=Chapter 1=

This is an alternate route for Zenkichi while he is training with Ajimu. I have been somewhat annoyed on how the story has been going in the Flask Revival arc for a while now so I feel a fanfic must be done. To my knowledge, this is the first fanfiction focused on Zenkichi on this website. Anyway, on with the fanfic! Starts at the beginning of Chapter 126…

Hitoyoshi Zenkichi sat on the floor, his mind in deep concentration. Next to him were Mukae Emukae, who watch him nervously and Najimi Ajimu, who stared at him intently from the ceiling. They had been transported to the past by Ajimu's skill Door to Door so Zenkichi can train privately. Their goal was simple: figure out how to make Kurokami Medaka lose and Zenkichi win. While it sounds simple, it obviously isn't. The veins on Zenkichi's head were popping out just trying to think of a solution.

"How am I supposed to win against Medaka-chan?" Zenkichi thought to himself, "I've liked Medaka-chan since the old days and I was always by her side but...but looking back on it, I never thought about why Medaka-chan was by mine…"

Zenkichi continued to think intensively. "I could just beat her up, but would I be happy with that? The point of me fighting Medaka in the first place is for me to be by her side. We could have a happy hug after all of this and be together forever, but that could be done without even winning, so there's no point to that. In the end, it just comes down to me feeling like I won and Medaka feeling like she lost…" Zenkichi opened his eyes in a confused stare. How does that even work? Medaka has been right about everything in her entire life time; would she even know what it feels like?

"It's true that Medaka has been too right about everything. That's what I want to change. Despite that, Medaka-chan seems to know this and understands its risks. That's why she fight her polar opposites, like Kumagawa and Unzen-senpai; so she can understand that being too right is dangerous. In the end, fighting her would just be playing into her hands. No matter what, I can't seem to find a solution!" Zenkichi ruffled his hair. Emukae was tapping her boots together; she was getting pretty bored with all the silence. Ajimu just stayed on the ceiling like Spider-man (somehow she didn't vomit yet).

Then, Zenkichi realized a sad truth: "Me and Medaka are on completely different wavelengths."

He looked down on the ground, depressed.

"I was the one who told Medaka that her purpose was to help others. I was an exception because I was different to her. I tried to distance myself, but I continued to run back to her side. Wait… why did I do that? Why is that?" Zenkichi's eyes widened. Ajimu continued to stare intently.

"True, I like Medaka-chan, but why does that make her the only one I want to be near? I like Akune-senpai, Kikaijime, even Kumagawa. They were all my enemies before they joined together with Medaka-chan. What makes her so special?"

Zenkichi struggled with all his might. He felt like his world was trying to say something, but fell on deaf ears. It was really ticking him off.

"NO matter what, I seem to always stay on Medaka's side; why do I go back? Even if my mom were to fight Medaka, I would've chosen Medaka over her. You could make a million people like Medaka, but I would've still picked Medaka over them. Medaka was a special existence to me, like the past Zenkichi (me) was to her. Why was I so fixated on her?"

Zenkichi stated to stand. Emukae stopped playing with her shoes and looked at him. Ajimu tried to suppress a grin but couldn't. Phase one of the Flask Plan was going to be completed soon.

"Oh, I see… I wanted to date Medaka-chan." Zenkichi finally said.

Emukae gasped. However, Ajimu frowned. Zenkichi just chuckled to himself a bit.

"Um…Hitoyoshi-kun," Ajimu started, "did you say 'want-ed'?"

Zenkichi nodded. "Yes I did, Ashin'in-san." Emukae realized where Ajimu was going.

"You don't want to date her now?" Ajimu continued frowning. This was NOT going to plan!

Zenkichi clenched his fist. "Ashin'in-san, please understand where I'm coming from. I thought Medaka-chan cared about me more than other, and I was selfish because of that. She is existence above me and I cannot reach her with just words. When I tried to prove her wrong and was severly beaten…like trash."

Ajimu looked at him. He was obviously distraught about the fact that Medaka hit him in the head after the Candidate race and beaten him to a silly pulp when he declared a war on her. To him, he felt like he was going to do justice. To her, it looked like some big baby throwing a tantrum. Humans…

"…Then I realized there was one person that Medaka felt like she 'lost' to…" Zenkichi continued.

Ajimu thought for a moment. She searched her memory for something of a point in time where Kurokami Medaka had felt she had lost. When she found one, her eyes widened in shock. Although it was a way to defeat Kurokami Medaka using a fight, it was almost evil, but like an antihero. Ajimu stared at Zenkichi with surprised and curiosity. The honest Zenkichi thought this was the only way to defeat Medaka. In her several hundred years of life, Ajimu felt she was staring at an entity those surpasses the main character of any comic. However, the horror of what he was going to suggest frightened her.

"Y-You mean him…?" she said sternly. She had to remain calm.

Zenkichi nodded.

"The Absolute Minus, the one Medaka couldn't defeat at that time… Kumagawa Misogi."

Ajimu tried to keep her mind calm. "Are you serious… you're going to become a Minus?"

Zenkichi cleared his throat with a cough. "Kumagawa always resisted Medaka in middle school. He never changed or improved during that time, leaving Medaka hollow on the inside. She felt ashamed that she couldn't 'save' him and regretted until he joined the Student Council. If I were to become a Minus, I could stop Medaka from changing my disposition and she will regret it. In this scenario, it would count as her 'loss' because she failed in her duty of helping others and my 'win' because I wanted to go down this path."

Ajimu was astounded that Zenkichi would've actually thought of this. She couldn't understand the emotions she was feeling at that moment. In any case, her only way to beat Kurokami Medaka was to use Zenkichi. She had to play along. She looked at Mukae Emukae. She looked like she was crying.

Emukae ran to Zenkichi and tackled him to the floor. Zenkichi wasn't able to react and both crashed to the floor. Before Zenkichi could respond to her sudden actions, she turned him over…and hugged him.

"E-Emukae?" gasped Zenkichi. The tears flowing down her face were tears of joy.

Emukae straddled him and looked at his happily, tears still flowing down her cheeks. "I guess we're going to be the same, right Hitoyoshi-kun." She said through her hiccups.

Zenkichi smiled and laughed to himself. "Yeah, I guess we are, huh?" They hugged once more getting up.

Ajimu was only able to stare, completely stumped.

"Phase one of the true Flask Plan: 'Realizing your own feelings' complete. It seems like his motivation has risen substantially. I-I guess… this will continue to a battle manga, after all."

…..You do not know how hard this was. To keep the characters in complete character but change the entire story to keep the fight on a battlefield...

Then again, I'm not even sure if I kept them in character to begin with… WHY DID THIS HAVE TO BE SO HARD? May continue if I get more ideas…