The Emperor rushed to his wife who was in labor. He arrived in time to see the baby being delivered. The nurse wrapped the newborn and handed it to the emperor. As the baby wailed, the Emperor stepped outside the balcony and showed the baby his empire. "Soon my son, you will rule this world."

Many years passed and the prince was a soon a full grown man. He put on his suit and adjusted his tie. He went out his mansion and got into his car and the prince's driver drove him to his father's palace. As they passed the towns the citizens stopped what they were doing and got to their knees and chanted his name. Finally, they arrived at the palace and the maid opened the door for him. Tsukasa Kadoya adjusted his tie again as he went up the stairs to his father's home. As he stepped in the hall, his father was sparring with one of the humanoids. He was using the Decade Driver, the sign of the Emperor. Tsukasa had always wanted to transform with the driver but his mother had told him no. His father finally looked at Tsukasa's way. "Just a minute son I just need to finish this off," he said, blocking its attack. He kicked it with a force to the stomach that it cracked its armor; making it fall back. Swiftly opening the Decade Book, he took out card and inserted it into the driver.

Final Attack Ride: Decade

Large golden giant hologram cards slammed the humanoid to the wall, paralyzing it. Tsukasa watched his father leaped through the cards and executing the Dimension Kick, hitting the humanoid. After being hit by the attack it hissed out steam from its body and stood there motionless. Tsukasa clapped his hands and walked towards his father as the maids carted the humanoid away. "Aren't you getting a bit old sparring with humanoids father?"

His father canceled the transformation by taking out his Kamen Ride card. It had a picture of magenta armored warrior on it. "Please, I'm only 40," he said. "By the way isn't your eighteenth birthday coming up soon?"

"So you did remember. And I'm guessing you remember my inheritance?"

"Of course the inheritance is very important. But you have to prove that you are worthy of being an Emperor by handling Decade's power. Without the power of Decade people will not recognize you as the Emperor." He wiped his sweat on the towel and threw it on the chair. "Come here I want to show you something." Walking down the hallway, they passed many rooms. Some of them were 'punishment rooms' for people who disobeyed them. Tsukasa remembered playing in the hallways with his friends when his mother scolded him not to play in these hallways. She said it was dangerous and it wasn't for a boy to be playing in. Tsukasa then stopped and looked at a vase. He picked it up and remembered that the vase was broken years ago when he was a kid. He had accidentally bumped into it and it dropped to the floor shattering into pieces. "Father, did you get another vase?"

His father turned around and looked at what Tsukasa was holding. "Ah yes, I brought that one from my friend. There are only two of those vases left in the world now because of what you did." He continued to walk down the halls. "Come along now I still have to show you something." Tsukasa put the vase down and followed his father. They stopped at a door that had a mark of Decade. His father cut his finger and carefully placed the drop of blood on the handle. The door automatically opened. They both went into the room, with Tsukasa intrigued.