There isn't enough Malice fanfiction on here, so I'm adding one. At the time of writing, there are 8.

This will probably stay as an oneshot. I might continue it later, after I think up some more ideas.

This is short. I was half asleep, rereading the books, and wondered what would've happened if they lost the final battle with Tall Jake.

"I summon a dragon of cloud and lightning!" Tall Jake yelled. An enormous dragon that dwarfed even the Shard himself had formed from the clouds overhead. It crackled with electricity, and when it roared, it was like hundreds of thunderstorms thundering simultaneously.

Worst of all, Tall Jake looked like he had used absolutely no energy at all to summon the beast. Even the Shard looked like he was afraid, but he bravely stood his ground against the monstrous dragon about 20 times the size of him.

The two dragons stared down each other for what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was only a few seconds, and the Shard made his move. He flew towards the dragons with claws outstretched, but the dragon moved as fast as the lightning it was composed of and caught the Shard between two claws. The dragon opened its mouth and twin forks of lightning shot out, frying the Shard easily.

"Oh no..." Kady said quietly, gasping as she saw the fried remains of what was once the Shard fall out of from between the dragon's claws.

The Queen of Cats howled with rage that another one of them had been destroyed, and leapt at Tall Jake, but she was no match for his dark magic.

The Lack put up a better fight, but in the end, she went down as well.

The remaining warriors were all collectively thinking the same thing—there was no hope left for them now.