Author's Notes: Written for Forum Birthday Challenge #15 on xoxLewrahxox's Bellatrix Lestrange: The Dark Lord's Most Faithful forum.

Write a drabble using strange metaphors

104 words.


"I hate being part of the Black family!" Andromeda burst out, sitting down hard on the grass next to Ted.

"What do you hate about it?" he asked. It was unusual to see Andromeda in such a state.

"It's like…" Andromeda waved one hand through the air. "It's like being a bird in a cage and the cage is being thrown off a cliff by all the other birds and is hurtling down into a pit of lava while the other birds laugh and get married to… What?"

Ted had burst out laughing.

"Dromeda," he said, "I think that metaphor got away from you."