Terraria; Me And my Guide:

Chapter 7: Turning Down The Heat



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After such a large event, the world normally seems empty, unexciting, useless, but the truth was, before the strike of the Eye, not much had been happening. They had started the lessons, and already Namine had more than one Spell Tome, and The Guide had some serious skill with the bow.

I was proud.

After something so dangerous, I decided that we don't leave the house alone. Not ever. And so it was that I ended up passing the caves where I had found Namine again, her in tow.

We both ended up staring at the spot that she lay on the floor for a while; the method of travel up and down the mineshaft was simply to leave a few buckets of water in a chest, then whenever we were done mining, we'd put the water in at the bottom of the mine, allowing for a quick dive down.

The system was very elaborate, and it was dangerous, too. The trouble had been getting back up. For that I just used the platforms that the guide managed to keep good stock of, and we began to use them for going down, too, when Namine and The Guide started mining; Their instincts and judgment weren't good enough to make it all the way down the mine without getting friction burn on the sides, or hitting the platforms, I had reasoned, stopping them from even trying.

We where stood on one of the platforms, staring at the spot, pickaxes strapped to our backs one way, and a sword strapped to mine making a cross; she didn't need the sword, she carried a satchel with her two tomes in. It was rather makeshift, but I had to gather the materials before she wanted to leave the house, so as that she could fight. I made a mental note to make a better one, maybe beige, for her so as that it didn't look so run-down. I'd have to get the guide to teach me to dye leather, but it would be worth it.

We stopped there to harvest some slime; we had been running low since I had made the training grounds with torches for The Guide to hit. "Nostalgia," I said.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I still haven't got my memories back, but I'm actually ok with that." She replied.

"Same, actually. I can't even begin to imagine how my... old world looked. If I had an 'Old world'."

"I know what you mean."

"Actually, I can't imagine a world without... without you and The Guide. Without my friends." I said, finally breaking my gaze at the clearing in the cave to turn and look at her.

"Aw, thanks. That's kind of what I meant, too. You guys are my friends, and I never want to part with you." She complimented.

"Yeah, you guys are my whole life. I've never been alone in the world, in Terraria."

We both thought on that one. Neither of us could remember being alone in the world. Namine couldn't even remember being outside the house alone; her first memory being running around me, trying to dodge,

We've never been alone...

"But," she interrupted my thought process with her angelic voice, "We'll never be alone, right?" she noted, as we sat down on some stone. "We'll always have each other. That's how we are. We can handle ourselves, but we still hoard together in one house. We mark events with bloodshed, but we still smile, thinking of what we learned in those times. We're friends, and we want to experience everything together, because that's what friends do."

We sat in silence for a while, wondering about the world.

It occurred to me that the guide was from an academy, which meant that there where people enough to build one; If she was here, then maybe she knew the way there!

I headed up the shaft, looking behind me to see if Namine was following.

"What's going on?" she yelled.

"I have a hunch." I said, mainly to myself.

As I reached the top of the shaft, Namine now trailing behind me, I yelled at the top of my voice, "Guide! Where are you?" but as she ran down from her room, the equivalent of a first aid kit held under her arms, a scream echoed throughout the house.

And so, at the end of one adventure, two began.

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