Erm...I have no excuse as to why this is so late. I will say it was hard for me to write this one but I finally made a break through! Thank you all for your reviews and your loving demands to not give up on the story. Don't worry, I don't plan too. I just get busy and a bit sidetracked is all! XD

Pairings: HakodaxKya; ZukoxKatara
Beta: KaitiLynn
Rating: G/K/E

Love is like the sun coming out of the clouds
and warming your soul.

- Author Unknown –


The house was quiet. The sound of the fire crackling, providing its much needed warmth in the corner, was barely noticed as only one of the occupants was awake; Kya was sound asleep along with toddler Sokka. Hakoda sat near the wall, observing the serenity of his small family. He gave a smile before looking down in his arms. There, cradled so affectionately, was the new addition to the family: a baby girl Kya had named Katara.

She was beautiful.

Covered in a thick, furry blue blanket to keep the frigid weather away from the newborn, only her face was visible. Round, lightly tanned cheeks, a small petal shaped mouth, and a short layer of brown hair.

She had won Hakoda's heart the moment she was handed to him.

He leaned down to kiss his daughter's forehead.

He was thrilled that he had a son but there was something about having a daughter that Hakoda didn't realize he was missing. He gave a sigh; she was barely four hours old and he already knew if she wanted something, Hakoda was going to bend the world backwards if he had to just to make her happy.

Katara shifted in his arms and Hakoda froze, uncertain if she was waking to get a meal or if she was just trying to get more comfortable. She pushed her arms through the blanket and hit Hakoda softly in the mouth with her palm.

Hakoda chuckled, before placing a soft kiss on the tiny hand. Then he noticed the small writing across the skin. He pulled the hand away to study the name that would, one day, be part of his daughter's world and his family.


Hakoda sighed and looked down at his daughter, still blissfully asleep, "You're going to be a handful, aren't you, young one?" he whispered in the darkness, with only the fire to answer his question.

Katara just snuggled closer to her father and gave what looked like a small smile.