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I thought I'd do a 'Minutes in Heaven' since all the ones I've read so far weren't very good. The pairings go with my Ouran One-Shots. Some being paired up in this, like Lee, Ren, and Eiri. They will soon have One-Shots of their own. Please note that Ren, Seiji, Nagi, Eiri, Kira, Yuri, Lee, and Ichigo are all my Original Characters. They are mine, so do not steal them. I hope you all like this little slice of 'My kind of Heaven'. -.-. Lol. I just love them so much.


Mitsukuni and Ichigo: Twenty-Five Minutes.

"Seeing as Mitsu-kun is passed out sleeping, I guess we should all just get to bed." Ichigo said, standing up with Honey in his arms.

"No...I want to play Ichi-chan." Honey murmured, clutching the front of Ichigo's shirt as he struggled to keep his eyes open.

Ichigo sighed, smiling down at Honey.

"Alright, but then we're going to bed." Ichigo stated, sticking his hand in the hat for fun.

He knew only one flower was left. Pulling out the sweet pea that was Honey's flower, Ichigo walked into the closet with Honey. Eiri went over to shut the door.

"Twenty-five minutes." He said, closing the door softly.

Ichigo went over to the far wall and slid down. He held onto Honey as the darkness swept over them.

"Ichi-chan, when are you going to kiss me?" Honey asked, sleep coating his voice.

Ichigo nuzzled Honey's cheek, before bringing him into a slow, lazy kiss. Drawing it out, Ichigo ran one hand up and down Honey's side, stopping only to rest on his thigh.

Honey sighed into the kiss as he opened his mouth for Ichigo. As their tongues brushed, Honey became more awake and sat up from his sideways position in Ichigo's lap. Straddling Ichigo, Honey ran his finger's through Ichgio's dark locks. Ichigo's other hand that rested on Honey's back, slipped under Honey's shirt. The touch of Ichigo's cool hand on Honey's warmed skin caused Honey to gasp.

Ichigo nipped Honey's bottom lip playfully, before sucking on it. This had Honey moan softly as warmth spread through his lower stomach.

"Ichigo, I love you." Honey whispered against Ichigo's lips.

Ichgio pecked Honey.

"I love you too, Mitsukuni." Ichigo said, resting his head on top of Honey's.

Honey looped his arms underneath Ichigo's to wrap around him. Honey then placed a kiss on Ichigo's jaw, trailing down his neck, before going back up to his mouth.

"Ichi-chan, did I ever tell you that you taste like strawberries?" Honey asked.

Ichigo's hands stopped their actions as he leaned away from Honey.

"Strawberries?" Ichigo questioned.

Honey nodded.

"Yeah. You taste just like strawberries-"

A squeal of laughter escaped Honey as Ichigo attacked him with a series of playful kisses.

"Are. You. Serious?" Ichigo asked in between kisses.

Honey giggled, his legs hooking around Ichigo's waist.

"Well then, I guess it's time for your dessert, Mitsu-kun." Ichigo whispered, his voice lust-filled.

He then dipped his head and took Honey's mouth with his own. Not give Honey any time to responded, Ichigo moved his hands back to cup Honey's bottom, giving it a squeeze.

Honey gasped in surprise at Ichigo's new behavior. He's never been this wild before. Honey liked it.

"Honey-sempai! Ichigo-sempai!"

It was Haruhi who opened the door this time. She stood at the entrance, blocking the couple from the others. Ichigo chuckled when Honey blushed, turning to look at Haruhi.

"Um...Haru-chan, could you shut the door?" Honey asked quietly.

She nodded, shutting the door. Haruhi walked over to Ren, dazed.

"What Haruhi? We're they, you know?" Ren whispered, pulling her girlfriend down to sit.

"No, they weren't." Haruhi said.

"Then what?" Ren question, looking up when Ichigo and Honey walked out of the closet together.

"Nothing. It just gave me an idea for later." Haruhi said, making Ren blush madly.