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Without further ado and blubbing on my part:

The Concluding Chapter To Stolen:

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Farewell And Thanks For All The- … Wait What?

Ichigo kicked back in his new room. It was large and spacious and wonderful in every way.

After his lesson with Byakuya Hinamori and returned with a surprise for Ichigo in the form of Ishida, Inoue and Chad.

His three friends had insisted on helping him move in and in fact and brought over the majority of his possessions especially. Who was he to argue when they had so kindly offered?

Ishida had also brought an armful of paint which Chad had been lumbered with; the Quincy informed Ichigo that if he complained to having his new room painted he would be painted as well.

Ichigo had been forced to sit down and watched while he newly commissioned room was annihilated by his friends and Stark. The lounge was painted turquoise and chocolate brown, the kitchen painted pale green and cream and the bedroom was painted poppy red and black.

Ishida had then fussed over how the furniture didn't match and the aesthetics were being murdered by the inadequate colours of the furnishings. So without further ado the Quincy had taken up his needle and thread and totally reupholstered the sofa, the chairs, the curtains and remade the bed with nicer sheeting and gone totally crazy.

Ichigo's requests for him to stop had fallen on deaf ears but when the Quincy finally finished the newly instated Taichou couldn't help but stand in awe. He now had light, cream curtains in the lounge; floor length black silk curtains in the bedroom; a cream blind in the bathroom and the same in the kitchen. The sofa and chairs were now brown with turquoise cushions and the bed had been made with red satin sheets, a black throw and millions of red and black cushions piled on top of the black covered pillows.

After they had finished turning his house upside down they had insisted that Ichigo and Stark go out with them for a while, despite the fact that the latter was exhausted and the former was bored out of his brains.

Still, never one to poop a party, Ichigo allowed himself to be dragged from his room and into Rukongai to enjoy a nice meal with his friends and Stark.

Again against his will, Chad paid for their food. He couldn't deny that the chicken ramen was amazing and tasted better than any he had tasted before, well… He lied… Byakuya's servants made AMAZING food and he couldn't argue with it. So no… It was the second best ramen he'd ever had. Second best to Byakuya's servants. Yes.

When his friends finally left, Ichigo was drained. It wasn't like he had even done anything really, just watched them wear themselves out. But he couldn't deny it was nice having a taste of home in Soul Society.

Ichigo looked around as Stark flopped down beside him, his face slightly flushed. The berry smiled and shuffled around until his head was resting on the other's lap, "Tired?" he asked with a sly smile.

"God yes." Stark chuckled gently, resting a hand on Ichigo's head and brushing his fingers through his hair, "Ishida sure is the evil task master."

Ichigo sniggered and nuzzled against his touch, "Tell me about it. I had to go through years of high school with him."

"Aww… My poor Ichi." Stark smirked, leaning down and kissing him softly; cupping his cheek gently.

Ichigo smiled against his lips and cupped the back of his head, sitting up slowly and leaning into his kiss; he let out a soft moan as he flicked his tongue out and slid it across his lips. Stark gasped and as his mouth opened Ichigo slid his muscle into the warmth.

They kissed for an intense few moments, finally coming up for air and panting heavily as they looked at each other. Ichigo blushed slightly and smiled at him, "Are you… Too tired?"

Stark smirked slightly and scooped Ichigo up in his arms, "I'm never too tired to service you."

"Oh I am relieved." Ichigo purred, putting his arms around the brunette's neck and kissing him heatedly and deeply.

Stark laughed against his mouth and plunged his tongue into his mouth, kissing him longingly.

Instead of stopping at the bed as Ichigo had expected, Stark carried him into the bathroom and sat him on a stool in the corner before turning and running the bath. He put the plug in and watched the water slowly fill the bathtub, he added a strawberry and vanilla bubble bath and watched happily as the water frothed with thick shiny bubbles.

The former Primera Espada turned and stalked towards Ichigo slowly, leisurely and sensually stripping of his uniform and letting it drop to the floor until he was stood completely naked in from of Ichigo. The berry was blushing adorably and looked up into Stark's smouldering cobalt eyes, letting out a moan as he saw unabashed lust swirling in the blue depths.

Ichigo's eyes moved down his taught body slowly, settling on his lover's blatant erection; his pupils dilated and he bit his lip shyly. He glanced up at Stark before leaning in and pressing his tongue against the head of his lover's member; he trembled as he heard Stark whimper and ran his tongue down his partner's heated length before abruptly engulfing his whole hardness in the wet warmth of his mouth, leaving Stark to turn into a stand pile of mush at the sensation of his beloved deep throating him repeatedly.

Ichigo controlled his gag reflex like an expert, even though it was only the second time he had ever done anything like this. If he was honest with himself he was still shy about having sex after having been with Aizen for so long. Yes he and Stark had only had sex the previous day but that didn't mean his almost virgin like nerves had abated. Yet at the same time he wasn't shy of instigating it, he was a man with manly needs and he did love Stark so he convinced himself that this was right, this was okay. Stark wasn't going to leave him or hurt him or force him to do anything he didn't want to do. This was safe.

Stark started to pant and laced his fingers through Ichigo's hair, suddenly bucking deep into his mouth and feeling him choke around him, he shuddered at the sensation but held back his climax. He stammered an apology and pulled back, his legs wobbled as he leaned down and claimed Ichigo's mouth heatedly.

Ichigo looked up at him, his expression was abruptly lustful and he stood up; ripping off his own uniform as Stark rushed and turned off the taps, briefly checking the temperature of the water was alright before he turned back to Ichigo, groaning as he saw his love was utterly stark naked. He licked his lips and took Ichigo's hands, pulling him over to him and kissing him heatedly as he helped him into the bathtub.

Once they were both in the foaming water, Stark pulling Ichigo onto his lap and continued the intense, breath taking kissing they had been indulging in. Ichigo moaned and wriggled on his lap as he felt his still very hard member rubbing against him as they kissed. Without warning Ichigo lifted himself, positioning Stark beneath him and started to sit down onto him.

Stark's eyes widened and he arched his back, forcing himself to remain still for Ichigo's unprepared backside's sake. He looked at the orange haired man's expression, seeing some pain mixed with lust. He kissed him again to distract him and his large hands began exploring Ichigo's well defined chest, playing with his erect nipples and eliciting mewls from his lower as he pinched and gently tweaked them.

When Ichigo was completely seated on his not inconsiderable length he began rocking, Stark was overwhelmed by the sensation and the sight of his beloved's yearning, delicious expression. He lifted his hips against him and made Ichigo moan wantonly, nudging up into his nerves softly, almost teasingly. He continued to torture him with these gently and unfulfilling thrusts, the playing of his nipples and the long sensual kisses he continued to bestow upon him until Ichigo grew impatient, lifting himself off his member completely and slamming back down onto him, making some of the water slosh out of the bath with the impact.

Stark threw his head back and let out a surprised wail of pleasure; he gripped Ichigo's hips and claimed his mouth forcefully and demandingly. Ichigo was pleased that Stark was now taking control and relaxed into his grip, letting out cries and broken wails as Stark's more wild side took over and began to pound him into ecstasy.

The berry began to scream out his lover's name as the continual hammering of his nerves made his climax jump closer to occurring. He gripped Stark's shoulders tightly and his head fell back as the brunette's hops lifted completely out of the water, leaving Ichigo's toned legs dangling either side of his hips, Ichigo's eyes widened before dilating and slipping closed at the overload of pleasure that movement caused. He felt like his whole body was centred at his prostate which had just been utterly nailed by Stark's large member.

Stark lowered into the water only to repeat the movement again, this time Ichigo let out an ear piercing scream of gratification and came hard, his muscles spasmed and massaged Stark; at the same time he released his seed over his lover's abdomen with vigour, shuddering and trembling above him as Stark let out a guttural grunt and bucked a final time, sending his release deep into his lover.

They both slumped in the water, panting heavily and shaking in the aftermath of their actions. Ichigo felt a slightly drunken, goofy smile etch its way onto his face and he snuggled against Stark's warm body, "I love you… Lots." He mumbled sleepily.

"I love you too, Ai." Stark smiled, brushing Ichigo's slightly damp hair out of his face.

The brunette faltered as he heard a gentle snore and looked at his lover in disbelief; he thought he was the lazy one!

Stark didn't really mind. He got to watch him sleep; he looked so peaceful and so… Happy. This was what he wanted for his Ai, his great love. Without waking his sleeping boyfriend, Stark moved him from his lap and washed them both thoroughly before he scooped Ichigo up from the water and dried him, still amazed that he had managed to do so without waking him. He shook his head and smiled stupidly, pulling the plug and draining the bath. He yawned himself and carried Ichigo into the bedroom, shifting the majority of the trillion cushions Ishida had brought before he laid Ichigo in the bed under the covers and climbed in beside him. He smiled again and curled up on his side, putting his arm around Ichigo and letting the smaller man use his chest as a pillow.

With that, Stark too fell asleep.

Miles away, a whole dimension away in fact, Aizen sat alone in Las Noches. His expression was blank, not because he had schooled it as such but because he wasn't feeling anything. He didn't think he could feel anything anymore. He had lost… Everything. Tousen was dead. Gin had betrayed him. The Espada had followed their Primera and betrayed him too. Ichigo…

He stopped himself and balled his hand into a fist as his eyes welled slightly, Ichigo… It hurt… It hurt to think his name… It hurt to think of him… His sunset coloured hair, his lightly tanned skin, strong wilful eyes, determined expression.

Why? Why did it hurt? Why did he feel like his heart had been torn out? Why… Why did it feel like he had nothing to live for? He had… No one… Before Ichigo Aizen had felt the occasional loneliness but he had been able to call someone like Szayel or Grimmjow… Maybe even Ulquiorra to sate his needs. But now… He was trapped in his own home with no one to help him, no one to sate his desires, no one to go to bed with, or wake up with, or tell him that they loved him despite his over confident; arrogant, control-freak like nature.

Ichigo… Ichigo had done that… Even if only for a while… That young man had put up with his sometimes murderous tendencies and still loved him, but he had feared him too. His light… His sunlight was gone… Betrayed him… Left him… Almost killed him with that insane power.

Aizen faltered as he considered the battle. He had gone too far. He had let panic and fear overrule his judgement. He'd said things to Ichigo, things he didn't mean and would never have thought of him.

The lonely brunette stood up slowly and walked over to the window, he rested his hand against the wall and looked down as a single tear broke the dam that was his eyelid and slid slowly down his sculptured cheek.

His head snapped around suddenly as there was an explosion just outside his room and he swallowed; sweeping over to the door he threw it open, only to be confronted by a total stranger.

The stranger was wearing a small smirk, his hair was cut just above the shoulder, it was jet black; his skin was pale and his eyes were kind of like pale terracotta colour. In his hand was a book; in the book was a book mark. Aizen could sense that this man was strong, his reiatsu was powerful and he looked very sly.

"Who the hell are you?" he snapped, his expression morphing into a cold, dark scowl.

The stranger didn't reply at first, he just tilted his head and reached his free hand out, touching Aizen's chest before his fingers dug into his skin. Before Aizen could even react to the mild pain of his skin being scratched his expression paled, he staggered and gasped as the Hoguyku was plucked from his chest. He looked up at the man as he stooped from the loss of energy and panted slightly, sheens of sweat rolling down his face, "W… Who the… Hell… Are you?" he wheezed.

"Hmm. Do you like to read?" the stranger asked in response.

Ichigo sat bolt upright in bed, his breathing was erratic and he was sobbing uncontrollably. The first rays of morning light filtered through the closed curtains and fell on the bed by the young man's feet.

Stark woke as the warmth beside him vanished but faltered and sat up quickly, he put his arms around Ichigo and tried to comfort him but the male just continued to hyperventilate and shake. Stark felt his own concern override everything else and quickly sent a hell butterfly to Unohana.

Only minutes later, he let the healer and a couple of her subordinates into their room and showed her to Ichigo. She seemed shocked by the state of the young Taichou and tried to talk him down from his frenzy, but to no avail. They were all suddenly blasted by the out of control reiatsu of the younger man; he was out of it, overwhelmed by whatever had caused this.

Unohana grabbed her medical kit and injected Ichigo with a sedative into his thigh, also jamming an oxygen mask over his face and laying him down gently. The sedative and oxygen took effect quickly, thank goodness, and Ichigo began to breathe normally once again, but his expression did not change, he was still terrified.

She was about to ask him some questions when Ichigo passed out, Unohana frowned and checked the syringe she'd given him, sighing as she realised she had given him a little too much sedative and he'd be out for the count for a good couple of hours.

With a sight the wise Taichou stood and looked at Stark, "What happened? Stark-san?"

"I don't know… I was asleep and I felt him move so I woke up… But he was shaking, sobbing… He looked terrified… I don't know… Is he okay?"

"He suffered… From what I can gather, a panic attack. I cannot fathom a reason at the moment, perhaps post traumatic stress but knowing Ichigo I doubt it. I will book him in for an appointment tomorrow afternoon and talk at length with him then. For now he should sleep."

Stark swallowed and looked at his lover sadly, "But… He will be okay?"

"Yes he'll be okay. Please try not to worry. I shall see myself out."

Stark wasn't listening anymore; he climbed onto the bed and stroked Ichigo's sweat drenched locks sadly, he swallowed and wondered what in the world had caused the outburst only moments ago. He sighed and told himself he would find out when Ichigo next woke. For now he would sleep some more and keep his beloved company.

Stark sat up against the headboard properly and put his arms protectively around Ichigo's body, slowly lifting him onto his lap and cradling him lovingly. With only a small whine of discomfort, Stark settled in a seated position, hugging Ichigo affectionately as he slowly fell asleep again himself.

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