Chase stared into the shopping cart he was pushing. It was filled with every junk food imaginable. Chips, soda, cookies, candy. The pile also seemed to get bigger and bigger.

After Zac and Dylan had arrived from the airport, they'd decided to tackle their grocery shopping. Chase was put in charge of pushing the cart while the rest of the guys threw what they wanted into it. But they weren't filling it with anything edible! Chase loved junk food, but he knew there was a limit to how much he could eat.

"How about some fresh fruits and vegetables, guys?" Chase asked but didn't get a response back.

"You can go get that if you want some," Logan said as he threw in a box of ice-cream sandwiches. Logan was always healthy and fit. Because of basketball and track, he exercised everyday and his mom made sure that their chefs at home made proper, healthy meals especially during the play-offs, so he just wanted to indulge this week.

"Mind pushing the cart for a while?" asked Chase.

"Logan, I need help carrying these soda cases to the car!" shouted Michael.

"Sorry man. Looks like you're stuck with the job still," Logan said as he went to help Michael.

Chase sighed and began to turn a corner, but had crashed with another cart due to the amount of people there.

"Oh," the girl started. "I'm sorry."

Chase was in shocked as the girl came into view.

He thought she looked amazing.

Zoey was 5'4 and was wearing a navy blue tank top tucked into a white tulle skirt which reached her knees with a pair of black rhinestone sandals. Her blonde locks fell across her shoulders.

"I'm not usually this clumsy, but the store is so full. I didn't break anything of yours, did I?" Zoey asked as she took a peek at his cart. "Seems like this belongs to a bunch of guys. No healthy nutrients at all, huh?" she joked.

Voice! Voice!Chase told himself. Find your voice and say something before she leaves. Before it's too late.

"Are you okay?" Zoey asked putting a hand on Jason's shoulder after he still didn't reply. "I didn't hit you that hard did I?"

She was touching him. SHE WAS TOUCHING HIM!

"Fine. I'm fine," Chase said as he finally found his voice, and he began taking deep breaths trying to calm himself down.

"That's good then," Zoey said ready to walk away.



"I'd like you number. You know, just in case something does happen to me. I'd need to know where to tell the doctor to send the bill."

"Well, I don't normally give my number to the enemy."

Enemy? Chase had no clue what she was talking about.

As reading his mind, Zoey pointed to his t-shirt. "You go to Pacific Coast Academy."

Chase looked down at his shirt for a second before replying. "And that's a problem?

"It is if you go to West Coast Academy."

"You go to WCA? We're from the same town?"


"Wow, what a coincidence."

Or maybe it wasn't. Maybe it was fate. Maybe he was meant to meet this girl today."

"How long have you lived in the Los Angeles area?" he asked.

"All my life."

"Me too."

"Where do you like to hang out?"

"Well, we love to go to Sprinkles Cupcakes and Burger Hut."

"Me too," exclaimed Chase. "It's funny how we never ran into each other before."

Zoey just shrugged. "I guess it's our lucky day."

Is it ever? Chase thought. "So, can I have your number?"

"Only if you tell me your name."

Duh! I haven't told her my name yet. "I'm Chase. Chase Matthews"

"Nice to meet you, Chase. I'm Zoey Brooks," Zoey said as she pulled out her cell phone. "If you give me your number, I'll call you."

Chase told her his number and she called him, letting it go to his voicemail.

"Got it!" he exclaimed.

The two of them got to know each other a little more before Nicole and Dana ran up to her with fruits and soda.

"Who's your little friend here?" Nicole asked nudging Zoey as she looked Chase up and down before slowly nodding her approval to Zoey.

"His name's Chase and I kind of ran into him. Literally. With the shopping cart. Chase, these are my best friends, Dana Cruz and Nicole Bristow."

"Hi," said Dana.

"Hi," said Nicole. "I'm Nicole. So nice to meet you. Isn't it nice, Dana, huh. Chase, you should..." Nicole said before Dana clamped her hand on Nicole's mouth and glared at her and Nicole nodded before Dana removed her hand.

"Hey," replied Jason.

"Why don't we take the shopping cart and you can continue talking to Chase," suggested Nicole.

"No, it's okay. We were just about done, anyways."

"Are you doing anything tonight, Chase?" asked Nicole.

"No plans so far. Why?"

"Well, we're having a barbeque tonight. You should totally come over."

"I don't know," Chase started. "I don't want to intrude on you guys.

"Yeah, you definitely should," insisted Zoey.

Chase was shocked. Zoey wantedhim to come. Okay, so maybe this wasn't an official date, but maybe if they had a good time here, they'd go out again. Just the two of them.

"So you'll come?" asked Dana.

"I'll be there," replied Chase.

"And if you have any friends as cute as you, bring them too," Nicole said with a little giggle.

"Here's our address," said Zoey as she pulled out a slip of paper and a pen from her purse, writing it down then handing it to him. "We'll see you tonight."

Then, she, Dana, and Nicole walked away towards the chips aisle.

Chase had a smile on his face until he looked at the address Zoey wrote down.

He blinked his eyes in disbelief and his stomach sank.

It couldn't be…

But it was.

That was the address of the house next door which meant she was one of the girls that Logan had saw.

Suddenly, he wished he hadn't agreed to that bet…