Benny woke up on Ethan's couch with a blinding headache. "What the hell happened last night?" he asked himself, sitting up groggily. "I'm never drinking again," he mumbled, holding his head. His legs and arms felt achy, which was weird. He tried to remember the party, tried to think if he had done anything he shouldn't have.

[Yeah, Benny's is in his POV. Don't ask, I don't know] [Also, his recall of the party is pretty short since you all read it in the first chapter]

I remember the party, the spiked punch. I remember the dancing with the girls, then with Ethan, then with the girls again. I remember collapsing next to Ethan on the couch, someone shoving drinks in our hands. We both drank quickly, enjoying being carefree for once. I remember seeing some guy eyeing Ethan, a look I did not like.

"E, that guy, he's looking at you," I mumbled, leaning my head on his shoulder again, looking at him.

"So? People look at me all the time."

"Not like they want to fuck your brains out." I caused him to choke on his drink.



"Benny, take me to my room? I wanna lie down."

"Sure E." I remember us holding hands, dancing for a minute. I kept my body close to him, making sure that that guy that was watching him knew he was taken.

I grabbed his hand again and we stumbled up the stairs, laughing as we tried to not fall.

We got to his room, where Ethan looked at me, and … I lost control. I kissed him, pushing him towards his bed. I remember laying him down, pushing his shirt off of him.

"Can I?" I ask, reaching for his pants as I kiss his chest.

"Yes." I quickly pull his pants and boxers off, kissing his legs before licking my fingers and pushing them inside of him, placing him into my mouth as well.

Then I'm pushing into him. He's so tight, so warm, fits around me perfectly.

"More," he whimpers, looking at me with those big innocent eyes of his. I give him more, moving slowly in him, causing him to moan even more for me.

"Mmm, love hearing you moan underneath me."

"More, please, harder, more."

"Begging now? Never thought you'd be a begger Ethan."

"Fuck me as hard as you can. Make me scream for you."

"Oh God." I remember grabbing his hips, pounding into him, hard and fast, biting and kissing all along his chest.

He probably has bruises. I grabbed him pretty hard. Shit. I'm sorry Ethan, Benny thought, frowning. He leaned back into the couch and tried to remember the rest of last night.

"Touch me," he had begged and panted in between kisses.

"Anything for you," I said, wrapping my hand around him and pumping him as I pounded into him, hard and fast.

"Oh God," Ethan had moaned, wrapping his fingers in my hair, bringing me down to kiss him again.

I shifted, brushing his spot, making him scream out in pleasure.


"Found it," I mumbled, kissing his neck, smiling into the heated skin.

"Again, please," he had panted, begging again.

"Anything for you." I angled and hit that spot again, making him scream my name.


How did I get downstairs and dressed?

He had already pulled on his boxers and fallen asleep. I remember watching him sleep as I pulled on my boxers and lay next to him. I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I know is quick nimble fingers pulling my shirt and pants on me, then lifting me up and carrying me downstairs.

Long brown hair was in my face as they laid me on the couch and covered me up with a blanket.


"Don't worry Benny, I won't tell."

"Thank you…" I had mumbled, falling into dreamland again.

Sarah brought me downstairs, and promised she wouldn't tell anyone what me and Ethan did.

Should I have enjoyed that as much as I did last night? I basically raped him. Oh god, I'm a rapist, Benny thought, placing his head in his hands again. "How could I do this to him? How could I … force myself on Ethan? I mean, I would blame the alcohol, but that would be lying. I knew what I was doing. And I enjoyed it. I need to apologize." He stood up on shaky legs and made his way to Ethan's bedroom, hesitating outside the door. "I have to apologize." He knocked on Ethan's bedroom door, waiting.

Ethan had heard the knock on his door, pulling him out of his daydreams about Benny fucking him again. I can't believe I want it again, he thought, slowly getting out of bed, throwing on a shirt and stumbling to the door. He was surprised to see a ruffled looking Benny standing there, who looked surprised to see him walk.

"Yeah, I'm surprised I can walk too," Ethan said, turning and collapsing on his bed, looking at the taller boy.

"Ethan … about last night. I am so sorry I did that. I … raped you. And I'm sorry. I know you probably hate me and never wanna see me again, but I just had to apologize. I am so sorry."

"Benny. You didn't rape me. I could've pushed you off and told you no if I wanted to. But I didn't want to," Ethan said, sitting up and making room for Benny to sit next to him. "Come here," he said, opening his arms to the other boy, who hesitated. "After last night you can't come and sit next to me?" Benny nodded but came and sat next to him anyway, where Ethan wrapped his arms around him.

"Ethan, why are you so good to me? I raped you!"

"No you didn't. You had sex with me. I completely agreed to it. Remember? You asked before you took my pants off. I said yes."

"I remember."

"Then stop worrying. We didn't do anything we didn't wanna do."

"You're not … upset?"

"Nope. Opposite. I thoroughly enjoyed last night, what I can remember anyway. In fact, at first I didn't even remember it was you until I remembered you called me E before I fell asleep. Why weren't you here when I woke up though?"

"Sarah came and got me in the middle of the night, taking me to the couch."

"Sarah ?"

"Yeah, she said she wouldn't tell though."

"Thank God," Ethan said, moving so he was cuddled into Benny's side.

"Um E… what does this make us? After last night."

"What do you want us to be?"

"Um… well…"

"Because honestly, I wouldn't mind if we did that again."



"So … boyfriends?"

"Boyfriends," Ethan said, smiling and leaning up to kiss Benny, who pulled him to him and kissed him back, each smiling into the kiss.

Thank you whoever spiked the drinks.

Yeah, like I said, this was a random idea I got. I know it's probably awful, but oh well, I wanted to do it and post it, so I did!

Hope you people at least found it interesting.

Also, I don't like underage drinking, or drinking at all. I think it's pretty stupid, but for the story I used it. As for sex… if you're in love, that's really up to you isn't it?

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