He barged into his Stuart room with angry footsteps and slammed the door forcefully, leaving a perplexed Reed outside, almost hitting his nose. The artist had leaped back just in time. Julian leaned against the door and grabbed his face with his hands. Reed knocked desperately, slamming the door with his palms.

''Jules! Please, Julian, let me in! Jules!''

Julian groaned. He glared at nothing in particular, brought himself up, and pulled the door open violently. He stared at Reed furiously, who looked stunned.

''Julian, just please-''

''No, okay? No! I went through hell and back and left everything for you and me to be together! I knew you couldn't handle long distance, and I left everything, everything for you! And you still love him! You are still in love with Anderson! I can't fucking do this anymore if you're going too moon over him every time I turn my back! That's it! I'm tired!''

Reed's bottom lip quivered, his voice shaky. 'I was just talking to him-''

''Do. Not. Please, do not give me that crap.'' Julian breathed. ''I saw the way you looked at him. I saw the shitty hearts on your eyes, and just tell me why where you standing so close, you're trying to drive me insane, I-'' he swallowed, and looked him in the eye. ''I'm done with you, okay? I'm done. ''

The shorter boy made a noise between a gasp and a sob, his eyes growing wet. ''Please, I'm begging you. I wasn't doing- I love you. I love you so much, I'm sorry, I-''

''Bye, Reed.'' He closed the door.

Reed Van Kamp wasn't one to show what he was feeling. He was the one to hide it, to be too shy to show it, to be lost and not knowing what to do. He would talk too low for people to hear, and he was clumsy as hell, and didn't know how to be affective with people until Julian, so easy-going, open, and fearless, came to him. And as he pounded his door, screaming his name with his tearful voice, he didn't think about the looks, or the talk, or the attention, or the embarrassment, or regret. He was only able to process that Julian was gone, and none of it mattered anymore.