Tsukasa stepped out of the portal and entered Ryuki's world. He looked around and saw that people were staring at him then they screamed and ran away. "Note to self: Never open a portal in front of people." All the people ran away except for one. The man took out his camera and took pictures of him.

"This will definitely get me on the front page," he said.

"Tsukasa slapped the camera out of his hand and crushed it. "Sorry but no one can see this." He picked up his stuff and walked away until the man turned him around and punched him in the face. Tsukasa was shocked that the man had did that to him.

"You can't just destroy someone's camera like that! Pay me back!"

"Are you kidding me?" He held his laugh in it was a long time since anyone had talked back to him. The last person who talked back to him was executed. But that was back in his world; it was different now. So he did the only thing he could do: run.

The man chased after him but Tsukasa was fast. He jumped in a dumpster and closed the lid to look around. The man was still running straight and Tsukasa smiled. Once the coast was clear he got out of the dumpster and dusted himself.

He took out his laptop from the suitcase and click on Ryuki. It read: In this world there are 13 riders who fight each other which was known as the Rider War. It began when Shiro Kanzaki created the rider decks in order to extend his sister's life. When he realizes the pointless of the rider war he uses his time manipulation powers to change history so that Yui remained dead which negated the mirror world and the deaths caused by it. Ten years later the mirror world is created once more by a man who calls himself Kamen Rider Abyss. His true identity is Kamata, a middle-age man who is a scientist who also discovers a world behind the mirrors. His motives are unknown as why he created the mirror world. However, mirror monsters have reappeared and have been taking humans into the mirror world for food. There are no riders in this world to stop them.

"No one to stop them except for me," Tsukasa said. He closed the laptop and looked for his bike. "Oh shit! I left it back in Agito's world." Just as soon as he said that a bright light came from behind him and he turned around and saw his motorcycle. He smiled and got on the bike. He thought about the mirror world and muttered, "How am I suppose to enter mirror world in the first place?"

He looked at his laptop again and looked at the former Kamen Riders. He saw the picture of the man whose camera he had crushed. "Impossible.." He clicked on the picture. Shinji Kido was working as a journalist at ORE Journal when he found an advent deck and accidentally joined the Rider War. He became known as Kamen Rider Ryuki and tried to stop the Rider War. Later on in the year he was found transforming into Ryuki by one of his co-workers and told the truth about the Rider War and Mirror World to his editor. The day after that he was stabbed in the back by one of the mirror monsters, Raydragoon when he saved a girl from the Raydragoons attacks. He and Kamen Rider Knight destroyed the waves of Raydragoons and he died soon after. He was given a second chance at life when Shiro Kanzaki reversed time.

Tsukasa scrolled down to Ren Akiyama. Ren Akiyama had a normal life he had a job and he was engaged to his fiancé, Eri Ogawa. Until she was attacked by one of Shiro Kanzaki's mirror monster's Darkwing. His fiancé was left in a coma after the incident leaving Ren in despair. Shiro Kanzaki appeared and offered him a chance to save his fiancé. He took the offer and contracted with the very monster that put his fiancé. He became known as Kamen rider Knight and fought in the Rider War. He fought mirror monsters in order to get his monster even more powerful. Along the way he met Yui Kanzaki and Shinji Kido. During the final days of the rider battle Shinji had died and he finally accepted him as a friend. Shiro then appeared in front of him and declared him the final rider. Ren transformed into Knight to fight Kamen Rider Odin. Knight was about to be hit by Odin's final vent until Yui Shiro realized that the War was pointless and destroyed Odin which made Ren the winner. Ren used his wish to give his fiancé a recovery from the coma. As he laid on the floor waiting for her to wake up he succumbed to his wounds and died. He was given a second chance at life as Shiro reverted time back so Yui remained dead.

"This Rider War is pretty interesting," Tsukasa said. But if this world has no riders to stop Kamen Rider Abyss then Ryuki's Kamen Ride cards can't be complete. There was nothing that he could do. He couldn't access Mirror World and he had no idea what Abyss was planning to do. I guess I better find this Shinji person." He clicked on Shinji Kido's location. His eyes turned wide open. The locater said that he was right in front of him. He looked up. It was right. Shinji Kido was standing in front of him.

Shinji Kido stared at Tsukasa. Then he shouted. "It's you!" He ran up to him and gout a tape recorder. "Tell me. Are you an invader from outer space? And tell us how you can make portal."

Tsukasa was stunned. This man was very annoying. Plus he had no memories of being a kamen Rider. There was only one thing he could do right now. He punched Shinji in the face knocking him out. He gathered all his stuff and put it on his motorcycle then he drove away.

Kaitou watched Tsukasa as he drove away and jumped from the roof landing on the ground. He looked down on the unconscious Shinji and searched his body. There was nothing of value on him. "Tsk. There has to be a way to enter the mirror world." He left the alley leaving Shinji on the floor.

In mirror world, Kamen Rider Abyss entered the room where Shiro was standing staring at himself in the mirror. "Hello, Shiro Kanzaki."

Shiro looked up. "Who are you? Why are you keeping me here?" He hid the two advent decks behind his back. "I hope this works," he thought. He teleported the decks out of the room and back to their rightful owners. "If those two touch it then their memories of the Rider War will return then maybe I can be saved."

"Simple," Kamen Rider Abyss said. "I'm going to use you to bring the people outside into Mirror World."

"That's impossible."

"Oh but it can be done. With your help I will rule over Mirror World as King. My mirror monsters will keep my people in check."

"And what will you do with me when you are king?"

"I'm going to kill you of course."

"But you messed up," Shiro said. "You gave me Odin's body." As soon as he said that, Abyss waved his hands and the armor disappeared and he was back to normal.

"Too bad," Kamen Rider Abyss said. he grabbed him by the throat. "It is time to start my plan." His advent deck started to glow and the light hit Shiro. The light covered his body and it began to spread around them. Outside in the real world the light started to spread throughout the city. Kaitou stared at the light then was covered in it. As Tsukasa was driving the light engulfed him. The light continued to spread throughout the world sending the people to Mirror World.

Kamen Rider Abyss released Shiro from his grip and dropped him on the floor. Shiro laid there stone dead. Abyss smirked. "He should be dead now." He exited the building and stared at the confused crowd.