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The day passed slowly as I watched Bella from a distance. She wasn't where I needed her to be so I had to back off and give her space. It was a necessary evil, but one I would live with to get what I wanted and that was her. But at the moment Bella was the least of my problems.

"There you are!" Bella exclaimed, finally noticing me after over an hour of me watching her as she studied alone. She smiled bright and I was forced to smile in return to match her happiness.

She had barely wrapped me in a tight hug when I heard the low whistle of appreciation that belonged to my so called brother.

"Well, well, well," he teased as he appeared before us with a wicked grin on his scarred face. I felt Bella shudder in my arms as Jasper looked at her in a leering manner that caused my anger to flicker as my hand gripped the girl tighter in reaction to his stare.

"My dear little duckling, maybe you have some self preservation after all," I whispered to my girl who twisted to stare at me, confused as to what I was saying, but Jasper knew and he laughed.

"We'll see about that," he murmured in response as Bella clung a little tighter to me like the good girl she could be. He was making her nervous and in the past such a reaction would have pleased me, but now all it did was add to my agitation.

"Brother, aren't you going to introduce me to this delicate flower?" Jasper asked in a dramatic fashion as Bella looked from me to him with a curious look upon her pretty face. It was that curiosity that would lead her to her end.


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