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Ethan woke up, head pounding, the whole lower half of his body sore and shaky. What the hell happened last night? He thought, sitting up slowly in bed. He saw he was only wearing his boxers, which really confused him even more. I usually sleep with a shirt on at least. He tried to sit up more but felt everything in his body shift, causing him to gasp out in pain and clutch his sides.

"What the hell happened last night?" he whispered, falling back against his pillow. He closed his eyes, trying to recall any memories he could of the night before, starting with what he could remember.

[Yes, these are Ethan's memories, but they're still in third person POV. Just felt like it moved better that way to me]

"Benny, there's so many people! How could we let Rory throw a party at my house?" Ethan had complained to his taller half, who just shrugged, took a sip of his fruit punch, made a face, shrugged, and took a bigger sip.

"I think someone spiked your punch," he said, holding the cup out to the shorter boy. "Take a sip and tell me what you think."

"Benny! I am not drinking that, and you shouldn't either!"

"Come on E! It's a party and we are high school students. One night of trying to be normal won't kill us will it?"

"I….I guess not," Ethan said, taking the cup and sipping it, grimacing at the bitter taste. "Yeah, that's spiked."

"Awesome," Benny said, downing the cup in one big gulp.


"What? Come on E, live a little. What's gonna happen? Now, I'm gonna go get me more and get you a cup. Be right back," Benny said, weaving through the crowd of people towards the kitchen. Ethan stood there, internally freaking out when he saw Sarah walk pass him.

"Sarah! Someone spiked the punch and Benny's making me drink, so please keep an eye on everything for me?" he pleaded desperately, holding onto the young vampire's arm, who smiled reassuringly.

"Sure Ethan. No problem. Just don't drink too much."

"I won't. Thank you Sarah."

"Ethan, I'm back! Quit flirting with Sarah and drink up," Benny said, thrusting the cup into Ethan's hands. Ethan shakily nodded and watched as Benny downed half his drink quickly.

"Benny, you should slow down on the drinks."

"Nah E, its fine. Like I said, what's gonna happen?" Ethan nodded and began drinking his drink, slowly at first, each sip getting a little braver.

Soon enough, the drinks began taking effect.

Benny and Ethan had begun dancing, first with some obviously drunk girls, then with each other, the with the drunk girls again. Eventually, they both tired out and slugged their way over the couch, collapsing on it.

"This…this is fun," Benny had mumbled, falling over to where his head was on Ethan's shoulder. Ethan had laughed, mumbling something back before two more drinks were shoved in their hands by a random person passing by. They each drank the cup in one sip, feeling the no longer bitter liquid slide down their throats.

After that, I have bits and pieces of memories. Nothing solid though, Ethan thought, one arm slung over his eyes. Let's see…

[Now this part of Ethan's memories are in first person … kind of. Just read, you'll get it]

I remember someone pulling me to my feet, dancing with me, body pressed against me.

I remember stumbling up the stair case, holding hands with someone, laughing drunkenly as we tried not to fall. Then…

My room. My bed. The person laying me down, taking off my shirt, kissing me, kissing my chest.

"Can I?" They had asked. I remember saying yes. Then my pants are gone, and … someone's pushing their fingers into me, their warm mouth engulfing me, tongue working around me.

Then there was pain, barely there, dulled by the alcohol, but there. I remember whimpering, begging for more. Then… he was moving, shooting pleasure through my body. Yes, it was obviously a he I had sex with.

"I had sex last night," Ethan stated to himself, sitting up slowly. "I got drunk… and had sex with someone. I just don't know who."

"Mmm, love hearing you moan underneath me."

"More, please, harder, more."

"Begging now? Never thought you'd be a begger Ethan."

"Fuck me as hard as you can. Make me scream for you."

"Oh God." I remember them grabbing my hips, hard enough for bruises to form, as they attacked my chest with kisses and bites, pounding into me hard and fast.

Ethan looked down to see faint bites on his chest. He raised a shaky hand and pushed his boxers down a bit, seeing the hand shaped bruises on his hips. A faint gasp left his mouth as he began to slowly remember more.

"Touch me," Ethan had panted between kissing the unknown person.

"Anything for you," they had said, wrapping a long fingered hand around him, pumping him in time with his thrusts.

"Oh God," Ethan had moaned, wrapping his fingers in the other person's hair, pulling their mouth down for a kiss.

They shifted in me, making me scream out at the sensation.

"Found it," they had mumbled into my neck. They were smiling, I could tell.

"Again, please," I had panted, begging.

"Anything for you." That spot was hit again, making me scream their name.

"I knew their name. Who was it though? I remember getting drunk and having sex, just no idea with who.

"Baby, get dressed, you don't want to fall asleep naked do you?" the voice had mumbled when we finished. I remember barely nodding and sliding on my boxers, smiling as they helped me.

"Better?" I asked tiredly, already closing my eyes. I remember a faint chuckle and their long fingers running through my hair, soothing me.

"Yes baby, much better. At least your parents won't freak seeing you in boxers. Are you going to sleep?"


"Can I get a goodnight kiss?" I remember smiling and leaning up, kissing them gently.

"How's that?"

"Perfect. Sleep E, we'll talk tomorrow." I remember nodding, drifting off to sleep.

Wait, they called me E … could it have been … no. NO WAY IT COULD HAVE BEEN HIM.

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