WOW: Box (I kinda took a teeny weeny liberty with this) Dean's a sleepwalker; and his nocturnal adventures are something Sam could really rather do without.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I still wish Dean would sleepwalk in my direction!


Sam awoke once more to the pitter-pat of bare feet across the floor.

Not again!

Last week the night porter found Dean freezing in the parking lot.

That was after he'd wandered onto the highway and narrowly missed becoming a Boxster's hood ornament.

Then last night he turned up in the motel reception, although why he was wearing only one sock - and nothing else - was anyone's guess.

This was getting exhausting!

Sam cringed as he felt the bed dip beside him, and a cold nose burrowing into his neck.

He sighed; "oh, I can't wait to explain this one in the morning."