Terraria, An adventurer and his guide

Chapter one: With a new world, comes new opportunities

"Uuuggghhh" I moaned, waking up. Thousands of thoughts ran through his head at once. Some I understood, some he didn't. I opened his eyes slightly. It was bright. He saw thousands of things flash past him as I opened them. Some he recognised, some I didn't. It was all too much. I closed them and tried again. The visions where just mental images now. Easier to cope with. I tried to get up, but felt a bolt of pain. I tried to listen, but only to find thousands of words going through me at once. Some were English, some weren't. All at once though, it stopped, as I saw her above me, felt her knees below my head and heard her voice;

"Are you ok? Can you move? This isn't good!"

"It's ok," I murmured.

"Here, drink this," she instructed, holding a bottle of thin, heavy, red fluid to my lips.

I drank. As I did, I felt myself restored. Better. Not fully, but better. She tipped the bottle further back, allowing me to drink faster.

"There," she sighed, releasing pressure and stress as she saw the pain leave my eyes. I lay there for a minute, peacefully listening to the birds whilst staring into her eyes as she put her hand on my cheek. We stared for a while, then the sun got in my eyes, breaking a near perfect moment. I turned my head and leaned forward; the pain had subsided in the time we where there. "Where are we?" I asked.

"We're in Terraria, a land that many have been to. Few ever see another lost one, but there is always a guide to keep them company and tell them what to do next." She explained, blushing a bit from the staring, her red hair blowing in the wind, her gold eyes shining with the tears she held back when I was in pain.