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I thought I'd do a 'Minutes in Heaven' since all the ones I've read so far weren't very good. The pairings go with my Ouran One-Shots. Some being paired up in this, like Lee, Ren, and Eiri. They will soon have One-Shots of their own. Please note that Ren, Seiji, Nagi, Eiri, Kira, Yuri, Lee, and Ichigo are all my Original Characters. They are mine, so do not steal them. I hope you all like this little slice of 'My kind of Heaven'. -.-. Lol. I just love them so much.


Haruhi and Ren: Fifteen Minutes.

For Honey's birthday party, all of his friends are invited over to his place for a sleepover. When the birthday boy was asked what game he wanted to play first, his pick was 'Minutes in Heaven'. Tamaki agreed right away since it was a Commoner's game and had Kira joining in. Thus, everyone joined and the game began by eight of them placing a flower into Honey's bunny hat.

"Ren-chan, you go first." Honey said, pushing the pink hat in front of her face.


Sticking her hand inside, Ren felt around until she was satisfied. She then pulled out a peach blossom.

"That's my flower." Haruhi stated, standing up.

The two smiled at each other before going into Honey's chosen closet.

"Fifteen minutes Ren-chan, Haru-chan!" Honey shouted from the other side of the door.

"What do you want to do for fifteen minutes Haruhi?" Ren ask her best friend.

"Doesn't this game imply that we at least kiss?" Haruhi asked.

Ren blushed, thinking for once that she was glad that it was dark in this closet.

"Um, but Haruhi we don't have to. I mean, the others won't know what we do in here. This closet was chosen by Honey because it's sound proof. So don't worry. We can just sit and talk for our fifteen minutes." Ren explained, thought she very much wanted to do more then just talk.


Haruhi trailed off as she felt around for her friend's hand. Ren jumped a little in surprise when Haruhi's fingers brushed hers, before intertwining.

"Haruhi..." Ren whispered.

She could fell Haruhi's warm breath against her lips, causing her face to grow hot.

"We have thirteen more minutes Ren-chan and I don't want to spend them talking." Haruhi stated, right before her lips closed over Ren's.

Ren gasped in surprise and Haruhi took that moment to deepen the kiss. Of course Haruhi was taking a huge risk in this. Ren never actually showed any sign of wanting to be more then friends, but Haruhi wanted so much for her to. Haruhi never thought of falling in love with her best friend, let alone a girl, but she did.

Pulling away for air, Haruhi leaned back. Ren didn't kiss back one bit and it stung Haruhi into thinking that their friendship could be over. She wouldn't be able to stay just friends with someone she loved so much.

"Oh Haruhi!"

Ren jumped Haruhi, causing the girls to fall backwards to the carpeted floor. She then attacked Haruhi's lips fiercely with her own. Ren ran her fingers through Hauhi's brown hair as Haruhi's arms went around Ren's waist.

With a last peck, Ren removed her lips, but stayed in Haruhi's arms.

"I-I thought that you didn't feel the same way Haruhi. I was too scared to make a move that...I'm just so happy that you do." Ren stated, nuzzling her face in the crook of Haruhi's neck.

"When you didn't kiss back, I thought I ruined our friendship for a second there." Haruhi said truthfully.

Ren giggled.

"Silly. I was too surprised to really do anything. I love you Haruhi." Ren whispered in her ear.

Haruhi smiled.

"I love you too Ren."

Both leaned in at the same time to kiss just as the door opened to reveal the birthday boy.

"Haru-chan and Ren-chan are together now! Yay!" Honey shouted with a face splitting grin covering his face.

With their faces red, Haruhi and Ren exited the closet, hand in hand. They sat down next to one another and waited for the next pair to go.