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Chapter 3: Mission Impossible

This wasn't going according to plan. The part that troubled me and the thing I hadn't expected was Joanna's resistance. If anything, I expected Dean would be the problem. Watching him now - the way he smiles even as he holds the ring in his palm and watches her walk away, I'm astonished by how much he's grown. Turning my chair away from the monitor, I smile at the three men standing in front of my desk.

Gabriel and Balthazar exchange looks. Gabe takes a large bite of a candy bar and shrugs while Balthazar just stands there trying to remain unemotional. They try not to show it, but both are hopeless romantics.

Castiel's head tilts to the right and he frowns, his eyes dropping to the floor as he shoves his hands into the pockets of his trench coat. He's the closest to the pair and I can tell he finds this behavior disturbing.

"Thought you said this wouldn't be a problem, Boss..." Gabe says, addressing me around a mouthful of chocolate and caramel.

I sigh and stare at the frozen image of the glittering object resting against Dean's calloused palm. The trouble with free will is you can't predict it - even when you're supposed to know what will happen. "Shouldn't have been."

Cas shakes his head, his voice coming in a flat monotone. "Joanna is stubborn..."

"Gee, Cas, ya think?" Gabe asks, looking toward his brother with a furrowed brow.

They amuse me greatly. Creating them was one of the best ideas I've ever had. As Cas and Gabe continue with their bickering, my eyes turn to the third of my angels. The one who's adopted the look of an aging rock star and is obsessed with leather pants.

His voice slow, the tone of his accent melodic, Balthazar says, "She has to marry him."

I nod in agreement. I'm not going back on my word and they know it - Dean and Jo will live a long and happy life together. But there is something. Something that involves a particular time table in order for everything to align properly. It's for this reason that the next words escape me with a deep sigh. "Sooner rather than later."

"I don't understand. Can't we restore her memories?" Cas asks. He feels for them. Dean isn't the only one who's grown through this experience.

"Too risky," Gabe tells him. He knows humans can only handle so much. I think he was surprised that Jo's brain wasn't scrambled in her return from Hell.

"We could show her...show them," Balthazar offers. "Perhaps that would spark something in the Harvelle girl."

I like how I often don't have to tell them where I'm going or what I'm thinking. We're all on the same page. We know what we're looking at and how much time we have to make the window. "Balthazar, research the best options. Focus on convincing Jo to accept this life." He nods, his mouth twisting mischievously as he quickly makes his exit. My attention returning to the remaining angels, I tell them, "Castiel, talk to Dean. Gabriel, you've got Jo."

Gabe's shoulders slump and he whines, "Why do I always have to deliver that piece of news?"