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She wasn't sure how she got into this situation. There was blonde beauty on top of her, a hand fisting her brown locks, another hand gently massaging one of her breasts, and a pair of lips eagerly kissing her neck alternating between sucking lightly or aggressively on the sensitive flesh. All the while Rachel was whimpering and panting uncontrollably beneath said girl. "Quinn?" she was finally able to get out through harried breath.

Quinn stopped all previous actions and propped her hands on either side of Rachel's head so that she was now hovering over her. "Yeah, baby?" Rachel locked her eyes with hazel orbs that had grown dark, full of lust yet still gentle. "Do you want me to stop?" she asked, hurt. With no answer she edged herself off the bed. She stood to leave and began adjusting her shirt.

Small hands wrapped around her, halting her movement. They gripped at the hem of her shirt, slowly lifting it. Quinn brought her arms up to assist her in removing the garment, revealing a light blue strapless bra. Rachel tossed the shirt aside then let nimble fingers work on back clasp of the other girl's bra. Quinn whimpered at the feel of Rachel's hand on her bare back, as her bra fell with a soft thud. She turned around quickly and gently pushed Rachel back onto the bed.

Rachel slide up the bed back to her former position. She watched in anticipation as Quinn removed her skirt, and gasped audibly when she saw the blonde's arousal which written on the dark spot on her matching light blue lace panties. Quinn crawled slowly back onto the bed.

She placed her hands on Rachel calves and started to massage them. Rachel felt lips on her legs as Quinn's hands began to trail upwards. Quinn was slowly leaving kisses on every bit of tan skin she could find, and Rachel was forced to close her eyes at being lost in ecstasy. Her breathing was getting heavier and more erratic as those lips moved up. Her legs began to shake when she Quinn's lips reach her thighs.

Her eyes open when the kissing stops. She finds Quinn, the edge of her night gown in her hands, looking at her asking for permission. Rachel gives a small nod. Quinn slides the garment up, peppering kisses as more tan skin is revealed. Soon Rachel's left only in her pink underwear. Suddenly, she feels very self-conscious, and crosses her arms over her chest. "Hey, stop. You are beautiful." Carefully she removes Rachel's hands from in front of her and then quickly moves a hand behind her to unclasp her bra. She toss it aside and stops for moment to admire how Rachel's breasts heave with every intake of air.

Rachel moans as Quinn palms her breasts, her nipples growing stiff. The blonde continues her ministrations, and Rachel bites her lip to stifle her whimpering. "They're gorgeous," she cooed. Quinn gives them a firm squeeze and lets out a moan at the sounds the brunette begins to make. Rachel tosses her face into a nearby pillow as she lets out an 'oh my god.' Thumbs are circling her nipples and Rachel is lost, panting and tossing out curses like she's never done before.

Quinn removes her hands and pushes her body flush against Rachel. She cups her cheek and kisses her passionately. Quinn swiped her tongue against Rachel's bottom lip, begging for entrance. Rachel obliged and she soon found their tongues dancing in her mouth. Quinn's hand began traveling down Rachel's slender body until it reached elastic. She broke the kiss to once again silently ask for permission. Rachel nodded and Quinn slips her hand into her soaked panties. "Oh God," she groans. "You're so wet." She runs her fingers through Rachel's folds causing the girl to whimper and buck her hips, desperate for more contact.

Rachel gasps in surprise when a single digit is thrust into her. "Quinn," she manages to mutter out. "More," she begs. Rachel almost cries when Quinn pulls out, only to shove two fingers into Rachel's aching core. "Quinn!" The blonde finds a steady place, thrusting her fingers in and out with Rachel bucking her hips to meet her thrusts halfway. She can feel her walls clenching around her. "Quinn, I'm going to cum." Quinn sped up her thrusts. Rachel was writhing below her, fisting the sheets. She was so close. Soon, just one more thrust and…


Rachel shot up from bed, breathing heavily and sweating profusely. She turned to her nightstand and turned off her alarm. "It was a dream," she concluded. "Just a dream, it was just a dream," she repeated in her head. "I did not have sex with Quinn, I didn't." She should've been relieved at that fact, but instead she was disappointed.

And painfully turned on.

A lot more than she had been during her first time, but there were a number of reasons to explain that. "It's not as though I'm repulsed by Finn's physical form, even though I did feel unusually sick that night." She paused in her thoughts. "I mean I felt sick the first time I tried to have sex with him; I was just more nervous than turned on. Yes, it's not like I ate anything that would make me feel sick. And Quinn's a very pretty girl, you'd have to be gay not to be turned on by her…or maybe in my case you'd have to be straight, I guess, which I am." She brought her hands up to head and began massaging her temple. It was too early in the morning to be having this many thoughts running through her head, and she still had to get started on her daily morning routine.

Rachel lazily got out of bed and went to her bathroom. She went to the sink to splash some water on her face and was shocked to see how she looked in the mirror. Her face was flush, hair was a mess, her bangs were clinging onto her forehead, and one of the straps of her nightgown is dangling off her shoulder. If she didn't know better she'd actually believe that she did just have sex.

"Dear Barbra, this cannot be happening. It can't be. I'm engaged." Reactively her body cringed at the thought. To distract herself, Rachel decided to fix her hair. She'd have to do so eventually anyway so why not now; the sooner the better, right? Although fixing her hair did end up taking the majority of her time that morning. Combing her hair, admiring how it looked, and then deciding to go with a different look, repeat. That's kind of how her morning went.

It kept her occupied enough, but if she kept on at it she may have ended up pulling her hair out. She silently got out her room and headed out the door. Her dads would certainly know something was wrong with their baby girl, so she made it a priority to avoid them, for the time being. Besides they couldn't actually help in her current situation. That and she had yet to inform them about the engagement yet. She groaned internally. Couldn't she just get a break?

The stress was getting to her, and she took great joy in the small break between the end of school and the beginning of Glee rehearsal. Her senior year wasn't supposed to be this stressful, was it? She should be happy and upbeat again now that she received her letter, but instead she was just as lackluster as she had been when she was freaking out over the potential of not getting in. In fact she may actually be worse than she was then. At the time she only had one big problem, and now she had…

1. An engagement with Finn, that she wasn't sure she was ready for

2. Having to tell her dads about said engagement, and potentially having to coax them into supporting them

3. Quinn

She was about to elaborate on that third point, when she saw Kurt approaching her. "You okay, Rachel?"

"Fine, what makes you ask that?"

"Well, you've hardly spoken, you didn't eat at lunch, you've also had this far-gone look on your face throughout day, and I also know for a fact that you haven't told Finn about your NYADA letter."

"You didn't tell him, did you?" she jumped up from the bench she was sitting on, eyes wide full of panic.

"No, of course not." Rachel calmed down and sat back down. "I know you'd want to be the one to tell him, I just don't get why you haven't yet," he said as he sat beside her. "I get it," he began, noting that she was clearly upset. "You're afraid of how he'll react, but Finn's a big boy; he'll get over it."

"It's not that simple."

"Pray tell, why not?"

"He proposed." The words came out soft and quick that it took Kurt a few seconds to register what he just heard. When he finally did, he just stared at her, his mouth opening and closing trying to form words that wouldn't escape his lips. "Finn proposed," Rachel repeated, still no response. "And I said yes," she continued answering Kurt's unspoken question. Words still escaped Kurt, but by reading his lips it seemed that he was trying to say 'are you crazy?'

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