The Lobster Orphnoch stared out at the balcony. It had been seven years since the Orphnoch King evolved her, making her a true Orphnoch by destroying her traces of humanity. She was taking care of the Orphnoch King until he was back to full health. She had brought this building far away from civilization, she didn't want anyone to see her.

Some surviving Orphnoch came to her for safe haven so they could die in peace and she granted them that. When she found they were scientists she had an idea. She told them to create belts to protect the Orphnoch King when he comes back from his coma and they agreed. She was snapped out of her train of thought when she heard a scream downstairs. She ran down to see what had happened. She stopped in her tracks when she saw a pile of ashes. The three scientists crouched down and cried.

"I'm so sorry," The Lobster Orphnoch said. And she was. Even though she didn't have any emotions in her left she sympathized with them. She placed a comforting hand on one of the scientist's shoulders.

"How could you understand?" One of them said. His face was filled with tears. "You were lucky enough to be saved by the King before he went into a comatose state. You don't know what its like. Not knowing when you would die..." He continued to cry.

"When the king gets better. I promise that you three will be saved," She said. "How are the belts coming along?"

"They are almost complete," One of the scientists told the Orphnoch. "The Alpha, Gamma and Beta belts should be completed into two hours."

"Good," The Lobster Orphnoch said. "Continue to work on it. I have to go to do an errand." It scooped up the dead scientist ashes on the floor and dumped it in a trash.

"You can't go anywhere with that form."

It smiled at them. "I know how to stay out of sight." As the Orphnoch left the room the scientists went into the King's room. He was floating in a tube full of green liquid. The liquid was helping him gain his health back. After checking on the King they went back to work.

"Do you think her plan will work?" One of the scientists said.

"Of course it will. She's stronger than the Delta user anyways."

Mari sat with Shuji Mihara at a table outside a coffee shop. "Did you really have to bring that?" She pointed at the Delta gear case.

"I can't help it," he laughed. It's like a part of me."

"She smiled. "You're crazy."

He sipped his cup of coffee and looked up at the sky. it was light blue and clear of clouds. Then he remembered something. "Isn't today the anniversary of Takumi's death?"

Mari placed down her cup on the table. "Yeah. It's been eight years now. I just wish we could have done something to help him though." Her eyes were filled with regret.

Shuji gently touched her hands. "There was nothing we could do. The Orphnoch King was destroyed by Takumi. He knew he had to destroy him even if it cost him his life."

"I know. But-," There was screaming down the street. They both got up from their chairs and ran down to see what the commotion was. Shuji then understood why there was screaming. The Lobster Orphnoch was stabbing people in the heart hoping to turn them into an Orphnoch but they turned into ashes.

"She's still alive?" Mari asked.

"She must have escaped when the King was destroyed," He said. He opened the Delta gear case and placed the belt on his waist. He pulled out the Delta phone and shouted," Transform!"

Standing By

He put it back in the Delta Mover, forming the Delta Blaster which activated the transformation.


The photon blood came out of the Delta Driver covering his body. After a bright glow he became Kamen Rider Delta. The Lobster Orphnoch dropped the man it was holding and walked towards him.

"Careful Shuji! She was a former member of Lucky Clover."

Delta nodded then screamed a battle cry and ran towards the Orphnoch.

"I'll be taking that belt." The Lobster Orphnoch took out her Saber and stabbed at Delta. He dodged it and he took out the Delta Blaster. He said the code "Fire" into the Delta phone.

Burst Mode

He shot at the Orphnoch but it blocked the blasts with her saber. The Lobster Orphnoch struck Delta in the hand knocking the Delta Blaster out of his hand. He winced as blood flowed from the cut. The Lobster Orphnoch smiled and hacked at Delta. He flew back and landed next to Mari. She helped him up and they started to run. But the Lobster Orphnoch was faster. In a second it was in front of them. The Orphnoch knocked Mari away then tore the belt off Delta. With the belt gone the transformation ended and Shuji was vulnerable to the Orphnoch. "It's too soon for you to fight me." She knocked him out with his its hilt and walked away with the belt.

Mari ran back to Shuji. He was bleeding from the head. She took out her phone and called the police.

The Lobster Orphnoch entered the safe house and went to the lab. "Are the belts completed?

One of the scientists held out the belts and gave it to the Orphnoch. The Orphnoch smiled then looked at the scientists. "I have no more use for you all now." The Orphnoch slit their throats and they crumpled into ashes. The Lobster Orphnoch gathered up the ashes and went to the King's room. It pressed a button and the green liquid drained. The tube went into the ground and the comatose King fell to the ground. The Lobster Orphnoch grabbed the King before he hit the ground. The Orphnoch put the ashes into his mouth. "Eat, my King and become strong again." The Orphnoch heard a noise behind her. It turned around to see a hooded figure standing on the doorway. It picked up its saber to defend the King but the figure held out her hands.

"Don't be alarmed," She took off her hood, revealing a young woman. "I have a message from my master, Heptus."

Intrigued, the Orphnoch put down the Saber. "Speak."

The mysterious woman smiled.

Author's note: YAY only five more worlds left! I will continue to work on finishing Faiz's world. I have decided I will not include Orga and Psyga in this because they were movie exclusive riders which happened in an alternative world and since I'm following the original story line I will not include Orga and Psyga. (And yes I included Ryuga, Femme, and Verde into Ryuki's world because they were riders that haven't been introduced to the original story so I decided to put them in it.)