Chapter 1: Accelerated Learning

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Summary: Harry finds Naruto manga at an early age and tries to decide his own fate.

This is a challenge fic from darkyshana.

P.S-I'm American, but I picked up a few British words that are smattered throughout the story.

Harry Potter was always a smart little boy. So intelligent in fact, that he learned to read when other children were still learning how to talk. His first experience with written words was when he was just two years old and his aunt "lost" him at the park.

One minute his aunt told him to go play on the slides and by the time he reached the bottom he could not see her on the park bench nor could he see his cousin on the swings. He searched in and around the park for his relatives. Harry was upset, not because his aunt left him they did that all the time. No, he was upset because they had gone to a new park today. The park was almost thirty minutes away from the house by car.

He should have known something was going to happen when he was given almost a whole plate of food after his morning chores. So instead of standing around he tried to remember which direction he came from. That was also something he learned the first time his aunt left him somewhere, he had a wicked since of direction.

When decided he started walking. He hoped to make it home before supper, but knew it probably wouldn't happen. Now at two years old he still didn't have the stamina to continue walking for long periods, so soon tired out. After all those twists and turns the road seemed to take he found himself in front of a large building that had people going in and out of.

He decided to go in when he saw children going in and out as well, figuring he wouldn't be noticed and could find a place to rest a bit. When he got inside he was amazed at all the things he saw. There were so many people and chairs and books and computers in this one place. Now being a good child Harry immediately sought out a chair away from everyone, so as not to bother people.

He made his way over to one of the quieter corners. His head was down and mouth closed, making sure not to bump into anyone. He was almost there when he felt someone grab his arm. Looking up he saw that it was an older woman .

"Hello dear. The children's room is this way." She told him while leading him to the other side of the building. "Honestly, people just leaving their children at the front doors these days." She said under her breath.

Harry not wanting to get in trouble decided to follow her to a brightly colored door. It was unlike the other colors of the library. It was a bright orange splattered with reds and purples and greens. Stepping through the door his vision was assaulted with more colors, even the foam mat on the floor was multi-colored.

There were kids everywhere ranging from his age to pre-teens. The woman that brought him there shooed him towards the other kids while she started talking to a woman who appeared to work there. For once Harry had fun playing with other kids his age.

"Well its naptime everyone." Said the teen that was watching the younger age groups.

In a small voice Harry spoke up. "I don't take naps."

"Oh that's o.k. you can sit up with the other non-sleepers." She said leading him over to a girl and two boys around his age. She then left to put the other children down for sleep.

He shyly looked at the other three children who in turn were looking at him, albeit more openly.

"Hi, my name is Sara." The girl said stepping towards Harry so that the other two boys were slightly behind her. "This is David and Brian." She said pointing back. "Can you talk yet? Brian and David didn't before they came here, but I could and I helped them talk."

"Harry looked at her awkwardly before answering. "My name is Harry and yes I can talk."

""Oh good, well Harry today is Saturday. Which means the caretakers are helping the first graders with writing and spelling. While everyone else is sleeping we are going to sneak over to the reading section so we can learn to read to. Don't expect to get it on the first try. We've been doing this for like five Saturdays and I only know a little bit."

"I don't think I should be doing this. What if we get in trouble?" Harry said timidly.

Sara just looked at him like he was being silly. " We're not going to get in trouble Harry. We do this every week. The adults that watch us encourage us to learn all we can. If we learn to read now then school will be easy."

Sara led the three boys past the room divider to the other side making sure to stay as quiet as possible.

Sara was wrong. Harry caught on to learning like the flu. He quickly memorized the letters and sounds of each letter making it easier to sound things out. He even learned the definition of smaller words. It was so easy for him in fact that he noticed he could read the map of the surrounding areas that was on the wall.

Everything was going good after the bimpy start at the park, then it came time to close up. While the daycare didn't mind the parents leaving their children at the front door, it was a policy that parents had to come inside to get the kids.

"O.k. everyone put your supplies away. It's time to go home for the day." One of the daycare workers said.

Harry taking a look at the map again quickly came up with a plan.

"Sara, I need to leave but no one is coming to pick me up. Do you think you could help me."

Sara seeing her new friend getting worried agreed to help him.

"Thanks, I just need something to distract the grownups so I can slip out."

Sara suddenly got a slightly demented grin on her face causing the three boys to take a quick step back.

"Oh Harry this is going to be so fun. You need to hurry up and go wait close to the door. When I give the signal, book it." She said while moving things around in her area.

Harry deciding to trust his new friend got ready and hid behind a shelf close to the door. It felt like forever before he heard what he thought was the signal. He soon learned why Sara was smiling earlier. It seemed his friend liked dramatics because all he saw and heard before making it out the door was Sara screaming at the top of her lungs and throwing things at the adults who tried to approach her.

Quickly making it to the front door Harry pulled a picture of the map up in his mind. If it was right then Privet Drive was only seven blocks away. As he stepped outside he saw that the sun was going down it being six o'clock in the afternoon.

With his head down and walking at a brisk pace Harry reached his house in fifteen minutes. As he walked up to the door he wondered how he was going to get inside. It was dinnertime so the Dursleys should be downstairs in the dining room so he knocked on the door hard to catch someone's attention.

He silently prayed that his aunt answered the door. Holding his breath as it opened, he soon realized his earlier luck had run out. There blocking the doorway with his massive girth was his uncle Vernon. His face was rapidly turning purple.

"Get inside now." He choked out through clenched teeth.

Harry hurriedly stepped inside and as soon as the door was closed he was bodily picked up by the back of his shirt and thrown into the cupboard where he was made to sleep. Blinking away the confusion he heard the lock click shut.

"Who was at the door Vernon." Petunia said as her husband sat down. From his flustered appearance she knew whoever it was brought bad knews.

"The boy is back." Was all Vernon said for the rest of the night.

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