Dark grey eyes glared down from the giant glass window that looked upon the world. Neamhain tossed her brown hair over her shoulder and glared at the other Gods in the room.

"How long must we wait for Cichol to make his move?" Her black wings fluttered with frustration, "Waiting for his move is agitating. You know how much I dislike waiting. I have no patience to spare for that shadow."

Morrighan gave a soft smile and folded her hands together, "Sister, we can do nothing but wait. Cichol is bound to be very strategic in his move. We cannot allow him to kill off the inhabitants of Errin."

Neamhain growled lowly at the other Goddess. Nuadha gave a grunt to cut off her oncoming tirade.

"Enough you two," his voice was strong and stern. "We don't need this snip. Falias has enough to worry about without you two at each other's throats. So please, shut u-"

"We have a major problem, my friends!" The small Eabha shouted as he ran into the throne room. His usual calm demeanor was lost as he looked at the king with urgency, "Cichol and Lugh have opened a portal to Terra!"

"What!" Nuadha roared.

Neamhain grew tense and began shaking in frustration.

Morrighan's eyes grew wide with fear and she paled considerably.

All the deities in the room understood the grave attack that Cichol and the former God of Light initiated. Terra was a world parallel to Erinn. If that world, the world that wasn't touched or protected by a God, were to be destroyed, then so would Erinn.

"What do we do?" Eabha fretted, "This is bad. Not just Glas Ghaibhleann bad, but Crumena bad! Like-"

"Yes Eabha, we know. This is worse than anything we've faced." Nuadha sighed with impatience.

"We can't exactly stop the, can we?" Morrighan asked, "Aren't we not allowed to venture that far? Even Nao can't survive that journey. It's a wonder those two made it."

"Yes it is," Neamhain surmised, "You don't think that the world is already unstable as it was all those millennia ago…do you?"

"It could be. Which means that we need to send some of the Milletains to Terra to stable it. We need those jewels."

"I have them," Morrighan handed Nuadha a bag.

Naudha opened the bag and shut his eyes at the bright glow that emitted from the jewels. He walked over to the window and opened it. He picked up the jewels one by one.

"For Magic," He dropped the green jewel out the window.

"For the Sun," a bright orange jewel flew out.

"For the Moon," Followed by a soft blue gem.

"For Strength," Next an angry brown dropped down.

"And for Life," Finally a gentle yellow jewel fell to the world.

"With that, our five heroes will be sought out by the gems. When they are known, we must go to them and bestow upon them their quest."

The other four gods showed their appetence to their tasks. Now all they had to do was wait.

Wait and Hope.

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