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Edward walked to one of the lamps and turned it off. It made the corner we were in dimmer. "If anyone does come in, they would think that it was empty." He said with his broken smile. I nodded at him and waited for him to return to me.

"Where were we now?" he whispered. He scooped me back up into his arms and held me close to him as we made love slowly against the wall. I held on to his shoulders, I tried to look into his eyes as we found our rhythm. It felt so good to have him back with me, back inside of me. Even though he felt bigger than I remembered, and I felt so full being so close to him, I loved it. My body accepted all of him…

We made our way to the rug on the floor. Now I was on my back with my dress up around my waist. One of my stockings had long fallen to my ankle. His dress shirt and sweater were up and his slacks and underwear were around his ankles. His hair moved toward his forehead, close to his eyes. My hands pulled him closer to me. I closed my eyes as I felt him thrust deeper inside.

I bit my lips so I wouldn't moan out loud. I think that Edward saw this because he buried his tongue deep in my mouth to help keep me quiet. We continued to make love like that, quietly, slowly and deeply on the rug until we both were finished. Until he emptied all his love inside of me, and I felt my body shake with pleasure. We lay connected like that for what seemed like forever.

We breathed silently with shy smiles on our lips. Edward kissed me passionately. His lips pulled on mine and he kissed my cheeks, my nose, and forehead gently. Then he touched my hair around my face. All I could do was watch his beautiful eyes, while I felt his breath on my face. I moved his hair from his forehead and touched the side of his face. He closed his eyes and it looked like his long lashes would touch his flushed cheeks

"When you're my wife…" he started, but didn't continue.

Carefully he slid himself from inside of me. He helped me stand to my feet. I adjusted my stockings and my dress. Edward watched my quietly and sadly. I wished that I could read his mind. I wanted to know what was going on behind those beautiful green eyes. A slight frown played on his lips.

I looked at this handsome man, who was still very young. He wasn't as old as he needed to be to handle all the responsibilities that Master Cullen had. There was too much weight on Edward's shoulders: death threats, leading a business empire, caring for his family, and a bundle growing everyday. Somehow he managed to carry all of these, and the press only knew half the story.

I kissed Edward slowly as we said our sad goodbyes. I tasted my own tears on his lips because he had kissed my eyes.

"I have to leave, and it kills me. Sometimes I do feel like the gods are against us. All the odds." He whispered. I didn't respond, but I threw my arms around his waist and hugged him tightly. "But you're my everything. I won't be able to rest until we're finally together." He whispered as he kissed my forehead.

He held my hand in his warm one. His long fingers wrapped tightly around mine and he led me to the door. He held it open for me. Jasper stood against the walk across from the study. His fancy walking cane leaned against the wall with him. His face blushed slightly when he saw Edward behind me.

"Zipper your pants, old boy." He said to Edward. Even though Edward's face was flushed, it seemed to darken slightly as he fixed his pants. He ran his hand through his hair nervously. I took one last look at him and I hurried to my room.

I was back in my room and slowly undressed. I felt too hot underneath my clothes. My hair felt too hot against my neck. I twisted it up in a messy bun and held it in place with a hairpin I found on my bed. Almost instantly it all came down again, but it didn't matter.

Edward's scent was still on me. I still felt his hands on my body. I still felt his lips on my neck. I still heard his whispers, his grunts, and quiet moans in my ears. And lastly I still felt him between my legs.

Lazily I crept into my bed. I was too tired to do anything now. My dress hung over the footboard with everything else I wore today. I spread out flat on my back with a tired smile and closed my eyes. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep.


I dreamt again of Edward. This time we were outside. It was so bright I had to squint my eyes from the sun. I felt the grass between my toes. In the grass in front of me, a baby wearing a straw hat ran quickly ahead of me.


I heard a women's voice, it could've been Esme's voice, call to the baby. Or was she talking to me? I wasn't sure, but the voice spoke in French. The baby stopped running and turned around. The baby covered his face with chubby hands, so I couldn't see it. I ran toward the baby but Edward picked the baby up and spun him around.

"I never wanted to leave you, but I've always been watching you." He said as he held the baby's face to his chest.

"You never left Edward." I laughed as I caught up to them. Edward took the straw hat off the baby and placed it on my head.


"I never wanted to leave you, but I've always been watching you." He repeats. Again I hear a women's voice speaking French. I turn around and Esme walks toward Edward and gives him a sad kiss. At that moment I realize that it isn't Edward holding the baby, it's Anthony Masen. I'm shaken from my dream before I can see what happens next.

"Bella! Don't you hear me kiddo? Wake up!" Victoria said in a loud whisper. I struggle to sit up. My body felt tired and heavy.

"Is it time already?" I ask as my eyes try to see her face and then my clock.

"It's time for you. I don't know what you did or said to the grandmother last night but she's requesting to see you." Victoria said. "So clean yourself up, put on your uniform and go straight to her."

"Did she look upset?" I asked.

"She has the same expression all the time kiddo, I don't know." She said as she helped me get out of the bed. "What's that on your neck? A scratch? Or did Dracula bite you?"

I touched my neck and I remembered. Edward buried his face in my neck right before he…

"I must've done it in my sleep." I said shyly. "Left my comb in the bed or something."

"You're even clumsy in your sleep? Well, you need to hightail it to bathroom." She said as I grabbed my things.

I bathed and washed away Edward's scent from my body. I dressed in my room and smoothed my hair into a neat bun. I placed my white hat on top and stared in my mirror. I was grateful for once of the collar of my uniform. It hid Edward's love bite perfectly.

I went to the grandmother's room, Esme wasn't there she was alone. There were suitcases and luggage that waited to be packed on one side of the room. I guess that would be Victoria's task for today. Her dark eyes looked up from her book.

"Close the door." She said to me. Suddenly I felt nervous, like I was in trouble. My bun felt too tight on my scalp. My stomach began to turn. I felt as if my apron were too tight around my waist.

"Yes ma'am." I said. After I did it I held my shaking hands and waited for her next order. I avoided her eyes and looked down at my shoes.

"Come closer. The rain is making my limbs hurt." She hissed. So I walked closer to her and stood next to her on the bed.

"Bella, take your hair down." She said coldly.

"Ma'am?" I asked as I looked at her shyly.

"Oui. Take your hair down." She repeated. She stared at me and waited. I took my hat off and placed it in my apron pocket. Quickly, I unpinned my hair and unbraided it. I let it fall past my shoulders and past elbows. I didn't know why she wanted me to do this, but I knew it was serious. She had an evil grin on her thin lips.

"The last maid who was caught in a bad situation with Emmett was sent out. Nothing to carry with her but the meager rags and things she owned. There was nobody there to stand up for her. No one who could help her." she started. "All because she knew the rules, and she chose to break them. She let his handsome face get the best of her. Do you want to find yourself in that same situation?"

I shook my head no and I tried to catch my breath. I felt like I wasn't just behind the eight ball, I got run over by it. I started to feel dizzy.

"Last night, I saw the way Edward looked at you and the way you looked at him. It is the way lovers look at each other. 'Star-crossed lovers' is how they say. And I thought that maybe I was wrong. Maybe I drank too much wine and champagne. So, I decided to see if I were wrong. I followed you both last night."

Oh no! She saw us! Suddenly I couldn't breathe. I started to gasp for air as I held my stomach. I thought I would faint.

"You don't look so well. Have a seat." She ordered. I sat on whatever was near me. It was a large trunk. If I could have hid in it, I would have. I struggled to catch my breath while I listened to her continue.

"Inside of the study, all my assumptions were true. I found you and Edward in the throes of passion. This was a type of passion that appeared to be more than just a one-time thing. The two of you are surely lovers. But again, I am old. My old eyes could deceive me, especially when looking in a dimly lit part of that room. All I could see was my Edward and mysterious colored girl with long hair. I could only see that she wore this." She picked up the same flower that I had in my hair. I didn't realize that I lost it.

I shook my head no as the tears formed in my eyes. This was it. I was going to be canned. I never had a chance to tell my mother about our love. I never had a chance to even tell Angie about how far I'd actually gone with Edward. I'd be thrown out, with whatever I had in my room and everything would continue without me. I didn't even know the telephone number to Jasper's mansion to contact Edward. Maybe just, just maybe, I'd be able to come and see my Mama, but I'd be too embarrassed though.

"So tell me, little girl, is this a habit of yours? Lying, scheming, and having illicit sex in my daughter's home. Do you think it is a game to do this kind of thing?"

I couldn't answer. My voice was trapped somewhere inside of me. Fear took over my body.

"Those big eyes don't work on me Bella. You cannot enchant me. I have no pity for scandalous girls. My daughter might have pity on you, but I do not!"

"But I'm not scandalous! I'm not!" I cried out.

"Shut up! Of course you are. What kind of girl does that? You are not a good girl! You are a liar and you don't deserve to stay here. You don't deserve Edward either." She said with a snap. Her words felt like knives as they hit me.

"Ma'am, I love him." I said. "I love him and I can't even tell anyone. We can't tell anybody! And it's killing me everyday to keep this secret. To keep this secret from my mama, to keep it from Esme. To keep it from the world! I love him with everything I have. All I can give him is my love! I don't have anything else to give him." I was now sobbing. I fell to my knees at her feet.

"I know I don't deserve him. I don't deserve his love or his kindness. I know that people will think that I'm not good enough for him because I'm just some brownie girl that's a chambermaid. Don't you think I know it?" I sobbed. My cheeks were covered with my tears. "You don't know how it feels to be desperately in love with someone when all the odds are against you."

"Oui. I don't know. But I know about heartbreak, and I know about poor people like you who lie and deceive. I bet you seduced Edward! You tempted him, yes? You know how to bring out his lover-boy part of him. He wants to be a good man, not a no good womanizer like his father. And now, he's on his way. He drinks already and now he's having an illicit love affair behind his mother's back. A shame!"

"He loves me and I love him. Ma'am you have to believe me. Please don't tell. Please. I'm begging you ma'am." I said.

"Why shouldn't I? You lied to me once. How do I know you are not lying now?"

"I'm not lying. How can I prove to you I'm not? What do I have to do so you won't tell anyone? I'll do anything." I said.

"Anything?" She said. She raised one of her thin eyebrows and then smirked. I nodded and wiped my face with the back of my hand. Suddenly the door opened and Edward stormed toward us. He looked at me and then at the grandmother angrily.

"What's going on here? Why is she crying? Bella, get up." He said. I stood up; I was so relieved to see him.

"Edward you're still here?" I said. My voice squeaked softly.

"Yes. I decided to stay the night. Jasper is here as well. Mother insisted that we did." He said to me. He touched my face, touched my cheek with his thumb.

"What did you do to her?" He growled at the grandmother.

"I didn't do a thing! I should be asking you this question! Why are you sleeping with the help? All these beautiful girls all over the city. All those beautiful rich girls and you pick this peasant?" she said sharply.

"Peasant? She's richer than you'll ever be grandmother. What she has, you'll never be able to purchase." He snapped.

"She's poor and no doubt after your money! If you think for once a girl like her can love you purely, then you're just as foolish as your mother was. All these servants are the same. No matter how beautiful they may be. Can you be so naïve Edward?" she started, but she continued the rest of her argument in French. I had no idea what she said, but I felt insulted. Edward responded to her in French and then after while spoke in English.

"My love life is none of your business. It's nobody damn business! I'd advise you for the remainder of your stay here, to focus on what you truly came here for. That is to assist my mother. Most importantly, you're going to respect Isabella. Because I love her, I have every intention of marrying of her, and being a father to our child. It would be in your best interest you were kind to her so another child doesn't come into this world with what I've already experienced from you."

"Edward I…Bella…" she started. "I really did not know. I was only trying to protect you from the heartbreak."

"Do you not see that you've only caused more heartbreak than necessary? Don't you feel that if you much kinder that your grandchildren would share more with you? You're callous and off-putting. You are so disagreeable." He said as he shook his head.

"I am a fool. I know that. I wanted the best for my children so I married for money. I did not have passion, but I was happy and safe. Esme had a safe life; Carlisle was a safe wonderful man. Your father was reckless! He would only lead her down a path of shame. I understand you love this fifille, but is it safe my angel?"

"Nothing in my life is safe anymore!" he ran his hands through his hair. "Nothing will be safe until…until…the creator of this nightmare is gone. Until that's gone, or I am, nothing is safe. This is the only thing I will ever ask from you grandmother. To keep our secret safe, honor my love for her, respect her sincerely. Please."

The grandmother looked at me and I felt like this time she really looked at me. She saw me for who I was and not what she thought I was. She got off of the bed and walked over to us. Edward stood protectively by my side. She whispered something in French as her dark eyes looked into mine. She held her hand out for mine. At this point, I wasn't sure of anything anymore. I grasped her hand it was cold and soft.

"I may have been wrong about many things, but I can tell you are dangerously in love with Edward. Little girl, don't let your love blind you completely." She said.

After she said that, Esme came into the room happily. She was holding two large rings made from dried flowers in one hand and glass of champagne in the other. Her mint green nightgown and matching robe swished as she walked.

"Maman, look what I found!" she sang. She took a sip from her glass and placed it down on one of the larger luggage. "It's the crowns Carlisle and I wore at our wedding! Look at them."

It was very early for Esme to be drinking, but I can't remember the last time I saw her this happy. One of the crowns had large dried roses on it and the other had rose buds.

"Bella, cherie, you look like a dream with your hair down! Try this on please! Edward try this on please!" she said as she placed an old crown on my head and on Edward's head. She stared at us together.

"Of course I will have new ones made but yes, it will be just like this. So beautiful for a bride and groom." she said softly and her eyes started to water, "I hope you will be blessed with love and marriage my beautiful children! Yes, nothing is more important that love."

I looked over to Edward who stood next to me. He looked down at me lovingly, a sad smile on his lips. The crown of dried baby roses looked so pale against his wild copper hair.

"Esme, don't trouble these children with your memories. Save your ideas for Alice when she wakes." The grandmother interrupted but Esme just shooed her with her hands.

"Ah maman, don't you remember them? Carlisle looked so handsome and young. My hair was long like Bella's then. Yes, I was so young…" she took the crown from my hair carefully, and touched my face. "Cherie, you must wear a rose crown at your wedding. That will be my gift to you, beautiful roses."

She took the crown off of Edward's head and placed them carefully on top of the dresser. She picked up her glass of champagne and took a sip. She started to sing a love song in French.

"My mother is drunk," Edward whispered to me. "Please make sure that Margaret gives her a heavy breakfast."

"I will." I whispered back.

"When you get back to your room, read sonnet 116." he said. He walked over to his mother and led her gently out of the room. I watched them and looked back at the grandmother. She positioned herself back on the bed, her small book in her hand. She looked up at me and nodded. Then she went back to reading.

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For those interested the song that Esme sung when she was reminiscing was "Parlez-moi d'amour" by Lucienne Boyer.

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