looked like… the second one was the same image I had seen before… a young boy on the ground amidst the flames… now that I had seen his face properly… I was horrified as I looked at Gai.

"Gai… don't tell me you're…"

Despite his injury, he began to speaking…

"So you've finally remembered? You sure took a long time didn't you…? Shu"

He then gave me a smile before grimacing in pain… An image overlay his at that moment, showing a shirtless boy laying on a beach… the phone call I was supposed to make was all but forgotten…

I could hear my own heart beating loudly as the realization sunk in… Before I could confirm anything, Gai began to say.

"So you finally decided to show yourself… The Grave Keeper of Da'at."

I snapped up to look at the person who tried to slash me and was still holding Inori's limp body… The Grave Keeper?...

The Grave Keeper began speaking while still having that smug expression on his face, "Shuuichirou worked so hard that we decided to cooperate."

He then began floating and entering the portal he made, Gai addressed me this time.

"Follow him… Shu… They plan to sacrifice Inori, to awaken Mana!"

"Mana…?" Why did that name seem so familiar…?

Deciding to put it at the back of my mind for now, I apologized to Gai before gently letting him down on the ground and stood up, running towards the portal.

It was almost closing, so I jumped the remainder of the distance between me and the portal and slammed my right hand into it causing a bright light to shine and pillar of light to rise up.

Elsewhere, two people were worried of what was happening… Hare who was with Yahiro and the rest along with Ayase who was still piloting her Endlave, both were looking at the pillar of light as they murmured.


Scene Change: Inside the portal's dimension.

P.O.V: Shu

"Hey, let go of her!"

I shouted as we both floated in this space that seemed to be a dark purple sky with clouds.

Daath then began to say with a smirk on his face, "Ouma Shu, if you're that determined to come with us, please do so after you've remembered everything… All the memories of Mana that you yourself sealed away."

My eyes widened… Sealed away?... Memories of Mana?... before I could even react, Daath snapped his fingers causing a cube to encase me and dropped me down at a high speed causing me to grit my teeth. As a white light blinded me.

I opened my eyes to only to see myself in a totally different location… I was by a ledge and behind me was a forest… I wondered what Daath did to me when suddenly I heard a childish version of my voice exclaim.

"This is amazing, Mana onee-chan!"

I snapped to the source of the voice and saw two kids… it was me along with the girl I only knew as my sister… so, my sister's name was Mana… but how could I forget… what happened…

While I was pondering, Mana onee-chan began, to say with a smile on her face. "Isn't it? This is your big sister's secret place. Shu… you're the only one I'll tell."

Before I could continue my pondering, it seemed that the me in this memory had noticed something and gestured to Mana onee-chan to follow.

I too followed along only to be surprised when we came across a boy with short blonde hair and had bruises all over his body… the resemblance was easy to notice now… Gai…

The me in this memory, went over and brought Gai ashore, laying him on the soft sand… Gai was unconscious… I wonder what had happened…

"Is he dead?"

Mana Onee-chan walked over to Gai's prone body and began performing CPR on Gai. I couldn't help but chuckle when my younger self blushed as he gazed without innocent eyes.

Soon enough, Gai began coughing out water and my younger self kneeled down to say.

"Everything's okay! Can you hear me? I'm Shu. Ouma Shu."

Mana onee-chan also introduced herself as she asked what was the boy's name.

My younger self then came to a conclusion that the boy might not understand as he began explaining.

"We're asking your name. Your name!"

Gai seemed troubled for some reason and Mana onee-chan then began.

"Triton." All three of us, my younger self, younger Gai along my present self, looked at Mana as she said that word.

She explained, "You came from the sea, so you're Triton."

It seemed that Mana onee-chan gave Gai a name… Triton… that name seemed to roll on my tongue as if I was familiar with saying it…

Gai, for now addressed as Triton along with my younger self were speechless before my younger self grinned and said that was a great name.

The memory began playing as if It was a video… showing more and more memories of this particular part of my past… I see… during that summer, after me and Mana onee-chan met a boy by the sea… we spent the whole summer together.

We played, bathed in the sun, swam… we did all sorts of fun things… what we didn't know back then was that it was the last summer we could all spend smiling.

The flashback of the two boys by the bridge… I know remember… The two boys were Gai and I… I had suggested that we should try and jump across the gap in the middle of the bridge… back then Gai was a whole lot different than he is now… he was not confident but he trusted me.

He had asked me while we were standing near the gap, "Hey, are you serious about jumping?"

I simply grinned and told him, "It'll be fine! Believe in me!" huh… I guess I was a whole lot more confident in the past.

I made the jump and was successful; I had turned back and told Gai that it was his turn… He looked uncertain but eventually had a determined expression as he ran at the gap before jumping.

He made it but couldn't keep his balance and was about to fall, thankfully I grabbed him just in time before pulling him up and told him.

"See? You made it!"

…. as we spent time together, he became special to me, enough for me to call him a best friend.

I had Mana, the gentle big sister I loved… and my best friend Gai… That was the happiest, most fun summer of my life… But why… Why did I forget those days…? Did something happen during Lost Christmas… Gai… Mana onee-chan….

Suddenly a flash of light brought me out of my reminiscing and I found myself in chamber of sorts, I took a quick look around, looking for an exit but was dismayed when I couldn't find one…

I then felt someone in front of me and turned to see the Grave Keeper standing there with a pleasant smile on his face… I also notice that he didn't have Inori.

"So, Ouma Shu-kun have you remembered what you had done to our Eve? The actions that cost you your throne and position as Adam…"

Despite the confusion I felt, I asked him instead of replying to his inquiry.

"Where's Inori!"

He waved a finger as he mocked, " Now, now let's leave the vessel aside. " Vessel? "If you must know, she is in a safe place where Shuuichirou is preparing for the ceremony. Now have you or have you not remembered your foolish actions?"

I shook my head a bit relieved that at least I knew where Inori was though I couldn't help but be curious… who was this Eve he was talking about and what was my relationship with her…

Seeing my confusion or lack of an answer, The Grave Keeper sighed in disappointment before shaking his head as he said.

"It seems that you still haven't remembered all of your past… Oh where are my manners! " He suddenly bowed and introduced himself.

"My name is Yuu, The Grave Keeper of Da'at."

Yuu… so that's his name, I then asked. " What do you mean by Adam and who is this Eve you're talking about?"

He just chuckled instead of answering my question and snapped his finger causing a bright light to shine, blinding me for a moment. Once I could see again, I was surprised to find that the once empty, circular chamber now had people wearing black outfits and purple visors standing around the chamber.

What is this… Code Geass? Despite the casual thoughts I had, I couldn't help feel uneasy as the people continued to stand there stoic and unmoving…

Yuu then said, " Don't worry, I only intend to test something and besides, Shuuichirou does need a bit more time to finish his preparations." Yuu then gestured to the people surrounding the room and said, " These are all followers of Da'at and they will aid me in testing your potential." He went over to one of them and began drawing out the Void… It materialized as a huge sledge hammer, I stepped back instinctively as I was unarmed and Yuu seeing this, hefted the Sledge hammer on to his shoulders with ease before smiling.

"Ouma Shu, you were chosen by our Eve to be her Adam, although we of Da'at feel that you are unworthy… I will be giving you one more chance, use the power you've obtained and face me." He gestured to his fellow followers and with a bit of hesitation and with most of my attention on Yuu, I went over to one of the followers and drew out the Void…. What materialized was a greatsword that had a bit similarity with Inori's Void though the great sword was pretty normal in design as compared to the Voids…

Bringing the great sword in front of me, I tensed as I prepared for the ensuing battle. I noticed however, that despite me tensing up for the battle that was going to happen, Yuu's stance was calm and relaxed.

Yuu then began saying, " Now Ouma Shu! Let us dance a waltz of death!"

And with that, we both shot off and began clashing our wielded Voids against each other, I found out that Yuu's hammer wasn't just all looks as I dodged a overhead smash and thankfully too, because when it hit the ground, a crater was formed…

Shaking off my shock, I rushed over towards him and attempted to cleave him into two hoping that pulling the hammer out of the ground was enough of a chance to allow me to deal a blow. However this was not to be as Yuu surprisingly dematerlized and rematerialized at a different location Just as I almost got him, although I did notice a small cut and a trail of blood on his clothes.

I warily stared at Yuu knowing that normal human beings were not able to do such a feat… My wariness was sensed by Yuu as he smirked when he saw the cut I made before saying.

"I guess that was cutting it a little close, I'm sure you're curious and probably want to know what I am, however I'm afraid that's something I can't tell you yet. Of course, I might just grant you that piece of information on your death bed!" With that he shot at me with swift speed as he easily covered the distanced between us and swung the hammer with great force.

Hastily putting up a block with the great sword, I had managed to block the strike though it did still send me skidding backwards.

"Hmm, not bad… But let's see how you deal with this!" With that he stretched out his right hand and out of it came streams of crystals and they went into several of the followers. What happened next was horrifying…

The followers who had their chests stabbed by the streams suddenly began crystallizing and eventually shattered with the small crystal pieces flying over to Yuu's sledge hammer until it eventually formed a cannon of sorts.

I cursed as soon as I saw that, knowing that the great sword I had would not be able to defend against that, Void or no Void. Just as I was about to try and intercept Yuu before he could fire that cannon, Yuu seemed to jerk and frowned as he dismissed the Void that took the lives of five people…

"It seems that Shuuichirou is almost done… I'm afraid we'll just have to postpone our battle for now, I'll see you there, Ouma Shu…"

With that he snapped his fingers once more and the ground below my feet disappeared causing me to fall with a shout while losing hold of the great sword which just dematerlized.

As I was free falling, I prepared myself for whatever I would meet next and hoped that I wouldn't be too late to save Inori… Suddenly a white light shone once again.

As I opened my eyes, I found myself in front of a tall stair case and below it was a pool of red liquid that looked to be blood… the room was huge and atop the staircase was…


Inori was being held up by some roots… she was unconscious with a wedding gown veil on her head... the veil was damn long and it extended to the top of another stair case behind Inori.

Keido walked to beside Inori, not wanting to find out what he was going to do with her, I was about to sprint to her when I found that I couldn't move my feet. I looked down and my eyes widened when I saw crystals were holding them in place, I began struggling against the bind as I kept my gaze to the top of the staircase.

I shouted, "What is going on! What are you going to do to Inori! Give her back!"

Keido answered, "This girl has never been more than an 'instance body' we created to use as an interface for communication with Mana. The words 'give back' aren't really appropriate."

Created?... Interface?... Instance body… What did that mean…? Wasn't Inori human…? The way he spoke, is as if…

I shook my head to get rid of such thoughts… Inori is human… she is my little sister! Don't think like that Ouma Shu!

I gave Keido a glare as he continued to talk.

"And as the first person who has ever touched the rock that started it all, Mana was the first one infected with the Apocalypse Virus. In other words, Eve."

So Mana-Onee chan was Eve?... infected with the Apocalypse Virus? What really happened back then… on that horrid day…

"Her soul which had lost its body is now being poured into a new body and thanks to our labors, she is about to set foot in this world again."

My eyes widened once more, lost her body? What happened to Mana onee-chan … I looked upwards and saw her floating inside an orb surrounded by crystal-like roots…? Keido's words then sunk in… New body! Did that mean Inori was to be a new body for Mana onee-chan?

I focused my attention back to Keido as he began explaining, "Her resurrection will mark the second coming of Lost Christmas, and the Apocalypse Virus shall run rampant over all the Earth. I must bear witness to that event."

"Like hell, I'll let that happen!"

He simply gave a scoff as he said, "What can you do alone, boy… Some of Da'at may still have their hopes for you, but if you ask me, you're just a child."

I scowled at him before he said, "Just stand back and watch quietly." as he began walking towards Inori causing me to struggle against my bindings once more.

God dammit, why can't I break these crystals! Suddenly as I shouted, "Inori!"

Crystal spikes sprouted from the ground surrounding my head. Gah, that was too close.

"You mustn't interfere…"

I looked to my side and saw Yuu standing there… Why didn't I notice him at all?

He then began to say, "He's about to propose to Mana through Inori."

What the hell! No way is this guy getting married with my little sister along with my big sister!

I gritted my teeth knowing I couldn't move with the spikes surround me… Daath moved towards the staircase as he continued to say.

"You see, her chosen partner will become the progenitor of the next generation, the new human race."

I continued to follow him with my eyes as he walked up the stairs, and he continued to speak.

"Even the selfish Eve can be controlled, if you use the stone."

"The stone? You mean the stone that the virus originated from?" I asked.

He turned back and looked to be amused as he affirmed my guess before continuing his journey up the stairs.

I looked upwards and saw Keido holding something and placed it on a platform which then began shining.

Streams of crystal ribbons began floating in the air as Daath said, "I trust we can count on you to bless their future together?"

If it wasn't for these crystal spikes, I would definitely tell you what I think about this whole event.

Seriously... marriage?... I then began to recall another memory I had locked within myself.


"Yeap, if I were to marry someone, will you be lonely, Shu?"

Mana and I were in the living room, she was reading a magazine while I was playing a game and she asked me that question out of nowhere.

I asked, "Marry who?"

She replied unsurely, "Someone… Maybe Triton."

Hearing my best friend's name, my head snapped up from looking at my game and I exclaimed, "Triton? You can't do that!"

She looked at me silently before giving a smile and saying.

"I'm joking, Shu."

She moved closer to me as she continued, "I'd never marry Triton." she grabbed me into a hug as she continued.

"He looked at me with adult eyes, you know… Leering eyes, do you think that's gross?"

I was unsure how to answer, so I simply said, "I don't know."

She released her hug and looked at me as she began, "But you can look at me with adult eyes, Shu."

She was leaning toward me as I uneasily asked, "Onee-chan?"

She murmured almost lovingly, "I love you, Shu." and kissed me as I froze in place.

"Hey, Shu. Promise me… that you'll marry me."

When she kissed me, I swore that I saw some kind of crystals by her ears… at that time I simply dismissed it as nothing but now… I realize that at that time, Mana Onee-chan was already infected by the Virus… But how…

"O ye chosen fittest pair, perform the coming together of blood."

My head snapped up to see Daath was standing between Inori and Keido holding a book of sorts… was he the priest of this marriage?

Keido's hands were moving and as Daath continued his prayer of sorts, Keido walked up to Inori and smeared something onto her lips…

I shouted, "Stop it!"

And suddenly the crystal spikes were gone along with the bindings on my feet causing me to stumble…

I then heard Mana onee-chan's voice, "That's bad Shu."

I looked in front of me and was freaked out with what I saw…

Huge eyes being carried by the crystals which Mana onee-chan's voice was originating from as she said while the eyes were blinking.

"You have no right to get angry."

Just as I was about to ask why was that so, she continued, "You shunned me, didn't you?"

I was speechless… did I?... if so, why did I shun Mana one-chan…

"I was right there back then, wasn't I, Shu?"

Confused, I asked, "What do you mean?"

Suddenly, something grabbed a hold of my head and brought me closer to one of the eye balls…

"You don't remember anything? Did you forget?"

I'm sure I remembered most of it… but I was missing one part… what had happened during Lost Christmas…

I was sweating when I saw a small spike coming from the eye ball's pupil, I was being brought nearer to it as Mana onee-chan said, "I'll have to punish you, then."


Just as I was about to be impaled by a miniature spike, it broke making me close my eyes as to not get anything in them.

I turned to my left as I heard…

"Are you okay, Shu?"

A smile came on my face as I shouted, "Ayase! Thanks, I'm fine, you saved me."

I focused my attention onto her right shoulder and my eyes widened.

"This is why I can't leave you to your own devices!"

"G-Gai! What the heck are you doing here, what about your wounds?"

"Daath didn't hit any vital organs, the cancer crystals saved me."

Whoa… who knew that the virus would end up saving someone instead…? Thank god, but doesn't that mean that the Virus was developing pretty quickly… Keido then addressed him with contempt from atop the staircase.

"Tsutsugami Gai…"

He looked at them with a smirk as he commented, "I've been waiting for this moment. The moment I can confront you… and Mana!"

Scene Change: Outside the room they were in.

"My hidden camera footage was as blurred this time as when I took a shot of the Void, but I believe you can see it clearly."

Segai was looking at Haruka as she viewed the situation through Ayase's Endlave's camera.

She then informed Segai, "its Sephirah's prototype filter." She then turned to glance at Segai as she asked, "Why did you let us through?"

Segai simply grinned as he answered, "I was booted out of the arena, you see… This is my way of picking on him."

Scene Change: Back in the room.

P.O.V: Shu

Keido glared at Gai as he commented, "You're too late, though. Destiny can't be changed."

In reply, Gai took out his pistol and shot at Keido only for three eye balls along with the crystals that were holding them up, shielded Keido before sending three spikes at Gai.

Ayase began riding down as she shot at the spikes…Gai then shouted at me, "Shu, run!"

Not needing to be told twice, I began running towards the staircase… What I didn't notice was that Mana seemed to have noticed this as she sent even more crystals spikes to skewer me.

I heard Ayase shouting my name and turned to look back only to see her Endlave getting pierced by three spikes.

I shouted her name in worry and fear as Gai quickly informed Tsugumi.

"Tsugumi! Emergency bailout!"

Ayase seemed to disagree as she shouted, "Gai! I can still fight!"

I was about to tell her to not worry about us but thankfully Tsugumi bailed her out before she could experience any more pain.

Her Endlave shut down and with that Gai and I were surrounded by freakishly large eye balls.

I noticed that the streams dispersed and two red objects fell to the platform.

Daath then began, "Spiral nuptial vows, here and now." as a chain-like infinity symbol surrounded Inori and Keido.

Gai then turned towards me and said, "Remember, Shu. Some part of you must remember what happened that day."

"That day…" don't tell me…

"Lost Christmas…. December 2029, we were in Tokyo. Your new mother, Ouma Haruka had brought us there and on December 24th, I asked you to come to a church in Roppongi."

He looked at me grimly as he continued, "I wanted to talk to you about the Mana you didn't know, but the one who came…wasn't you. It was Mana herself…"

I was wondering where he was going with this, so I kept quiet while paying attention to the eye balls surrounding us just in case they tried something. Gai did the same as he continued the tale.

"She gave me a present and asked me to open it, despite my doubts… I went along with it and found that she had given me a pistol along with four bullets… She mentioned that I was her knight and that I should keep on protecting her…"

A pistol? Her knight? What was Gai's relationship with my sister… did he really…?

"Mana had pointed at a Christmas tree and asked me to take a shot at the star on it… When she turned around to look at me… Her eyes had changed… frightened at the time, I tentatively took the gun, loaded the bullets and took aim. When I fired however, the bullet deflected and hit me instead…"

Her eyes changed?...

"She approached me as she told me that she loved me… she dipped her fingers in my blood before licking it and telling me, that she was simply lying… and that moment, you came in…."

I gritted my teeth when an unsuspecting pain hit my head… I remember now… that time I had seen Triton the ground bleeding while my sister was standing next to him… I ran over to his body and asked if he was okay…

Mana Onee-chan then told me, "Take this, Shu." I turned around to see blood on her cheek while her hands were outstretched for a cat's cradle game… she then continued.

"Let's use our genes to make a new world." I was frightened… Mana Onee-chan seemed different… she had noticed and crawled up to me as she told me not to be scared… she simply said that we should do something fun together…

I then noticed crystals forming on the two bangs of her hair before disappearing… I was scared out of my wits… my best friend was bleeding… my sister had blood smeared on her cheek… I shouted as she came nearer to me.

"Stay away from me… you monster!"

….I see, so I was the one who shouted that word… I had pushed Mana Onee-chan away and regretted it instantly when I realized what I just did, Mana Onee-chan began crying… She then screamed as a bright light blinded all of us.

When I could see, the whole church was burning… I backed away from Mana Onee-chan…as she began apologizing…

She began approaching me as she said, "Don't be scared… Your big sister's scared, too!"

I tried to back away only to bump onto a chair as Mana onee-chan continued to shout, "At this rate… I'll become someone who isn't me!"

She suddenly shone once more as Gai grabbed me and pushed me down.

Despite the light, I was able to see through it and saw Mana Onee-chan reaching her hand for us as crystals began forming on her body… She ended up destroying herself due to the out-of-control power she had.

I placed a hand on my forehead as my head ached due to the scenes I just recalled…

"That's right…Mana looked for us for help that day… but we couldn't give it to her… So Gai, you said…'I'm going to get stronger, good bye.' "

I chuckled mirthlessly as I continued, "I was so traumatized from the events of that day that I made myself forget... protecting myself by forgetting…"

Gai then said "Shu… you can tell right now, can't you? We have something we need to do."

I gave him a nod with a serious expression on my face, "We need to get Mana's heart back."

"That's right. They awakened her against her will, and we're going to put her back to sleep."

He grimly continued, "Use the Void's power to consign her bad will to oblivion!"

I gave him a nod as a huge runic circle appeared on our feet… the light destroyed the eye balls surrounding us.

Yuu then commented, " So at long last,the memory's shackles are undone, and you're in new king mode, eh, Ouma Shu?"

I looked at the glowing mark on my right hand as I murmured, "New King Mode…?"

Gai then told me, "Time is running out. Draw out my heart, Shu and give me the Void."

I looked at him and was surprised when I saw some kind of crossbow-like gun… I was actually seeing Gai's Void without pulling it… but… I thought only Virus infected people could see them… so why am I…

Gai then continued with a smirk… he probably knows or has some idea of what was going on… he didn't explain and simply continued saying,

"The way you are right now, I know you can do it!"

He walked up to me and grabbed my hand as he told me to draw out the Void without letting go.

I gave him a nod before narrowing my eyes and stretched my right hand at the glowing spot on his chest… the spot glowed briefly before I plunged my hand into it and pulled out the Void I had already seen, it was the gun part was black while the crossbow part was purple with purple glowing lines around it.

I handed over the gun to Gai as he told me, "Shu, run. You'll be covering me while I head for Mana."

I wanted to ask him how was I going to do that but I decided to simply trust him and as both sprinted towards the staircase in separate directions.

I suddenly heard Inori moan and looked up to see Keido placing some kind of glowing object on her finger… was that a ring?


"Shu… just who are you calling." Mana Onee-chan…

I dodged the spikes that came at me as I continued to run towards the stairs as I shouted, "Gai!"

Gai stopped and took aim, the crossbow part of his gun formed a triangle and he shot out some kind of laser at Inori!

I was about to shout at him when suddenly Inori's Void came out. Keido muttered loudly, "A Void that forces other Voids to manifest? A gun that draws out people's hearts, then…"

I sprinted up the staircase dodging more and more spikes and jumped to grab Inori's Void before using it to destroy the platform and the bindings that held Inori.

Keido had backed away while the veil that was on Inori's head came off and receded back up to Mana's place.

I grabbed Inori before she could fall and quickly took out the ring on her finger before pointing my sword at Keido as I shouted, "Gai, go on ahead!"

Keido was about to give chase despite my sword being pointed at him when suddenly Yuu appeared in front of him and told him.

"Stand down, Shuuichirou… You have already failed." he then poked him the forehead causing him to faint… Yuu then grabbed him and created a portal before turning back to look at me…

"We'll meet again, Ouma Shu and by then, I hope you decide to finally take your throne as it should be."

He then disappeared along with Keido, I decided to think about them after as I placed Inori down on the floor before running to catch up with Gai.

He was shooting at the spikes that were coming for him and as he reached the platform where Mana was… he was impaled by three more spikes!

As I reached the platform and saw that, I shouted, "Gai!"

He didn't even cough this time nor gave any signs of pain as he ordered, "Stab Mana right through me, Shu."

"Eh! "

"I'm a dead man either way. So…"

"But! Gai!"

"Shu what do I look like to you right now? As a child you were decisive, brave and strong… I wanted to become just like you."

I shook my head as I said, "What're you talking about!"

"You can become me whenever you want. Just like I became you."

My eyes widened as I said, "But I don't want to become you! I could care less about that! I just remembered that you were my best friend Gai, and now I'm going to have to lose you again!"

Gai chuckled mirthlessly as he said, "Come on, don't start wavering… after this, you're going have to do the rest on your own so be brave… confident… just as you were before."

I gritted my teeth as I looked down knowing I wouldn't be able to do anything to help Gai… cursing myself once more, I breathed deeply before narrowing my eyes as a runic circle appeared below my feet once more.

I grabbed Inori's Void tightly as I ran up the remaining steps before impaling Gai and by extension Mana onee-chan with it. A bright line once more blinded me and when I could see, I saw Gai in front of me, we were holding hands….

He then let go as he mouthed… "Arigato…"

My eyes widened…. as I shouted, "Gai!"

I saw that Mana onee-chan had woken up and Gai embraced her even tighter as they began dematerializing…

I was in a protective bubble probably created by Mana onee-chan… Inori was with me and Gai's black coat floated up and entered the bubble as well as we were brought away from the collapsing tower….


The bubble disappeared as soon as we touched the ground and I gazed at the collapsing tower as tears fell from my eyes… I was carrying Inori so my tears splashed onto her cheeks.

She used her hand to wipe them as I turned to look at her… she then said, "I'm sure Gai is satisfied, I could hear him saying thank you."

Hearing Inori repeat his last words caused tears to fall once again as I gritted my teeth mourning Gai and Mana onee-chan's death…

Inori from her position in my arms, moved to hug me awkwardly as we both cried for the person we lost…

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