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Working Title: Mother in Heart Protector in soul

Chapter one: Fragments

The well's familiar wash of magic and energy was a welcoming feel after having been away from its familiar touch for three years. In those three years in her own time, she had studied, taken exams and talked to friends who worried about the daily things like money, grades and boys. Always holding herself back from yelling at them, didn't they know they were being selfish; there were people in the world who were dying from disease, war and famine. Though she couldn't tell them that, how could they understand what she knew? The past had changed her in many ways. She graduated with good grades, volunteered in community centers, and even studied a bit of medicine in a few courses in school. The daughter who constantly had to vanish from their sight returned, though not quite the same.

In three years, she had matured into quite the young women, caring for friends and family alike. Filling her time with friends; who always came to her for advice, or to cry on her shoulder. Wisdom from another time and a kind heart was what drew people to her. Even strangers could not help but open up, her aura giving off a sort of peace.

The magic of the well stopped and Kagome felt the hard earth under her feet again. Reaching out her aura, she found no one to be near the well. She grabbed at one of the vines nearest her and tested it for strength before pulling herself up along the dry wells walls. Reaching the top, she griped the edge tightly before heaving herself over. Kagome looked around the expanse of the clearing; trees whipping wildly around bringing fallen leaves with it, but the forest was calm, and it felt so quiet. She put the feeling of apprehension aside and headed towards the direction she knew to be the home of Kaede, who was no doubt excited to see her.

Walking the path Kagome was forced to remember the last time she had been there.

~ Three Years Ago ~

The whole field was covered in different matter of gore and blood, the scent was everywhere, even the air was infused with its stench. Bodies of different demons littered the field; the taijiya and monk were fighting a group of deformed wasps from hell, their many bodies mended together into a fused blob. The Loyal Fire cat with them providing needed relief, the small form of a kit could be seen, his body lie exhausted under the trees, a barrier of pure energy shielded him from harm.

The greatest threat though was the half demon who had taken the Shikon jewel, finally granting him the power that he strived for. Albeit a false power, the jewel was created when two powerful souls fought, and now its end was meet with two more powerful souls when Kagome arrow met Naraku body. Echoes of people's shouts were heard in the distance. The Jewel finally whole; but at that moment two priestess touched the jewel at the same time and a brilliant light flooded the whole area.

They both, Kagome and Kikyo disappeared from the sight.

When the light faded the two miko's stood in front an older women who wore armor and had a power aura.

"Midoriko -sama" Kagome spoke. Looking at the priestess who held such strength; the one who created the skikon jewel with her very soul to seal away Magatsui and the hundreds of demons who made his body.

"Kagome" the women spoke kindly looking at the young women.

"Kikyo" the other miko bowed as was proper to the miko.

"True priestess Midoriko–sama"

"You two have sacrificed so much in order to keep the jewel safe from harm, but you also walked a fine line between your vows" She spoke looking at Kikyo.

"You've come to understand the power that the jewel had, yet you still wished to use it for your own selfish reasons" Midoriko face showed her anger.

Kagome had to grieve for Kikyo though, she had been a young women tasked with watching the jewel, a heavy burden for anyone to bear. Her duty came first she could not think of herself as a girl but a guardian of the jewel she could never take anything lightly. Perhaps, she could ask for leniency for Kikyo, explain what really happen! Just as she finished that thought, Midoriko spoke again.

"I understand your pain though Kikyo, so I give you this boon only in hope that you can rectify your past action, a soul of your own."

Soon a pale green and blue light shown from the priestess hand and floated over to Kikyo who looked at a bit wary and yet joyful. An expression Kagome thought she didn't have in her to show, she had always looked cold and solemn.

Kikyo felt the push as the soul entered the clay body she had, Kagome could feel the energy as well, and when the clay shell began to crack, she cried out.

"Your body Kikyo" she exclaimed.

Indeed the gift Midoriko had given allowed the clay body to crack as real flesh appeared on the once dead priestess.

Kikyo was shocked to feel the clay form she had resided in for so long returned to real flesh; supple fresh skin and nails were replaced and a heartbeat could be felt.

"Midoriko -sama, I cannot thank you enough." Kikyo spoke sincerely soon the blue light converged again and the older miko vanished.

Kagome though wondered; how it was possible to revive Kikyo when she possessed the same soul, she was her reincarnation.

"Kagome you have questions child, ask them." The warrior priestess voice was soft, no hint of annoyance.

The young miko bit her lip in a nervous habit but asked her question anyway.

"How was Kikyo given a soul and body when I am her reincarnation"?

"That is because little miko you are not her reincarnation, the jewel she burned with her body connected her soul to it, and when you were born it merged her own with yours."

Kagome was shocked; the shikon's ability to do something as godlike as merging and connecting souls, she shivered at the thought of Naraku using the jewel for such a purpose. Could he had found a way to use it to take more of a person soul? There very essence? She felt cold at the thought.

"But child, you must know that the jewel is only one powerful artifact out there, much like the Shikon jewel and the blades of Inu no Tashio."

"They all hold great power if they fall into the wrong hands."

The warrior miko held out her hands and a small orb showed images, which varied from swords, daggers to rings; and finally to one sealed scroll. It was bound by many paper seals with a red wax seal stamped onto the middle, further sealing the two pieces together. It looked to be the size of her arm and no doubt must have carried some weight to it as well.

"This is what you must find, the Akuma no gēto scroll"

"It allows the person who reads the incantation to enter hells domain and access the powers that lie there" closing her hands the small orb disappeared with it.

"I was entrusted with this duty during my lifetime as was my predecessor, no one had been able to destroy the scroll till now" she came face to face with the young miko. A serious look accompanied her soft voice.

"In three years' time the magic that brought you here will allow you to travel back, you must find the scroll and destroy it then"

Kagome eyes widened, stammering out a reply best she could.

"M-me, why not have Kikyo travel and destroy the scroll", in disbelief that the shikon mistress would ask her to accomplish such an important task. She had barely been able to defeat and kill the half demon Naraku.

"Kagome, did you not put yourself in charge of searching for the Jewell when you shattered it." The miko sternly spoke.

She flinched remembering when it happen but nodded yes.

"That in its self-shows how much you place honor and duty above all, others would have simply left it as that"

Kagome nodded and spoke briefly, her voice solid. "I couldn't have left it as that Midoriko-sama, I couldn't have left such temptation anywhere". Her blue eyes glowed vividly, Midoriko wondered if the small women-child knew how much power she had.

"I had to gather the shards no matter what, besides, I meet so many people whose lives were ruined by those who seek the jewel" she clenched her hands gripping the torn and roughed cloth of her skirt.

She thought of the women Taijiya who became her closest friend and sister; the monk who though had lecherous moments was like a brother, always willing to listen to her. The little fox Shippo who she quickly saw as a son, and the half demon who was her best friend, and her first love.

They all had lost so much in the last few years, and she had to fight with as much feeling as they did.

Midoriko looked at the young woman; her aura was giving off a comforting sort of hum and caress. She had to wonder if Kagome understood just how much of her own power was channeled and raw. She had no doubt in her decision Midorko spoke one last time.

"Kagome, Miko of the Sikion, your duty when it comes In three years' time is to return to this land and find the Akuma no gēto scroll and destroy it" motioning to the girl to come closer to her the other miko raised her hand.

"Hold out your hand Kagome and have no fear"

Kagome did as she was told, and as she raised a hand towards Miorkio soon she felt the skin around her wrist become warm. A thin metal bracelet appeared with a small bell chained in the middle. Curious, she moved her wrist and made the discovery that the bell made no sound from the movement.

Her curiosity was peaked at that, but Midoriko had already vanished from her sight and Kagome was left wondering why she was given the gift. Soon her vision was blinded and she found herself back in the same expanse that the battle had been in, but this time the field was clear of gore. Instead, flowers now bloomed wildly all over; colors of vibrant blues, purples and yellows grew everywhere.

~Present time at the moment~

Now she had returned to the past era to accomplish what was surely going to be a hard task to do, but Kagome only wished to meet the family of friends she left behind. Walking the worn path of parted grass and forest growth she was left wondering to how much everyone had changed. Kagome's heart gave a small flutter; would they be happy to see her? Did Sango and Miroku have a brood of children that they wanted were they finally happy? What about her little kitsune, the one she loved dearly like her own son, her heart nearly bursting at the thought of seeing him again.

Finally, she thought of Inuyasha and of Kikyo, her feet stopped moving at the thought of how sad fate was. She had thought that her love for Inuyasha ran true both ways but it did not. Therefore, when she found enough courage to tell him that it was too late, Kikyo was alive again. Inuyasha didn't care for her anymore; she was called wrench and idiot once more. She remembered crying on Sango's lap that night for the first love she had to realize didn't love her at all. She had dreams of being his wife, thought he had the same feelings as well, just hoping that at any moment he would realize, and maybe say he loved her as well.

So she moved on, trying to let her heart heal. She tried not to let it hurt when she saw Kikyo kiss Inuyasha, she knew the other miko would do it purposely. Kagome's eyes would always meet her brown eyes, swimming in glee as if to say look what I have that you don't, fake.

She had only told the group that she would be allowed to return in three years to assume a quest that Midoriko had presented her. They all had been happy to hear that they would be able to see their dear friend again. However, it was bittersweet moment when she did finally have to pass through the well and return home to her original time. She cried for the family of friends and son she had to leave behind.

"Stop it Kagome, get your head together, you're not some sniveling 15 year old girl anymore" the blue eyed miko shook her head to rid herself of any doubt. She was indeed restless having been gone for so long.

Looking up she saw that she had reached her destination; the small hut had grew some sporting a new addition that was off to the side, no doubt for the new couple. Kagome heart gave a small stutter at the thought of Kikyo and Inuyasha perhaps having children, and the reason for the growing home.

'Keep moving and stop pinning, come on your better than this!' Kagome ignored the feeling in her heart and carefully step down from the hilly path and into the small doorway.

Two children played in a large garden with an abundance of flowers and large koi pond and walls surrounded them. However, these children seemed to be trying for an escape attempt of some kind. They were trying to climb over the tall walls that surround the compound. A closer look gave way to a young human girl about 10 years old. She wore a colored kimono with flowers embroidered along the selves. The beautiful silk had stains showing the amount of activity that the girl had obviously done that day; smudges of girt and green grass on the edges. She was pushing a boy who though was just a hair shorter than the girl and looked the same age, but his sharp pointed ears and tail were a given to his true lineage. He wore expensive clothing as well like the girl, his haiori was designed with a pattern of leaves on the selves the soft red color stood from the dark green silk.

"Shippo- chan hurry, you're heavy," the girl cried out.

"Don't worry Rin I almost got it" the reply he gave was heard though and a voice interrupted the two causing them to become startled and both toppled over.

"Now I do believe you young kits have been up to some trouble" a musical voice teasingly spoke.

In the mad scramble to detached themselves and attempt to cover up what they were, trying to do only created more of a mess. Rin and Shippo both found themselves covered in grass stains and dirt on their kimonos and Haori silks.

"Miss Ami!" the children quickly looked at each other and knowing they were in trouble. They quickly tried to cover up the truth.

"We only wanted to see the garden from up top, honestly"

"We were just trying to reach the Fruit trees" both of them answered in tandem.

They looked at each other sputtering trying to come up with something else to say. They were both undoutbly caught now.

"Well now that seems to be quite a difference in opinion in what you were trying to do" the person who asked the question was soft spoken. They did not have any sort of anger in their tone just humor at the children's actions on trying to scale over the wall.

"I had though that when the flowers in this side of the garden were upset over being pushed that they were being moody." Soft laughter followed.

" It seems though they had a right to be upset, now why don't you two help me with this side of the garden and I'll listen to what you have to say hmm" a soft fluttering and the women started to walk away. Shippo and Rin both red faced and shamed looked around them, and indeed, they had managed to trample a lot of the plants and flowers that had been arranged in the little beds.

"Yes ma'am, were sorry that we hurt the flowers" Rin solemnly bowed

"We won't do it again I promise" Shippo too bowed.

The women the children called Ami smiled at the two, knowing why they attempted to make an escape lead the way to the garden beds waiting till they caught up. She heard the plants and earth as they spoke to her with the gift she had been born with and smiled when they replied to her.

"Hello is anyone here." Hoping that her voice didn't betray exactly how nervous she was in returning, Kagome called out once more. There wasn't any reply, stepping forward once more into the homes interior a second later an old women pushed through an open entry that looked to be leading to a kitchen area.

"Hello miss, how can this one help you" an older woman who looked to be set in a small hunched form gave a warm smile that was accented with deep lines around her forehead and mouth.

Kagome was a bit set aback from seeing the stranger here 'where was Kaede.

She was curious of this woman, but seeing she had other more pressing matter at hand asked questions instead. Kagome asked the women if this was Inuyasha and Kikyo home, the old women who introduced herself as a servant named Noriko said it indeed was. Her mistress would be returning shortly having gone into the forest to gather more herbs for healing and drying. The last winter had been hard for the people.

Kagome begin to wonder more about the change in how Kikyo and Inuyash lived. Kikyo as a mistress, the size of the home was by no means a palace but the size meant money came from somewhere? Kagome asked if she could wait for them to arrive back home, explaining she was an old acquaintance seeking them. The old women let her be and asking if she cared for some tea and Kagome politely accepted the offer, warm cup in hand, she prayed that she could take some sort of comfort from the warm beverage.

One-half empty pot of herb tea and very full bladder Kagome's wait was finally over when the door entry shadowed by a man's figure. There standing was the half demon she had met when she was just 15. He had changed of course from the last time she had seen him. So too had the women next to him, Kikyo was dressed in simple colors of green and white but she looked as elegant as ever. The time had finally happened and there was no more to do than to face her fears.

"Hello Inuyasha, Hello Kikyo"

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