I see them there everyday, displayed in bright smiles and candy-colored backdrops. They are my family. I've lived with them, grown up with them, cried and laughed and shared my life with them. I am one of them.

Bob is the impulsive one. He has to choose between Ruth and Helen (that's me) because they're both madly in love with him. Ruth is the life of the party while Helen is the homemaker. But through it all they're a happy family and we all love each other.

I can't touch my family. I can't hold them like I want to. I can't run away with Bob or cry with Ruth or fight against the world. But I'm still with them. I still am one of them. They mail me the scripts and I throw myself into the role and I'm in the family, crying and laughing and living just like them.

There is nowhere else to go, nothing else to do.

There is nothing but the TV.

And somehow, that makes me sad.