Voice Cover One Raven: People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead

Voice Cover Two Draven: But sometimes something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with and the can't rest

Voice Cover Three Daphanie: Then sometimes, just some, the crow can bring that soul back to make the wrong things right

On a rainy devils night, seven cars dove up to a black castle and outcome Tin Tin, Fun Boy, Skank, Top Dollar, Myca, T. Bird, and Grange in V formation. As they approached the castle, Tin Tin flares out his knifes in both hands then licks them, smiling. Fun Boy and Skank run into the castle, while T. Bird follows behind, breaking every window that leads up to Raven and Draven's room. Top Dollar breaks their door down and in follow Myca and Grange dashing in; Grange grabs Draven as Myca grabs Raven. While Top Dollar grabs the ropes and hangs them just above the ceiling.

Myca says, "Romeo, Romeo, where art thou, Romeo looks like Juliet's, left you hangin" to Raven. While Grange wraps one of the ropes around Draven"s neck, Raven bites Myca and dashes across the room for a knife. Top Dollar grabs her from behind and drags her parallel to Draven and puts the other rope around Ravens neck.

"She doesn't deserve this," yells Draven trying to get loose.

Skank runs into him, making the rope tighter around Dravens neck and making him lose consciousness. Raven watches with tears in her eyes.

Then all of a sudden, Lola slowly walks into the room singing, "NaNaNa NaNa"

She walks up to Raven, looks up into her eyes and says, "You know Raven, ever since we were kids in school, I always thought your eyes . . . were so beautiful (Lola pauses to grab out a dagger and puts it up to Raven"s eyes) Your eyes have seen thing mine have not"

Lola then cuts out Ravens eyes, holding them in her hand. While Top Dollar takes out the devils book and Lola reads.

"From day,

To night,

Give me,

The sight,

Of a,

Nother light"

Lola's sight goes blurry, everything spins, and then a flash, Lola has stolen Raven's beautiful brown eyes.

Top Dollar wakes up Draven, while having a flashback of him and Draven in their rock band up on stage rockin out. Then all of a sudden, he spots Raven looking up at Draven from the audience. Then Draven grads his shoulder and whispers into his ear, "You still want her don't ya, Dollar?" Top Dollar shakes his head and sighs, "Yeah" Draven slaps Top Dollars shoulder and smirks, "Well quit tryin to steal my girlfriend man."

Top Dollar finally snaps back into reality and forces Draven to look at Raven, while Myca drops the chair from underneath Raven. Draven watches as the blood rushes down Ravens body and grabs Top Dollar as Top Dollar hugs him and harshly says " youre gonna fucking die"

Draven then lets go of Top Dollar. Top Dollar draws back ans says " You know my dady used to say every mans got a devil and you cant rest til you find him."

As Top Dollar goes to cut out Dravens heart he says " Sorry if I ruined your wedding plans there . . . friend ( Top Dollar turns to Lola holding Dravens heart ) Lola. Lola turns to the next page and reads.

" with a heartless soul,

that is so cold,

within my hands,

his heart i behold,

to be,

inside of me.

Draven and Top Dollars hearts switch places turning Top Dollars heart into dust. Top Dolllar grabs Lola and says "How about the rest of you take these two bodies outta here and bury them."

Myca wraps Ravens body in a cloth and throws her into a coffin and Grange does the same to Draven and off they go to bury them in the ground.