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He has the most amazing hands.

Who knows what all has calloused them, what has made them so ruggedly worn and warm, but who is he to complain when they are still at their softest, their gentlest running over his skin, dragging down his back and feeling out every cord of muscle. Who is Barnaby to complain when those same hands are on his bare legs, stroking from thigh to ankle, working out the day's work and at the same time, just feeling him as Barnaby remains draped over him on the couch, nearly dozing off from the attention and the mind-numbing chatter of the television nearby.

Doubtful, really, that Barnaby will ever be able to forget such a thing.

As he dozes, Barnaby can't help but wonder why, why that man can smile so easily when he has lost so much. Kotetsu's loss, Barnaby thinks, was at least the natural course of life. Still – so much bad luck? A man can only take so much.

But Kotetsu's smile and eyes and everything else about him is still so soft and warm in spite of all of that, so much that it makes Barnaby ache and wonder if he deserves this man when he is still so selfish and childish.

Yes, he eventually decides, perhaps just as childishly as he accuses himself of being, he does deserve him, because he wants to be happy, deserves to be happy just like everyone else.

Instinct, of all things, tells him Kotetsu is the only person capable of making that happen.