Title: Relentlessly Craving

Warning: Explicit Sexual Content in this chapter! Yep! My first shot at smut, followed by a little bit of violence... So, beware minors! Oh and this is slash (male/male) do not read if you are disgusted (What the hell are you doing here anyway?) and if you don't know what m/m means, please go away and watch The Powerpuff Girls, thank you :)

Pairing: Blaine/Sam DUH! Orcas are left for the gay sharks XD

Disclaimer: Ok, if you didn't notice I do not own Glee and I don't write hour-long chapters so, I'm not related to Fox or Glee. And even though I have my suspicions, I'm not declaring by writing this piece of fiction that Darren or Chord are gay and in a relationship. At all.

Well, hereby I present, Chapter 2 of the Relentlessly Craving Series. This one may be more interesting for you, more fun. It's my first shot at smut, so I'm sorry if you feel as cold as an ice-cube :-/

I Only Hurt The Ones I Love.

Blood flowed out of the boxing bag in streaks, as powerful as the fists that had provoked the damage.
Nice one Sam! Now you're thinking in metaphors! He rolled his eyes at himself and his thoughts. Here he was, in the middle of the gym, watching, or rather creeping, at the hottest young man he'd ever seen. Not that he had ever thought of another man like that, Sam was completely straight, until Blaine came into the mix. Especially when he was wearing just shorts and a tank top, and sweat covered his body, running down every curve and making his primal look even darker. Sam rolled his eyes again, his thoughts were betraying him and well his circulatory system wasn't helping either; Maybe Blaine would like that, metaphors...chivalry, a man, gentle touches and cuddling. Or maybe he'd rather go Shawshank on me.

His thoughts were interrupted by a sequence of feral punches and a very deep breath coming from Blaine. Then he felt it, Blain was angry. Like, really angry. Now, the question is why such a poised guy would be as angry as this. Last time I've seen him like this was a few days ago when we fought, but I haven't talked to him in a while, and at Sectionals everything was fine. Unless...

Blaine interrupted his thoughts with bitterness in his tongue."You're gonna keep creeping? Punch "Cause I could keep hitting this bag till the world ends" Punch
Fuck! He's seen me! Fuck Fuck Fuck! I must be such a weirdo right now. "Um.." Great, now I'm a stupid weirdo.
"You know" he exhaled. "A couple of days ago your face was there" Blaine said pointing the centre of the punching bag. He looked at Sam for an endless second and then rushed into a frenzy, hitting the bag as fast and hard as he could. Punch Punch Punch Punch Punch Punch.
Sam exhaled deeply, and answered with a hurt whisper: "And now?"
It had been a soft murmur but it had been audible enough for Blaine to freeze in position and bring a shadow over himself.
Sam hadn't meant it like that, at all. He wanted to know whether his image had improved in Blaine's eyes or if hate still coursed through the shorter man's veins. Instead, he found a shattered boxer trying to hide his pain inside of gloves. Punch. Punch Punch. Blaine was still at it apparently, but his eyes were somewhere else, Sam could tell. A broken breath came out from the brunette's mouth, followed by three consecutive punches, each weaker than the previous one. Sam slowly walked towards Blaine, trying to figure out what to do in the meantime, somehow thrown off by the sudden confession. It wasn't long before the first sob erupted from the other man's lips. It was strained, as if it had been fought but released a moment after. It hurt Sam when he heard it; there had to be a lot of emotion behind it, damage. The theory was proven right when a second longer one resounded in the almost empty room.

"Blaine" Sam whispered while moving closer to the other boy. The nearer he got the louder and more frequent the sobs became. Blaine insisted and punched the duffel bag with all of the strength he had. Punch Punch. Blaine was shaking by the time Sam was a step away from him; the brunette attempted to hit the bag again with full force, and he did but before coming back to a standing position, the daze took over him and obliged him to close his eyes. Jumping from his position Sam reached out to grab Blaine before he fell, forcing the smaller one to turn around and face him, Sam realized two things: one, Blaine was heavier than what he expected, and two, tears were running down his cheeks. Blaine was beautiful and a good person, he didn't deserve this, exhausting himself till passing out.

While Sam held a drained Blaine, whose eyes fought to burst open, he was left in a trance. He shifted their positions a little and got to sit on a bench while holding the other man. He couldn't resist it and ran his fingers through the skin, washing the sweat away with tender strokes. He massaged the muscles and moist hairs on Blaine's skin, but then he noticed how enthused he was as well. The situation was getting awkward; Sam wanted to soothe and lull the boy, not arouse himself, and to make it even odder, Blaine opened his eyes revealing want. Shocked, Sam gulped and stared at the hazel eyes that inspired his dreams. He was taken aback by the sudden loss of weight when the shorter got up, but was soon even more astonished when he regained it. Blaine was now straddling him and resting his hands on his chest, hunger in his eyes and the Devil in his smile.

Their eyes locked for a second, and then fire exploded inside of the room, when their lips followed the same path. The kiss was tender for a brief instant, but a groan escaped Blaine's mouth provoking them to force themselves on each other. It became rough and aggressive, making both moan and grab at each other. The brunette clawed at the blonde's pectoral muscles and pinched them in a certain occasion, making the straddled boy cry out in satanic pleasure, while cupping and squeezing Blaine's butt cheeks.
"God Blaine" he cried, moaning deeper when he felt the wet mouth travelling down his neck, biting, eating it, claiming it. The straddler grinned and took his time tasting the skin and leaving what was golden, in a bloody red. Following his partner's example, he trailed his hands to palm the other's round cheeks, but his grip grew stronger the tougher he bit the skin near Sam's shoulder blades. He massaged his buttocks while letting his mouth leave sloppy kisses on the bruises he had left. The blonde groaned and took Blaine's face in his hands, forcing the lips back on his. As both began to eat each other and grab as much of each other as they could, the temperature rose and their bodies began producing sweat, making their fingers slide on the skin and driving their senses wild. Sam reached the point of insanity when Blaine chewed on his fleshy lips, and moaned loudly with primal yellow eyes and deep grunts to follow. Instinctively he grabbed Blaine's shoulders and forced himself on his mouth as he pushed the other man against the wall, devouring him in the process. When he decided to move down from the shorter's man mouth, a hand was placed behind his head directing his every move, while guttural moans filled the room. Brutality steamed from both bodies whilst hands roamed over muscles and fresh scars.

Sam broke the charm by stepping back and looking at Blaine. He waited for a second, dilated pupils meeting and communicating secretly. Before any protest could be made, Sam ripped Blaine's top aggressively and growled at the hot body of the short man in front of him. So hot. He licked his lips and pounced on the uncovered torso, licking and tugging at the hairy and manly pectorals of his partner. Blaine gasped and groaned holding onto Sam's head while arching himself onto the other body. "Oh Fuck, Sam. Yeah..." he sighed. Driven completely animal by his hormones Sam went to attack on the abs of the hairy chest, sliding his tongue over the skin, and sending a rush of endorphins into Blaine's brain. The brunette tugged at the blonde hair and released needy moans of desperation while Sam enjoyed the feeling of skin under his lips. A rough hand pulling his hair took him on a spacial trip for less than a second as he screamed Blaine's name while being pulled down, to face moist skin and the waistband of Blaine's shorts. The shorter man bucked his hips against the big and sexy mouth of the one who was holding his underwear and shorts with his teeth and slowly rolling them down, smelling the poisoning scent of pubes just inches from him.

Once the pants and boxers were down, it took Sam to look up and meet Blaine's eyes, as if asking permission to make him reach the best orgasm of his life. Yet, that same look awoke Blaine from the state he had been in. He blinked at the blonde under him and at his manhood; once it downed on him, the arousal was gone and morphed into anger. Blaine pushed Sam off him with disgust in his face, slapping him in the face. The first pang of pain took Sam by surprise and when he looked up in confusion, Blaine kicked him in the chest, pushing him farther away. Before leaving, the hazel eyed boy put on his top and shot Sam a death sentencing glare.
"I hate you" he spat venomously.
Hurt, shock and confusion hit him the hardest while the other man took off. Both green and hazel had burnt with desire less than a minute ago and now hate blazed through the cloud-burst Sam suddenly felt had materialized over his head. He bit his lip in frustration.

Why does all of this crap keep happening to me? I'm fucking tired.
Before he could cry though, his phone beeped:

Santana: "Nice show Trouty. Oh, and 20 minutes left for you to be late for the Auditorium Loser Assembly. Xx.

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