One year ago…

Colorado, USA

Cecilia's Pov

I didn't stop running till I got to the private beach. I sat on the sand the cool water lapping over my feet arms wrapped around my body shaking due to the cold as tears streamed down my face.

I didn't know how long I was there too, till I felt someone sit down beside me. I leaned my head against her shoulder. "What happened?" Chelsea Newton, one of my best friend's asks.

"He cheated on me" I spat out. "With her of all people"

Chelsea turned my face towards hers. "There are four things that make a relationship work-trust, honesty, respect and love, without even the one then that relationship will not work, and that boy he cheated on you, now you forget about that jack-ass he does not deserve you girl your special and you deserve to have a boy who will treat you the right way "

"I'm not special"

"Yes you are and it's sad that you can't see that" Starr, our other best friend is here now.

I smile at both of them. "I think that for now I'll just lay off boys, I need to be single, I need to be concentrating on me for once in my life"

"Let's make a pact" Starr puts her hand in first. With a grin Chelsea puts her hand on top of Starr's then me on top of Chelsea's. "Here's to being single and staying single" We raised our hands in the air.

Jackson, USA

Dylan's Pov

The girl straddled my lap putting the joint in-between my lips, I took a hit. She threw her head back when she took it inhaling it deeply; she was good I had to admire that. "Dylan man" Nick Stellar, my only real friend here, everyone else was fake. "Should you really be here?"

"Come on what are the chances that the cops are going to bust this party?"

"Speak of the devil, the devil appears" The girl on my lap say's taking another drag.

"Exactly" Nick points to her. "It would be your last warning"

"Actually" I corrected him. "I get caught its over"

"So don't you think you should be playing it safe?"

I shook my head. "Playing it safe gives me hives"

I didn't get to see Nick's reply as the girl smashed her lips onto mine. She was a good kisser. What the hell couldn't she do? I grabbed her hand and pulled her up moving towards the stairs when I saw the blue lights. "Cops!" Somebody shouted, everybody was already running for the door.

I bolted. I scaled the fence landing on my hands and knees, I dragged myself up and carried on sprinting. "Hey" The cop bellowed. "Stop right there" He was close behind me, I picked up my pace then heard a car screeching I wasn't looking where I was going and had run straight onto the main road. As this sunk in I stood there, too long as the cop took advantage pushing me to the ground and strapped the handcuffs on. I cursed.

The chapters will be longer and each chapter will switch POVs its only because this is the prologue that it is the way it is.