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Chapter 337 – Bubble Baths and Beyond

"I love bubble baths with you," Edward whispered in my ear as we soaked in the tub.

I smiled. "You just love baths. I'm your excuse to have them."

Edward laughed. "I do love baths. But the naked girl on my lap makes them a hell of a lot better."

I kissed his lips. "I love you, baby."

"Good. I love you." He winked at me. "And I'm freaking exhausted."

"Oh, I finally wore you out for a change, huh?"

Edward and I had gone to our bedroom and ended up making love. Twice. The first time, crazy and fast and needy. The second time, Edward built things up slowly, and we watched ourselves in the mirror. And it had been incredible.

He smiled. "You did wear me out. You and that Brazilian." I giggled and Edward ran his fingers over me, again. Dallas was right, Edward couldn't keep his hands off of me. "I really love it, Bella."

"What are you going to do when I get my period?"

He chuckled. "My three days of restraint and torture?"

I pinched his thigh. "Oh, like I don't take amazing care of you," I said, smiling.

"I know. I'm teasing, my girl." He kissed my cheek. "Okay. Let's go to bed."

I laughed. "Okay, sleepyhead."

I stepped out of the bath and made a show out of drying off. Edward had the biggest smile on his face. Adorable.

"I'm not tired anymore," he said, wrapping a towel around his waist as he followed me to our bedroom.

I laughed. "Good. You can rub my feet while I study," I said, winking at him. He laughed as I pulled on one of my touristy t-shirts, the peach one, from Georgia. I reached for a pair of panties.

"No," Edward said, and then laughed in embarrassment. "I mean, do you want me to put your lotion on for you?"

I giggled. "You may put the soothing lotion on, but only if you can be a good boy and behave yourself."

Edward laughed. "No promises," he said, dropping his towel.

I giggled, always impressed, but always shy. "I trust you."

Edward smiled sweetly and walked over to wrap his arms around me. "I know I seem kind of silly sometimes, kind of like I always have sex on the brain, but Bella, I, it's more than sex. You know that, right? You're everything."

I smiled and kissed his lips. "I know." I reached down and squeezed his bum cheek. "But, I love when you're silly, too."

"Mm. Bella, I'm trying to behave."

I looked down between us and laughed. My fiancé was turned on. Again. Edward laughed with me and leaned in to press his lips to mine. "Stop laughing at me," he teased, winking at me.

"I can't help it. I just love you."

Edward leaned down and scooped me up, bridal style, carrying me to the bed. "I love you, too." He grabbed my lotion and pulled my t-shirt up to my waist.

I hummed as he applied the lotion to my still sensitive skin. "That feels good," I said, smiling.

Edward's eyes moved up to meet mine and he smiled. "You've been saying that a lot, tonight."

I giggled. "Don't get so cocky."

Edward laughed and leaned in to kiss my hip, before pulling my shirt back down. "I can't help it around you." He grabbed a bottle of mint foot cream from the night stand, where I kept all my lotions and potions. "Get your stuff to study, and I'll rub your feet for you."

I smiled. "A naked foot rub?"

"A naked foot rub."

I hopped out of bed and ran to get my notebook from the dining room table.

"That was fast," Edward said, smiling at me as I ran back into the bedroom.

"Well, I was motivated."

Edward smiled and patted the bed. "Come on in."

And, so, I spent the next half hour, reading over my notes for my English exam. It was a challenge to focus, though. Edward was digging his fingers in nice and deep, working lots of moans and groans out of me.

At eleven, I started to nod off while I was reading. "Okay, time for bed," Edward said, pulling my book from my hands.

I laughed. "You take such good care of me," I said, smiling.

"You're my girl," he said, climbing under the covers. I slipped the covers over my legs and snuggled up to his bare body, basking in the kisses he was pressing all over my face. "Are you excited for your burlesque class tomorrow?"

I giggled, and felt myself blushing at the thought. "I am."

"Are you going to show me what you learn?" he asked, dipping his fingers under my nightshirt and softly caressing my bare bum.

"Hmm. I might be too embarrassed, so no."

Edward laughed, pulling me closer and squeezing my bum cheek. "I really hope you're teasing."

"I am. Be prepared to be entertained."

Wednesday, November 3

"A morning bike ride?" I asked with a smile on my face.

Edward had driven me to school in the morning, for my eight o'clock class. We got home at about quarter after nine in the morning, and it was so nice outside, unseasonably warm, that Edward had suggested we get out of the apartment.

The girls weren't coming over until one o'clock, to meet up before our burlesque class, so Edward and I had lots of time to enjoy each other before I had to go.

"Well, I'll jog, you ride," he said, taking my bike out of the hallway closet.

"I can't believe your bike is still in Forks," I said, tugging off my skinny jeans, right there in the hall. "We seriously need to remember to bring it home with us this weekend."

Edward laughed as he walked over to help me undress from my school clothes. "I kind of like jogging beside you, instead."

I smiled as my bra fell to the floor. "You don't like riding?"

Edward raised his eyebrow and we both laughed. "You, yes, my bike, not as much. It's a little squishy, if you get my drift."

I covered my mouth and giggled. "TMI."

Edward pulled my hand from my face and leaned in to kiss my lips. "You asked."

"I still don't know how you boys walk around with those things," I said, sliding his grey thermal shirt over his head.

"You love it." He squished his face to my cheek and I laughed.

"I know. I just have to give you kudos for living with it all the time."

Edward chuckled and kissed my cheek. "We've had some good times, me and my," he chuckled, "thing."

I snorted and kept laughing. "I'll just bet you have."

"Well, we got acquainted long before I met you."

"I'm getting the whole history, now, am I?"

Edward smiled and pulled back a little to meet my eyes. "There's not a lot to it. My hand knows him the best."

I dropped my head on Edward shoulder and laughed. I guess engaged couples had weird conversations. But, as silly as it was, I loved it. I loved this. I loved Edward. He was crazy and fun and everything he did was to make me smile. I wouldn't change a thing about him, or our relationship.