When they arrived back at the beach house, Dana, Nicole, and Zoey went into the room Nicole and Zoey shared while Kristen and Jade started setting up everything in the backyard.

"Okay, now let's talk about you, Zoey," Dana said as she sat down on the edge of Nicole's bed.

"What about me, D?"

"What was that thing going on with Chase?"

"What thing?"

"Oh, don't play dumb with me. You were obviously flirting with him. You like him, don't you?"

"Maybe I do. Maybe I don't."

"You totally do. You invited him to our barbeque tonight."

"Actually, Nicole did."

"But you were the one who insisted on him coming," Nicole fired back.

Zoey knew there was no way she was going to win this argument especially if she gets teamed up on.

"Fine. Fine. I think he's cute and I've got a small crush on him."

"Obviously," replied Dana.

"So do you know what you're going to wear tonight? We better get dress soon so we can set up," said Nicole. "We totally have to look cute because there will be cute guys there. Do you guys think we'll meet cute guys? I hope we do because…"

"Nicole, shut up!" yelled Dana.

"Sorry," Nicole replied.

"I don't know. I have nothing to wear," complained Zoey

"What do you mean you have nothing to wear? You pretty much raided Vanessa's closet in search of the cutest clothes before we came here," said Nicole. Vanessa was Zoey's older sister by two years, a freshman in college.

"I know, but what happens when he finds out that I don't dress like this every day? I brought tons of dresses and skirts, so what should I do when he finds out I wear ordinary tops and jeans pretty much every day!?"

"Stop freaking out. You'll be fine," comforted Dana. "Nothing's set in stone yet."

"Okay," Zoey sighed. "Will you guys help me pick out an outfit for tonight?"

"Of course," replied Nicole completely happy about that while Dana just sat watching, amused as Nicole threw clothes out of Zoey's closet for her to try on.

Dana kept what she was wearing while Nicole had on a white ribbed tank top tucked into a hot pink bubble skirt and nude strappy sandals.

Zoey was wearing a coral ribbed tank top tucked into a navy blue floral skirt and black strappy sandals.

"This doesn't look too dressy does it?" Zoey questioned as she looked down at her outfit after she asked Jade and Kristen to help her with her make-up.

"No, you look cute, but it doesn't look like you had put in too much effort," replied Dana sick of watching the two girls freak out over their hair, make-up, and outfits. "Now that we're done, let's go help Jade and Kristen set up."

Chairs were set up by the pool, the barbeque grill was going, and tons of food were already out. There were people Jade and Kristen knew that were in Miami, so they invited them, as well.

"Which one are you interested in?" Logan asked Chase, as they walked into the backyard, where the barbeque was taking place. They had been let in by Kristen who was in the kitchen getting more soda.


"What does she look like?" asked Logan.

Before he got an answer, Jade went up to them to introduce herself.

"Hi! My name's Jade. You must be the guys my sister and her friends invited. Well, make yourself at home."

"Thanks," said Michael as he grabbed a handful of potato chips from the bowl Jade was carrying.

Just then, Zac and Dylan arrived, and Jade went to great them. Instantly, they turned on the charm, making her laugh. Unlike himself, they both knew how to turn on the charm with girls.

Chase was getting nervous and his hands were beginning to sweat. He wiped them on the side of his shorts. He had changed his outfit four times before decided on a pair of khakis shorts and a yellow polo with black flip flops.

"Calm down, man," said Logan. "Just be yourself."

"But I'm not myself, remember?" Chase said, bringing up their bet. "I'm you."

"Well, at least you can impress her."

"Yeah, but only for a week," Chase shot back. "What happens when we go back home and I'm myself again? She lives in our city!"

"You're thinking beyond this week?" asked Michael. "Dude, chill out."

"Yes! No! I don't know!"

"Just have fun," advised Logan. "You don't know if it's going to work out or not."

"He's right, so just enjoy the perks of being Logan Reese this week," Michael said. "So which one is she?"

Just then, the girls walked out each carrying two bottles of two liter soda and talking at the same time. Nicole was on the left, Dana in the middle, and Zoey on the right.

"There she is," said Chase. "The one on the right."

"She's alright," said Michael. "Now which one do you want?" he asked Logan.

"They're both hot, but I want to talk to the one in the middle," replied Logan, grinning.

"That's Dana and the other one is Nicole."

"Hey Chase," Zoey called. "Want to help me barbeque?"

Chase's eyes lit up as he abandoned Logan and Michael and went over to Gabriella. Michael then left to talk to Nicole while Logan walked over to Dana.

Zoey stared longingly at the spare ribs and corn Chase was eating. She desperately wanted a bite of it, but with the barbeque sauce and the possible chance of getting corn stuck in her teeth, she decided again it. That was definitely not the look that she wanted.

"You sure you don't want some?" asked Chase as he took another bite of his ribs. "It's delicious."

"That's fine. I'll stick to my hotdog," she replied slightly lifting up her ordinary hotdog; she didn't even risk putting ketchup on it. "Thanks for helping me barbeque."

"No problem," Chase answered. "It was fun."

"Well, you seemed pretty good at it."

"In the kitchen, no, but barbequing is easy. All you do is toss the meat on the grill and flip it a few times. You know, this is so weird. Not only are we from the same town, but our beach houses are next to each other."

"Maybe it was fate."


"Yeah. Maybe we were destined to meet each other."

"Yeah, maybe. That could be, but what I do know is that I want to go out with you tomorrow. What do you say?"

"Sure," answered Zoey squealing on the inside. Date number two. Perfect!

"Hey," greeted Michael as he stood in line behind Michael to get his food.

"Oh hey," said Nicole turning around to look at him. He's cute.

"So, how are you enjoying Miami so far?"

"I don't know. We just got here today, but it's been fun."

"That's cool," said Michael. "So did we. When are you guys leaving?"

"We're staying for a week, so we're leaving on Sunday."

"Same here."

They got their food and went to sit down at a table together talking the whole time.

"Do you want to go exploring with me tomorrow? Let's see what this city has to offer." Michael asked.

"That sounds good. I don't think my friends and I have any plans yet."

Dana was sitting on a chair looking at her best friends. She was glad they had each found a guy and it looked like they really kicked it off. She took a bite of her salad as she felt someone sit next to her.

"Hey there sexy. I'm Logan." He slid an arm around her and gave her a smirk.

"And I'm not interested," replied Dana pushing his arm off her.

"Wanna make out?"

"Want a bruised lip?"

"Awww… girls won't want to make out with me then."

"Not my problem." Dana then got up and found another spot.

Logan was shocked. Never in his life had a girl turned him down, but deep down inside, he was slightly happy. He followed her to her new spot.

"Why not? I like you. You like me. It's perfect."

Dana just scoffed. "Yeah, right. I'd never date a guy like you."

"And how am I like?"

"Spoiled, obnoxious, cocky, egotistical, and you must think you own the world. How much time do you have here?"

Never had a girl spoken like this to him before. "I must admit, you're pretty good at making judgments."

"I would say they're pretty accurate."

"Why don't we start over? I'm Logan Reese," said Logan as he introduced himself, staring at her to see if she had a reaction over his name.

"Dana Cruz." And she hadn't. Either she was a really good actress or she really didn't know who he was.

"So, are you the one responsible for getting Chase and Zoey together?" asked Logan, trying to make small talk.

Dana just let out a little laugh. "I can't take credit for Zoey's skill with a shopping cart.

Logan tried talking to her, but all he got were either one or two word answers.

"Well, nice nottalking to you," Logan said as he finished eating as so did Dana.

"What?" Dana asked as she turned her head so she was looking at him ready to disagree with him.

"You barely talked to me."


"And there you go again," replied Logan. He genuinely wanted to get to know this girl, and she didn't want him.

"Well, sorry," she said looking away.

Logan rolled his eyes before asking, "Do you have any plans tomorrow?"

"I don't think so. Why?"

"Do you want to go out tomorrow? A day at the beach."

"I told you I'm not going out with you."

"Who said anything about a date? I just want to be friends. What's wrong with two friends hanging out at the beach? Come on," Logan urged. "You know you want to. It'll be fun. Walking along the shore, feeling the sand between your toes, collecting seashells, making sand castles, swimming in chlorine-free water. You didn't come all the way down to Miami to spend your time by the swimming pool, did you? You could have stayed at home and gone to Pacific Springs Country Club for that.

"Oh alright. What time did you want to go?"

"I'll pick you up at ten."


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