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Rachel rushed through the halls of McKinley; her destination, Quinn Fabray. She felt a bit guilty for not telling her the new first, especially considering that the blonde had given her the honor of being the first to hear of her acceptance to Yale. She rounded the corner, and there she was. The brunette increased her walking speed as she tried not to break into a full on sprint. "Quinn!" she finally yelled out, as the blonde closed her locker and prepared to leave.

The blonde turned on heel and flashed a bright smile. She approached the tiny diva and suddenly felt worried. Her chest was heaving and her hands were wrapped behind her back, almost nervous like. "Are you okay? What's wrong?" she asked almost immediately.

"Nothing," the brunette replied. Quinn wasn't sure why, but she felt that her answer was forced. Nonetheless she allowed Rachel to continue uninterrupted. "It's just, you were right," Quinn lit up. A smile was slowly forming on her face and tears were welling up in her eyes, the same tears that she'd been holding back since Rachel had informed her about the proposal. It had been too much to hope, but maybe just maybe. Rachel whipped her hands from behind her back, and brought with them a letter. "I got in," she paused and bit her lip, "I'm a finalist."

Instinctively Quinn wrapped her arms tightly around Rachel's shoulders, bringing the girl to rest her head on her chest and erratically beating heart. The brunette flinched at the sudden contact, surprised that Quinn had initiated the hug, but soon softened and hugged Quinn back appreciatively. "I knew you'd get in," the blonde said through a chocked sob. "I'm so proud of you," she continued as she wiped her face dry.

Quinn pulled back and found that Rachel had been crying too. Her right hand moved up to carefully cup her cheek, her thumb gently catching her tears. Though upon seeing the confused look on her face at the intimate, possibly far too intimate action, she dropped her hand next to her other one. The blonde interlaced her fingers to prevent any unnecessary touching. "You'll be amazing, and I'll visit you every weekend." A faint smile crossed the brunette's lips, but quickly faded.

"There's something more," the blonde bit her lip in dread. Rachel mimicked her action and took a deep breath before continuing. "I said yes." Her voice was cracking; something very uncharacteristic for Rachel Berry.

"To Finn?" Quinn asked, already knowing the answer. Rachel nodded solemnly. "But you're going to tell him that you can't, right?" Rachel froze. "Rachel, you can't do this."

"But he'll go to New York with me," Rachel interrupted. "I haven't told him yet but-" her breathing was growing uneven and she was forced to take a moment to gather her composure. "But before, he- he- said that he'd follow me there whether or not I got into NYADA," she explained. "We'd get engaged, move to New York, get married, I'd get onto Broadway, and then we'd start a family," she continued, now speaking more to herself than to Quinn.

Pale hands find their way to the brunette's shoulders to help straighten her out. "Then what's wrong?" the blonde asks with a weak smile which effectively hid the bitterness in her tone.

"I don't know, I'm just really confused." Quinn nodded her head slowly urging Rachel to continue. "I want to marry Finn," the words felt like daggers to the blonde's heart, "but I think I may have rushed things, and now I don't know what to do."

"Shouldn't the fact that you're having doubts be enough to tell you that you're not ready for this?"

"I don't think I am, Quinn," the brunette admitted. "But I can't change my mind now. You know how Finn is." The blonde nodded in understanding. Her hands fell from the diva's shoulders to grip onto her tiny hands.

"Hey, you wanna get something to eat?" Quinn asked. "I know of this vegan place not too far from here. We can go there, grab a bite, and come back here to pick up your car," she offered. Rachel happily accepted, nodding her head furiously. Quinn let her hands drop to grasp onto one of the brunette's. Instinctively the diva let their fingers intertwine as the blonde walked her to the parking lot. The pair walked silently with Rachel a few steps behind Quinn the whole time.

They reached her car and Quinn held the door open for the brunette. She went over to the driver's side and made sure not to pull out until Rachel was properly buckled in. Once they were out of the lot, the diva quickly went for the radio only to hear an all too familiar tune. Her mouth went agape. "That's- that's me," she finally uttered out.

"Yeah," Quinn replied coolly. "I've burned CDs of my favorite performances. That one is full of you," she explained and half-lied. Rachel turned to her with an unreadable expression; one that was only more unreadable because Quinn tried to focus on the road in front of her. "What?" she asked turning her head slightly.

"Nothing, just-" she paused to let herself soak in the lyrics of her Regional winning original song. "I thought I was the only one who did that," Rachel let out a faint giggle. The brunette then closed her eyes to better immerse herself in the song; kind of trying to go back to that performance.

"You were amazing then," Quinn said as though she were reading her thoughts. "You still are." The diva opened her eyes and gave her a smile; not a full one like Quinn would have liked, but at least it was genuine one. Much to Quinn's delight, they reached the restaurant before the next track could begin to play.

They enter the small place with Quinn once again holding the door open for Rachel. It was a tiny place with a homey feel. There weren't many customers and so they chose to sit at a table next to the window. They took a look at the menu and made their orders. Quinn didn't order much as she was still getting used to vegan food. It had been surprisingly better than she had expected, but she still missed bacon.

"Better?" she finally asked when Rachel was done.

"Much," Rachel answered her grin bigger than Quinn had seen all day. "The food here is delicious! How did you ever find this place?"

"I just stumbled onto this place; felt like trying something new." The truth though was that she had done some research, not that Rachel had to know that. "Come on, let's go. We still need to pick up your car."

They left, both in far better moods than when they entered. Upon entering her car, Quinn instantly went to eject the CD, but as she was about to the button she felt a soft hand grasp lightly on wrist. "What are you doing? I want to keep listening," the brunette whined cheerfully. Quinn pulled back and allowed Rachel to press play instead. The previous song came to a quick end and the next one started up as soon Quinn pulled out of her parking spot. "It's us," Rachel said softly.

"It's my favorite."

"Mine too," the diva nodded. "It still gets me chocked up sometimes." The blonde took her chance at a red light to give a glance to the girl besides her, silently urging her to elaborate. "It's just kind of unbelievable how two things that are so different, that were never meant to be together, that no one would expect to be together, end up making something so beautiful." She turned to face Quinn and found staring intently at her.

Chocolate orbs met hazel eyes, and nothing else mattered.

And Quinn, she was leaning in.


And closer.

"Quinn!" Rachel blurted out. "The light-" the words came out through uneven breathes. "It's green." Quinn pulled back and shook her head as though she was previously lost in a trance. She muttered out a quick apology, her cheeks a deep red. The ride back to the school had been faster than the one away from it, but it felt far longer.

Rachel exited the car and declined Quinn's offer to walk her to her car. "I'll be fine." She took a step back uneasily. "Bye, Quinn." She turned and went off to her car.

"Goodbye, Rachel."

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