"I want to say grace" Junior announces when we all sit down at the table, I gape at him "Since when?"

He looks at me then Alicia. "Because I do"

"For gods sake" Alicia complains.

"Alicia" Luis snapped. "Don't be disrespectful"

Alicia rolls her eyes to the ceiling.

I asked her why she was staying with Luis and Nikki she told me that after what happened with Tony and Alex she stormed out her fathers house and went to stay with Luis because she knew he wouldn't say anything.

It was not surprising. Alicia threatened to leave home more times than I could count and did. It's not like she hated living there, it's just things got too much for her and with her temper it better if she left instead of fighting with Alex which wouldn't end well considering how good fighters they both were.

We did, say grace except me, Dylan and Alicia couldn't stop giggling, clearly Dylan had never done it before. It was funny and we just got glares from dad and Luis. It was not like we were a religious family.

It was halfway through the dinner when I realise what Juniors plan is.

In my room I told them about the guy I saw. Junior was the one that played it on the safe side. "At least one of the guilty know you shouldn't win" That was Junior.

And now the guy had approached us, well me, Junior said that I should break up with Dylan.

But now I know what he's doing, why shouldn't I let him? The original plan was to get Dylan back to where he belonged, home. Then we started dating for reals and the plan fell behind.

But we shouldn't have let it.

"So Dylan" Junior waves his fork in the air. "I looked around Fairfield today, quite a few hot chicks, which one you banging?"

Dylan who had been taking a drink choked, lemonade spraying across the table. Jessica looked revolted at Dylan while Luis smacks Junior around the head. "Don't say things like that with the kids around"

"Sorry. So Dylan?"

"Junior" Luis warns.

"What I just want an answer?"

"No I haven't" Dylan tells him cleaning the table up with napkins; fortunately it didn't go over anybody's dinner.

"Are you serious? Dude its like hottie central-"

"Junior I told you to stop talking about it" Luis interrupted him but he was determined to carry on.

"-there has to be one, you cant resist unless your like a-"

"That's it" Dad threw his fork and knife on the plate. "Junior go upstairs now"

"What? I haven't finished my dinner"

"I don't care I don't want you at my table"

"Junior don't make me drag you. Now do what your uncle says! You've been downright rude and Dylan doesn't deserve to get them sort of questions thrown at him" Nikki snaps at Junior with a hard gaze that can scare pretty much anyone.

Junior stands up without a word and pounds up the stairs.

Alicia has her hand pressed up against her mouth and I know she is trying hard not to laugh. Izzy has finally caught on that Junior was being mean to Dylan as she gets up and gives him a hug. "Sorry for LJ Dylan"

"It's okay Iz" He hugs her back.

I sit back in my seat knowing why dad stopped him because of Maddy. I fight the urge to run the hell away from here and finish my dinner as the atmosphere relaxes.

I go to see Junior once I've finished washing up being as it's my turn. He's gone to my room surprise surprise except when I get up there someone is already in there with him. I creep closer to the door and listen out, well it is my room.

"I wasn't supposed to know" I heard Junior say.

I heard Nikki laughing sarcastically "Oh you are so dead when we get home young man. I specifically told you because I know what comes out of your mouth and you still went ahead and did it. He's been having a hard time and Carlos said that him being here has really helped him, that he's much better from when he first came. So you can stay up here and you will leave Dylan alone"

I hide when Nikki comes out the room and I don't know how Junior could tell I was there.

"You heard right? That's what you need to do Cecilia leave Dylan alone"

"I love him" I sank on my bed.

"So? I haven't been in love, you been in it twice so you know how it feels. You know that them getting hurt over you is not worth it"

"I would be hurting him anyway" I looked down at my fingers.

"Grow up Cecilia. Their do worst and you know it"

I knew it.

I went into the bathroom and broke down.