I figure a small intro would help folks who are a bit confused upon stumbling across this fic.

If you have NOT read 'A Traitor Branded': It's not essential to reading 'A Fan in the Sun', but it helps a lot. These drabbles are based off of that storyline. Note that it is a two-year-old fic, however, and there will be numerous grammar mistakes. Most noticeable are verb tenses. Reading 'Autumn Light' is also helpful, as it introduces the character Mitsuaki. In fact, I should probably just move that little fic over here.

If you HAVE read 'A Traitor Branded': This is a series of drabbles which take place after the events of the main story. I will try and keep them in chronological order as much as possible. The original sequel, 'Cursed Lineages' has been deleted due to a number of reasons, but I'll give a summary of events here so that people who read the chapter titled 'Cursed Lineages' will understand it.

(Complete)Summary of Cursed Lineages

It's been 10 years since Otogakure has been established, and seven year old Mitsuaki Uchiha has mastered the Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu and is eager to show his father. After a clan meeting, which introduces the Oto major clans, Mitsuaki is able to show Sasuke, who is very proud of his son. Their day quickly turns sour, when unknown enemies attack and poison Mitsuaki. Sasuke kills the intruders and manages to get his son to the hospital in time, only to learn that Hinata is having difficulties with her current pregnancy and has also been hospitalized. This puts Sasuke into freak-out mode, but Neji is there to reassure him. Sakura is called in from Konoha to treat Mitsuaki, as the poison is extremely rare and Oto's hospital is ill equipped to deal with the problem.

Neji and Sasuke quickly deduce that one of the clans has to be behind the attack but there is currently no proof of wrongdoing. Meanwhile, Sakura calls in aid from Suna for some rare books and ingredients. Gaara's wife and medical shinobi Momiji volunteers to go personally, even in light of the knowledge that she's pregnant(she was once proclaimed incapable of having children, so this comes as a shock to both her and the Kazekage).

Meanwhile, Sakura evaluates Hinata, and reassures her and Sasuke that Mitsuaki will be fine (and also that he has a fanclub in Konoha, much to Sasuke's horror). Momiji arrives, and the two put their heads together to come up with a cure for Mitsuaki. While researching, Momiji comments on Hinata's condition (her body isn't producing enough chakra for her and the twins), and when Sakura makes mention of there being a Hyuuga curse, Momiji points out a disturbing fact.

Sasuke and Neji later pull aside one of the clan leaders for questioning, and Sasuke, in an effort to keep everyone off guard, pretends he's becoming unhinged again (see: A Traitor Branded). This prompts the council later to convene behind Sasuke's back, and Neji gains some insight on the dissention between the clans and their feelings toward Sasuke as leader of Otogakure.

Kenkai, Akina(Naruto/Sakura's children) and Teru (Neji/Tenten's daughter) manage to sneak into the Uchiha compound to visit Mitsuaki. Sasuke catches them, but when Kenkai stands up to him, he allows the children to stay for a little while, as long as they don't aggravate his condition. Meanwhile, Neji becomes closer to ferreting out the suspicious clans when a member approaches him and tries to place the blame on two other clans. He calls her out on the lie.

Sakura and Momiji give Hinata a medicinal treatment to help her replenish her chakra, and instructs her not to eat anything except what is given to her by the two of them as part of her special diet. While the story does not reveal this initially, this is due to their belief that she is being deliberately poisoned by someone in the estate. Mitsuaki finally awakens, and he and Sasuke have a father/son moment. Shortly after, Momiji gives Sasuke and Hinata a status report on Mitsuaki. His heart has been badly damaged, but with rest, rehabilitation, and no strenuous activity or stress, he will make a full recovery and even be able to become a shinobi with no issues. She leaves the couple and recons with one of her escorts and former teammates, the Suna ANBU captain Shinryo Masaki, who informs her that something much more than clan dissention is going on.

Neji then elaborates in private conference with Naruto and Sasuke. Groups of rogue mercs, established after the major nations achieved peaceful relations are looking at possibly taking over Otogakure, which is the smallest nation out of the others. Naruto offers to send some manpower and Sasuke accepts, since if the clans are against him, he cannot trust his own shinobi to defend the village.

Mitsuaki later is approached by Kenkai and Akina Uzumaki, much to his chagrin, and after they annoy him enough, he kicks them out. Sasuke returns, and after they have a talk, go and visit Hinata.

Tensions escalate when the council member that had gone to visit Neji turns up dead. Reports of the merc group pop up more and more frequently. With Shinryo and Neji working undercover in their own ways, more and more signs begin to point to two specific clans. Anko takes a special team out to intersect some of the merc groups, and the Ino-Shika-Cho team arrives in time to really begin the interrogation in earnest.

A note is delivered to Sakura, asking for her and Momiji to meet the stranger at a specific time and place. When they arrive, a young man in an Oto chunnin vest awaits them, clearly perturbed. He warns them that someone from Sasuke's past wants him and his family dead, but that someone from the Hyuuga family is trying to kill Hinata and her children. Before they can ask him any further questions, he runs away, and they're confronted by Hinome, Mitsuaki's nanny, who attempts to poison and kill them. She ends up only managing to knock them out, and takes a suicide pill.

Somehow, the merc group manages to invade Oto from the inside, and they quickly discover the culprit is the Komatsu clan head, along with the head of the merc group who seems to have a heavy personal grudge against Sasuke. As they fight, Sasuke learns that the leader of the merc group is one of the two boys he saved in 'A Traitor Branded' whose family he had murdered during the war. Neji dispatches the Komatsu clan head and Sasuke kills the merc. The Komatsu clan head confesses that she also lost much due to Sasuke and Orochimaru during the war, and swears that they met before, but Sasuke cannot recall, and calls her a liar, since he doesn't ever forget faces. She also confesses that she wanted to rule Oto, and felt she would rule it better than the men, and she had promised the mercs anything they wanted in the village as long as they allowed her complete control. Sasuke kills her as well.

Anko reports in that the other merc groups are being handled, points out how the main mercs were able to get in, and also reports that the Uchiha estate went dark. The next fic goes over the final events.

Aftermath: The Komatsu clan is disbanded, anyone who wishes to remain must swear fealty to the Otokage and is placed on a five year probation period. Some Konoha shinobi remain for a bit longer, although the Hokage and Sakura return to their village, as do the Suna entourage. The young chuunin who warned Sakura and Momiji turns out to be the other boy Sasuke encountered all those years ago, but he claims he wishes to live peacefully in the village. Sasuke doesn't trust him, but Hinata convinces him to give the boy a chance. A year and a half later, Hinote, their first daughter and last child, is born.