=Chapter 5=

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Munakata Kei was a man of few words; he knew actions spoke for themselves. Because of his abnormality, his bloodlust would drive everyone crazy, and he saved them by firing at them: it was the only way to drive them off. Even if he was wanted in most countries, he knew that his actions saved everyone that he might've killed.

That's why, when he told Zenkichi's followers the he had become a minus, he had no idea that the power of words could become stronger than actions.

"What? Hitoyoshi became a minus?" Kurokami Kugira said strongly. Munakata pulled back the reaction of plugging his ears.

"Yes, it would appear that Zenkichi has become a minus. With my Analysis I was able to feel the appearance of another minus pop up on the campus. Because it came so abruptly, I was sure that someone had turned into a minus. The thing I didn't count on was that in was in fact Zenkichi" said Kurokami Maguro lengthily.

"So, are you gonna side with him or not on his decision?" said Shiranui abruptly. Did it really matter that he had become a minus? He was still Zenkichi. Everyone looked at each other with undecipherable expressions and nodded.

"We all came into this fully aware of anything that would happen. We shall still side with Zenkichi" said Maguro.

Shiranui sported a wicked grin. With Zenkichi being a minus, he should be left alone so his powers could fester. With Abnormals and other Minuses on his side, it would be interesting how Ajimu plans to sort this out.

"Alrighty then, if you need me, I'll be in the cafeteria" said Shiranui.

The next day, Zenkichi walked up to the school, breathing the fresh air as he entered the hall. He felt strange going into this place after what had happened yesterday, but after a good night's rest, he was able to clear his mind of any thoughts that would distract him. As he walked through the halls, he felt renewed and refreshed. It was as if there was a weight lifted off his shoulders. It was then he hit the door of the student council room. He stared at the doorknob for what felt like an eternity. It was always where he went in the morning; he didn't know where else to go.

But now it felt wrong.

He didn't belong here; inside or outside. All he has ever done in the past year was in the student council room. He didn't even realize he was still wearing his pajama top with his school pants because it was black. He was starting to hesitate again. He had a lot of fun with the other members: Akune, Kikaijima, and even Kumagawa. Until recently, everything has been smooth sailing for him. Other than the battle after battles with the "evil forces" of the school, he loved taking care of the plants and just talking with everyone. Now he was isolated from them, whether he liked it or not.

"Having second thoughts, Hitoyoshi-kun?" asked a voice behind him.

Zenkichi turned to see Ajimu standing right behind him.

"Anshin'in-san, um…I don't know…" said Zenkichi.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'" said Ajimu.

Zenkichi sighed; she was right. It hasn't even been a day and now was missing his old lifestyle. Should he have really tried to go against Medaka? Zenkichi let go of the doorknob and down the hallway, clearly not wanting to talk about it. Ajimu stared at him and smiled. He was going fairly well as a test subject, albeit a little sensitive. Right now, she just has to go with the flow until Medaka is beaten and the Flask Plan could continue.

"I guess should bring 'him' into the story as well" Ajimu said to herself before disappearing.

"…Who the hell are you?" asked Zenkichi to the man sitting in his seat in class. He was a young man of average height and build, with messy, white hair with a greenish tint, which casted a permanent shadow over his red eyes. Instead of turning toward Zenkichi to respond, He turned the other way.

"Would you mind not staring at me? I can't really well in front of people" the man said.

"Then why the heck are you sitting in my seat?" said Zenkichi.

"…Oh this is your seat. I sure I must have mistaken it. Well, off I go." He grabbed Zenkichi's sleeve and before he had time to respond, he was being dragged down the hall as the bell rang.

The man dragged Zenkichi into the infirmary, placing him on a bed. He then grabbed a chair and sat down next to Zenkichi and started playing with a top.

"There, that's better. Now I can talk from the original storyline" said the man.

"Like I said, who are you? Are you one of Anshin'in-san's friends?" questioned Zenkichi. This guy was obviously very strange, even for an abnormal.

"I am Tsurubami Kamome," said the man, "I am the man that is a little bit closer to the main character than you."

Okay, this guy probably is one of Ajimu's comrades. The fact he is speaking manga lingo just proves my point. Maybe I should try to have a conversation with him.

"So, Tsurubami-kun, what kind of manga do you like to read?" he said cautiously.

"Shut up. Jump Square" said Tsurubami.

"Oh, so you like To-Love-Ru Darkness then?" said Zenkichi.

Tsurubami hid his face from view using his hands, trying to cover his embarrassed features. "Are they really featuring that in Square now? Oh gosh, I didn't know. I don't have a computer, so I'm not really up to date, ya know?"

Well, it looks like he isn't a minus: they're obsessed with Shonen Jump. I wonder why I'm not. "So, Tsurubami-kun, can I help you with something? I'm kind of busy with some things so I don't really have any spare time."

"A main character always makes time for new characters, Hitoyoshi-kun. You can't become one if you aren't versatile. You're lucky I am here to help you."

Zenkichi straightened his posture. "So you are with Ashin'in-san after all. What do you need? I'll be glad to help."

Tsurubami stood up. "Well, now you're taking a supporting role to this conversation. Geez, Hitoyoshi-kun, you sure are a strange character. Your minus doesn't even make you that strong; or rather it's not completely developed yet."

Zenkichi felt a vein pop on his head. This 'Tsurubami Kamome' was annoying the hell out of him.

"Alright, spit it out; who are you? You're with Anshin'in-san right? Aren't we comrades?"

"Don't feel so high and mighty just because you were chosen by Anshin'in-san. In fact, you couldn't even lay a finger on my body even if you tried."

Zenkichi got into his Savate position. This was probably part of the Flask Plan. If this guy was asking for a fight, he was going to hit him full throttle. As he lifted his right foot-


Tsurubami's foot crashed down onto Zenkichi's. Zenkichi didn't even have time to blink. That was faster than Medaka's Kurokami Phantom! How was he able to move at such high speed? What exactly is Tsurubami Kamome?

"You see, Hitoyoshi-kun? Just as I-"


Zenkichi flicked Tsurubami in the head. Both looked at each other with stunned silence…before Zenkichi broke into laughter.

"I was just going to move forward but I guess you beat me to it, huh?" said Zenkichi, grinning. Tsurubami just stared at Zenkichi before smirking himself.

"I guess you have changed after becoming a minus, didn't you, Hitoyoshi-kun? Well, I guess it was all in due time." Tsurubami took the seat he was using and sat down. "As you said, yes, I am with Anshin'in-san. She told me to test the current 'you' after your transformation."

Zenkichi shrugged his shoulders; should've seen that one coming. "So, what are you going to do to me?"

"Anshin'in-san told me to help you afterwards with your fighting techniques. As a dark hero, I can help you in the fastest way possible. I can only accomplish things in the dark, ya know? I will help you develop your own style of fighting that even Medaka can't copy. I'd like to call it the 'Zenkichi System'"

"Alright, what do we do first?" asked Zenkichi.

"Let's continue this off-screen shall we?" said Tsurubami.

"What are you talking about?" question Zenkichi. He was starting to become even weirder than Zenkichi anticipated.

"Nothing; just mumbling to myself. Come, Let's go to the training grounds" Tsurubami walked out the infirmary with Zenkichi right behind him.

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