Somewhere behind Josh the two men grinned as the blonde straddled him, her smooth inner thighs rubbing against his legs as she positioned herself on top of him. Josh had turned his head to avoid looking at her – instead he just stared at a small, black FM radio standing on a small dresser by one of the wooden beams. He desperately tried to escape the situation mentally by letting the metal of the handcuffs dig hard into his wrists, sending thin streams of blood down his forearms. He tried to focus on the pain, but he couldn't concentrate properly because every time she moved and he felt her skin brush against his reality hit him like a ton of bricks. His breathing had become raspy and ragged and he twitched as she let her hand cover his manhood with her saliva, stroking it. Blinking rapidly his hands turned to fists and again he pulled at the cuffs to distract himself, but to no avail. As she closed her hand around his throbbing member, he groaned involuntarily.

"Don't... Please..." he whispered hoarsely and clenched the muscles in his jaw, trying to get his breathing under control. He had now become indifferent with being tough and not acting scared... It seemed to important before, but now all he could think about was to somehow persuade her to stop and let him go. This just couldn't happen. It couldn't. It was too horrific and too surreal. But her wet hand was still stroking him and she lowered herself a little. A gasp escaped Josh as he could feel the tip of his manhood touch her.

"Oh god...!" Josh burst out and without even knowing it his eyes watered up. A smile decorated the woman's lips as she bent forwards, whispering softly in his ear:

"Enjoy the ride, Joshua... I know I will," her voice said and her free hand cupped his face and forced him to turn his head towards her. He didn't want to look at her, instead he clenched his eyes shut and tried focusing on controlling his rapid breathing. His mind spun and his stomach turned violently.

"Aww, my little virgin... I know you want this," the woman said sweetly and placed a kiss on his lips, grabbing his chin tight with her fingers. But he didn't try to turn his head away, instead he just didn't react to the unwanted touch. It only seemed to encourage her, so Josh was now just lying there like a rag doll. The blonde woman frowned a bit, then chuckled.

"Oh, I see you're testing me," she laughed and clapped him on the cheek.

"Well, be my guest!" she whispered as she slipped her tongue into his mouth, exploring every inch of it. Blinking Josh closed his lips and turned his head away with a groan, leaving her giggling on top of him.

"I thought so..." she smiled. Letting her tongue trail hungrily up his cheek she sat back up.

"No more delays... Now I'm going to fuck you, Josh. And you can do nothing about it," she said and suddenly pressed herself against him. Josh's eyes shot wide open as he felt himself slide into her. Involuntarily he gasped and tilted his head backwards slightly. He couldn't grasp what was going on, this extreme sensation exploding in his body... he felt incredibly nauseous, dizzy and completely out of it.

"No...!" he heard himself wimper, as she started to move up and down on him. Taking in irregular , choppy gulps of air Josh tried focusing on one of the strip lamps in the ceiling above him. The bright white light hurt his eyes, but he kept staring intensely at it, desperately trying to move his focus from what was really going on. The blonde moaned as she started to ride him harder, digging her fingernails into his abdomen, scratching him. The sound of her moaning and skin hitting skin filled the barn, and seemed to eccho inside Josh's head. It felt like he was going to explode and violent twitches were pulsating up and down his lower back and abdomen. He couldn't understand why. He didn't want this. He didn't want this at all, yet still his body did the opposite of what he wanted it to. A tear rolled down his cheek as the rhythmic shrieking of the springs in the mattress became louder and faster.

"Oh god, yes...!" she groaned as scratched him again, gyrating her hips viciously, taking every inch of him inside of her. To his disbelief Josh discovered that he was whimpering quietly, the whimpers turning into something that resembled sobbing. Staring blindly at the strip lamp Josh felt himself tensing up as the tears started flowing uninhibitedly.

"Please..." he sobbed as he gulped in a big mouthful of air and his head tilted backwards. His back started to arch and he could feel himself hardening even more. He could hear himself repeating the word 'no' over and over again under his breath as his mind started to spin uncontrollably. He didn't even feel her fingernails clawing at his chest – instead he felt like his entire abdomen was a dense ball of fire. At the same time she seemed to tighten around him as he grew.

"YES, fuck me, Josh!" she yelled and pressed herself hard against him, climaxing in twitches and load moans. At the same exact moment Josh realized to his horror that he was climaxing too, and before he could think about it any further, his back suddenly arched violently, lifting her up with him. A muffled yelp escaped him and he squeezed his eyes shut as he felt himself come inside of her. He twitched and was unable to breathe as the ball of fire in his abdomen seemed to explode. Gritting his teeth with an agonized groan he went limp and sank back into the mattress, heaving for air. Cheeks flushed he closed his eyes, trying to control the overpowering urge to throw up. He was still inside of her, though limp and sitting on top of him the blonde sighed in deep satisfaction. A giggle then sounded as she leaned down and her warm, rapid breath hit his ear.

"I'm glad you enjoyed that, honey..." she whisperd in a silky voice and kissed his teary cheek.

"Oh come on – big boys don't cry," she lectured as she finally got off of him, swinging her leg over him and stood back up and started to put her clothes back on. Josh barely heard her... he wanted to curl up... to disappear... to die. He had never in his life felt so humiliated, so ashamed... so disgusting. He wanted to throw up. Lying limp on the blood stained sheets he had his eyes closed, yet tears still found their way down his cheeks. The woman snorted and waved at the two men, who had sat there the whole time, watching.

"Put him in his room... and clean him up," she commanded as she stuck her feet back in the red stilettos. She then turned around and walked towards the barn door. Before exiting, she turned towards them:

"I think you're gonna like it here, Josh... I know I do," she smiled seductively, and then glanced at the two men:

"Remember – no major injuries. I want this one to be around for a long time," she said flatly. The men nodded. She then pulled the barn doors open and walked outside, shutting it behind her. The only sound in the barn was now the small sobs escaping Josh. The two men looked at each other shortly before getting up from their chairs. Standing behind the headboard of the bed, one of them looked down at Josh.

"Nice work, boy... she fancies you," he said in a deep voice, and started to rummage about in his pocket for the keys to the handcuffs. Josh didn't respond or even show the slightest sign of having heard the comment. He didn't move when he felt a hand around his bruised wrist and the metallic 'clink' of the handcuffs being unlocked. Taking them off, the men grabbed a hold of his upper arms and pulled his limp body up. Josh twitched slightly by their touch, but he had no energy to fight them. Instead he felt utterly helpless... and utterly miserable. Avoiding all eye contact he felt himself being dragged across the room – just like a lifesize rag doll. The shrieking of old door hinges. Darkness, then dim, orange light from a bulb in the ceiling. Hay stacks. An old blanket spread out on the dirty concrete floor. The white noise of a small TV on a dresser in the corner. Suddenly the men let go of his arms and he felt himself collapse, landing on his side on the blanket. A soft moan escaped him, but he stayed in the same position, unable to move. It was like his mind had stopped dead in its tracks. Like it had shut down. All he felt was intense self loathing and the sound of the white noise from the TV filled his ears.

"Man, he's out of it," one of the men said somewhere in the dim light behind him. They grinned. One of them let the nose of his boot nudge Josh in the back, trying to get him to react. But at this moment Josh didn't care. He only felt himself tremble.

"Welcome to your luxury suite, sir...!" one man laughed as he knelt down and tied a piece of hemp rope around Josh's wrists, securing them behind his back.

"Hey, man, put Nickelodeon on the TV, maybe that'll cheer out little guest up!" he said. Clicking of a remote control, white noise, click, click. Hannah Montana showed up on the screen and the sound of canned laughter filled the room.

"Enjoy. See ya later for your bath, boy!" they taunted as Josh heard the door slam behind him. The trembling was getting worse and he could feel himself slowly lifting up his knees to his chin. Canned laughter and white noise. He clenched his eyes shut and tried to suppress a whimper. But his body wouldn't obey him and suddenly he was crying out loud with no possible way of stopping the tears from falling. Shaking and trembling the sobs and whimpers tore through his body... drops of sweat and blood stained the blanket along with his tears to the sound of canned laughter and white noise. Just canned laughter and white noise...