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I. The unusual find

It was a bright day in Imraldis, everything was peaceful as everyone went along with they daily duties enjoying Anor's warm light and the sweet smell of spring. Well in a way would anyone call this a perfect day, but most elves, mostly the ones working in the Last Homely House felt dread washing over them, peace meant never a good thing if you knew that the gwanűn were concerned. You could see councillors pushing doors open with any long item they could find before entering, maids staring suspiciously at the laundry, the cook and kitchen staff sniffing at the food, letting the nearby cats taste them just to be sure, even the Lord himself was looking through his office to not be caught by surprise. When no one found anything wrong they only grew more suspicious and some even considered taking the day of, to be safe from whatever the little terrors had planned out.

Meanwhile were said terrors looking around in the farthest back of they ada's vast library, looking for something to give them new prank ideas. Elrohir was of course against it, how a bunch of paper could be of help to them, but what you don't do for your gwaniuar. He was currently leaning against one of the tall book selves when suddenly a book fell on his head. Dark eyes glared up at the black haired elfling atop of the ladder.

"Ai, Dan be a bit more careful saes, you nearly hit me with th…thiis…" Elladan looked down and was about to apologize to his brother when he noticed the other staring with mystified eyes at the book he was holding.

"Uhm… Roh? Are you alright, I didn't hit you, did I?" he asked worriedly when no reaction come. "Roh?" after a while the other come back to Middle-Earth.

"Dan, are there more books looking like this one?" he asked suddenly.

"Let me see, aye, two more." he said.

"Ok get them and bring them outside in the garden, I'm getting everyone." was the only thing Elrohir said as he stormed out of the library, leaving his worried looking twin behind.

"I rally hope that I didn't hit him on the head with it." he said to no one in particular while picking up the other volumes."

Later sat the whole family inside the beautiful garden, looking around nervously after Elrohir particularly hunted them down and dragged down there. Elrond looked worriedly at his wife Celebrian who was sitting with they daughter Arwen in her lap, Glorfindel and Erestor meanwhile were keeping they eyes open for flying objects. Then after a few more minutes the twins appeared holding three books in they hands and an excited Elrohir pushed the first one into his confused ada's hands.

"Elrohir wha…" Elrond was about to ask, but his son beat him to it.

"Ada, just read what stands there." he said urgently and Elrond opened it carefully, the last book his son was so eager to make him open sent a cloud of sneezing powder his way, when nothing happened he relaxed, but only as long as he didn't read the first page containing the author and the time it was made.

"Elrond?" Celebrian asked after she saw him pale.

"This…this…if it is true what stands in here then was this book be born sometime in the Fourth Age." he said faintly at which everyone stared shocked at the green covered book between his hands.

"This has to be some sort of a joke." Glorfindel said before remembering that he should not object against things said to be impossible seeing that you usually don't die and get back to life like he did.

"It seems as if it isn't." come the calm voice of Erestor as he flipped through the tome he was holding before standing up. "My Lord, if you would allow me to send out a few messages to people whom might have also a right knowing about these books." he said ignoring the disbelieving looks from the golden haired elf.

"Whom did you have in mind?" Elrond asked.

"I thought first calling the Lord and Lady of the Golden Woods here, "at this Celebrian nodded she would feel better having her parents here "and those they see fit to bring with them and also King Thranduil." this on the other hand got different reactions.

"What!" yelled Elrond and Glorfindel together in disbelief and were already about to protest, but Erestor had the perfect comeback.

"In the volume I flipped through have I spotted the name of his son being mentioned to often to be a coincidence, something tells me that these books didn't land here without a good ground so we should read them together. Lord Elrond, I think you yourself have also noticed the name of the Author of these books." at this looked everyone to Elrond, the younger children hadn't even a clue about the animosity between the Wood Elf king and they ada.

"Yes I have, the Tolkiens are and elven family known to posses great powers given to them by Iluvatar himself, but because of they secrecy no one knows what it is. Fine, send out the messages." he said in a defeated tone, he will need to try getting along with Thranduil.

Three weeks later, the children were nearly driving everyone crazy by that time, they guests had arrived. Elrond was first shocked and from the corner of his eyes he saw Erestor elbowing a gapping Glorfindel in the side as his eyes fell on the elfling clutching fearfully at his father's tunic, if people say that his sons come in coloring after him then the young prince could easily be the miniature version of his own father. The same pale skin tone, shining blue eyes, long blonde hair, it was scary and he prayed to the Valar that he didn't inherit the king's temper. Speaking of the king, Thranduil was strangely not spending his time glaring at him, but at… Galadriel? And was it just him or did she return the glare and while doing so pulling her husband closer? Shaking his head took Elrond it upon himself to explain to the called guest and the three young elves his in-laws had brought with them, just why they were called here. It needs to be mentioned that the explanation took two hours because of and argument breaking out between himself and Thranduil by which Galadriel joined in only to be chided by Celeborn who scolded her for acting no better then an elfling, then told Thranduil to please leave it and he did it. Here was something going on from what he had no clue, but for now were all again in the garden, with the younger ones sitting in a little group, except prince Legolas whom felt content in his adar's lap, near his aunt who come with them together with two other elves. If Elrond allowed his chief counsellor and seneschal to be present then so could he.

"Well then, the main title of the three trilogy is The Lord of the Rings, while the books are individually called The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King. We will start with the Fellowship of the Ring." explained Celebrian kindly.

"Can we start already?" whined Elrohir while Erestor placed a hand on his heart.

"I thought the day on which that elfling gets eager to read a book would be the day on which Arda collapses." he said dramatically at which little Legolas looked up at him, seeing that the dark haired elf was seated beside the king, with confused blue eyes.

"What is bad about reading, books are always interesting." he said innocently at which Erestor felt like asking to do an elfling swap in the case of teaching with the other chief counsellor.

"I think you should read first Celebrian, after that we will go in sitting order." said Celeborn to his daughter who nodded.

"Then lets see the first chapter is right here."

To be contimued…