This is a question that I've asked myself since the beginning of Season Two. How did Rufus Zeno die?

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"Finally, eternity is mine!"

Rufus Zeno woke up in his van a month after that wonderful moment and sighed. Remembering that night always kept him relaxed. No more foolish children to trick into doing his bidding; his bidding had already been done. For the first time in a long time, he felt free.

Life had generally been simple for this man in black.

But today seemed different than usual. He suddenly felt weaker than he had before. He looked down at his hands, which were shaking. A greyish tint surrounded them as they began to wither like a dying plant before his very eyes. "No,no,no." Zeno pleaded to himself.

Frantically, he tilted his rear-view mirror to see a now taut face with bleached, wispy hair.

This was not good.

He fumbled for his keys and turned on the engine. Reversing out of the parking spot in the desolate gas station, Rufus sped away from the area as if the station was cursed and the further he got away, the less he would age.

'This isn't supposed to be happening.' Rufus thought desperately, 'Eternity is mine, mine, mine!'

He shut his eyes against the truth, wishing, hoping, and praying that this was just a dream. A blaring noise forced his blue-grey eyes open so he could see he was face to face with an 18-wheeler. He glimpsed the driver; a terrified look that mirrored his feelings.

As the small van and the lorry collided, Rufus Zeno was surrounded by the brightest light he had ever seen. It was blinding. He found himself walking down a tunnel, his feet dragging him where he did not want to go. He reached up to his head and found that it was cold. Dripping red blood oozed down the side of his head and fell on his jacket and onto the floor, leaving a trail.

The bright light ended at the end of the tunnel and into darkness. He could glimpse flames and could hear demons screaming with laughter at the suffering souls down below.


He knew that once he reached the end of the tunnel, it was over.

He would burn eternally. Forever.

"Finally, eternity is mine!" He suddenly thought.

An image of a girl appeared above him. Nina, he vaguely remembered.

She sneered as he got dragged closer and closer to the darkness and flames. "Eternity, eh? Well, isn't that what you wanted."

"Not this kind!" he screamed into nothing, "I wanted to LIVE forever!"

But it was already too late.