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"Come in." Sara told Nick still not answering his question. "Are you lot hiding something?" Nick asked while Skylar was watching the local news. "No, course not." Sara was quick to respond. "Just tell me." He could tell something was not right, the lack of evidence left at his house, Sara round at Greg's house looking out the window before unlocking the door. He knew the team must of been hiding evidence from his girlfriends murder. "Nick, it's nothing, do you want anything to eat?" Sara tried to change the subject. The news bulletin came on.

"Breaking News." The reporter said, fixing the paper in front of himself. "Local prison is still looking for an escapee, from two days ago." A picture flashed up on screen as the reporter was about to say "Nigel-" Sara put it off. "Don't try and hide it Sar! It was clearly Nigel Crane who is the last convict to find. He killed Sydney didn't he, why didn't any of you's tell me?" Nick remained calm. "Nick, we...ehh...we didn't want to worry you. We got a note but didn't believe it, Warrick told us about the Jail Breakout so we now believe Nigel Crane escaped. Sorry." Sara tried to explain what had happened. Nick nodded. "Listen I know why all of you didn't wanna tell me but you should of. Anything could of happened." Skylar was listening not knowing what was going on.

"Me and Greg, we wanted to tell you but Grissom and Catherine though it would be best if we didn't and dealt with it ourselves." She said still not telling him about the content of the note. "This is one of many reason I didn't want Skylar coming here." Nick said to them both. Skylar went to stand up and tell Nick everything would be fine, they would get him, noone would be hurt like last time. But Nick was heading to the Kitchen to get something to eat, Sara followed him to tell him about the note and Skylar sat back down to continue watching the TV.

"Nick there was a note, here I made a copy to show you, don't tell the team, Ecklie would go crazy if he knew I copied evidence, and it would be unusable in court. not that we need it, we have the evidence to arrest him, again."

"Sara, let me see it, I won't tell." Sara handed him it. Nick read it, mouth open towards the end. "Th-this can't be, it was him, I have to find him or he will-he's gonna go after all of us!"

"Nick, listen they are gonna get him, his face is all over the media, don't you worry about it, kay?" Nick nodded in argeement. And went back into the living room, trying to forget what he just read. "Right little sis, first day tomorrow, bed." He said acting if she was a six year old. "Nick, I am not a kid, and I start later tomorrow, so..." Skylar put an emphasis on 'Nick, I am not a kid.' Nick raised his eye brows. " Fine." Skylar said rolling her eyes. And went up to the guest room.

"Sara you can go home now, you got an early start." He gave her a hug and said "Thanks"

"No problem, and I think I will stay here and sleep on the couch tonight, just incase." She told him with worry in her voice. "Sara, we will be fine" Nick paused then continued, "in fact it might be best considering what the note just said, I just wish there was something I could do but I am, I mean I was close to the victim." Sara put her hand on his shoulder, "Nicky, we will get this weirdo, don't worry. Oh and since Greggo has two spare rooms and Skylar has one I call dibs!" Sara said quickly before running up the stairs before Nick could say or do anything. "Looks like I'm on the couch."He sighed to himself. "He heard a voice from the hallway. "Just kidding. Here, I will sleep on the couch, you need a good sleep." Sara said while entering the room. "No, it's fine, honest."

"Dibs on couch." Sara called. "Ok, you win, good night." He said as he began walking up the stairs.

Nick was lying in bed thinking about his friends at the lab, his mind kept drifting back to Sydney...

Flashback to that morning

"Fine then, I just thought I would book somewhere nice for lunch and you say you can't go!" Nick and Sydney were in the middle of another stupid argument. "I told you weeks ago my sister was moving here, honey and said don't make plans 'cuz I haven't seen her in a while and wanted to catch up, that's all." Nick replied hoping they would be friends again soon or he would be later for his sister. "DON'T CALL ME HONEY! NICK GO GET YOUR LITTLE SISTER THEN BUT DON'T EXPECT ME HERE WHEN YOU GET BACK!" She yelled at him. "Sydney, we can reschedule, c'mon darling." He was talking to her in a sweet, loving voice but walked out the door and got into her car and pulled out the drive.

End Flashback

In the past few months, they had argued more and more, so loud a neighbor even chapped their door telling them to keep it down or he would call the cops. He was trying so hard to not cry but it was practically impossible. Soon he drifted off to sleep...

Nick was suddenly awoken by a clatter from inside the house then muffled voices...

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