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"Rise and shine, Prince Prat," greeted Merlin with a cheerful voice.

It's morning in Camelot and Merlin is waking up the son of Uther, Arthur Pendragon. Arthur groans and turns onto his side.

"Merlin," mumbled Arthur, looking back at Merlin, "It's too early for this. Go back to bed."

Merlin looked at Arthur with confusion.

"Arthur, I'm late waking you up," said Merlin, "Uther has requested to eat breakfast with you and we need to get you ready and quick."

While he was talking, Merlin was trying to get Arthur up by pulling him up by the arm. Arthur pulled his arm away from his manservant.

"Tell my father I'm not coming," said Arthur, going back under his covers, "I rather sleep."

Merlin gasped and placed his hand on Arthur's forehead.

"You're burning up," said Merlin, moving towards the door, "Stay there, I'm going to get Gaius."

"Not like I have a choice," mumbled Arthur.

Merlin ran down to Gaius' chambers, looking frantic.

"Merlin, my boy," said Gaius, when Merlin came in, "What's wrong?"

"It's Arthur," panted Merlin, grabbing Gaius' arm, "He's ill and needs help."

"Hold on dear boy," said Gaius, holding his ward still before getting Merlin to sit in a chair, "Calm down and tell me what happened."

Merlin got out of the chair and told Gaius what had happened that morning while grabbing the physician's stuff.

"Ok, Merlin, calm down, I'm coming," said Gaius, taking his stuff from Merlin, "You go tell Uther that his son is ill and I'll tend to Arthur."

"Alright," said Merlin, running out the door.

Gaius sighs

"That boy," said Gaius, going towards the door, "I swear he's going to be the death of me."

Then he left the room