Hi all just a little teaser before I put up Summer Daze :) this story pretty much follows the line where Nickey Shantae, Mickey's daughter, is sixteen years old and goes to live with Jayd. So without further ado, let's go! :)

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"I'm hooome!" I call out, not even bothering to be quiet.

Because she doesn't work, my mom is always home. So she's gonna find out that I got sent home early anyway.

My mother sashays out of her room with her hands on her designer jean clad hips, and glares at me.

"For God's sake Nickey! What the hell are you doin' home so soon?" she snaps.

I grin and hold up the pink slip I got from my principal. My mom sucks her teeth and snatches it away. She doesn't even bother to read it. She glares at me.

"Were you fighting again?" she asks.

I shrug and push past her to plop down on our red leather sectional. I prop my feet up on the round glass coffee table which, when pulled apart, reveals four short stools that can be used as foot rests. The whole thing cost a little over 4,450 dollars.

Yeah, my dad set us up nice.

After a tumultuous ten year marriage involving: cheating, lying, and arguments. And an even more tumultuous high school relationship involving: cheating, lying, and arguments, prior to that; my mom and Dad finally got separated.

Which wouldn't be surprising if it didn't seem like this time it was actually going to last.

My dad, a professional basketball player, and my mom, a professional spoiled housewife, have been going at it for as long as I can remember. Arguing, fighting, then moving out just to get back together in time for our next out of state move.

With my dad's basketball career, I've moved all over the country; Miami, Atlanta, Indiana, Mississippi. And I've been home schooled by the best my whole life. Until my mom threatened to leave for the final time...

Buckhead ATL

February 26th 2026

It was 2:30 am and I was supposed to be in bed knocked out for the night, but instead I was dressed in a Herve Leger, gold bandage dress and a stolen pair of my mom's fliest kicks ready to sneak out of my second story window and escape to the club with my ATL friends for the night.

However, midway out the window, I was rooted in place by shouts echoing up the stairs. Fortunately for me they weren't directed at my ass. Unfortunately for me, they would mark the end of my family as I knew it.

"I'm sick and tired of the moving Nigel!" My mom screamed.

And she looked it too.

Even though she was only thirty three, deep bags had set up shop under her pretty brown eyes which looked tired and sad, and her tall stance was slumped with exhaustion. She wasn't even dressing like her old self.

Instead of her usual designer skirts, heels, and purses, she opted for sweat suits, casual separates, and bare feet, or running shoes.

"Well I'm sorry Mickey, but that's my career." Daddy shot back.

"I understand that," my mom snapped sarcastically, "but "your career" is exhausting!"

"You think you're the one that's tired?" Daddy stated incredulously. "Oh, I guess spending all that money you don't make on top of the line shit is really tiring!"

Mom lets out a dry laugh, "Good one." her arms are crossed and her brown eyes are flashing angrily.

"Here's a better one," My dad retorts hotly. "I run across that floor practically breaking my ankles, getting athletes foot, coming home sore as hell, long nights, no down time, moving everywhere-"

Mom cuts him off, "That's what you got that degree in music engineering for Nigel! You can leave this whole thing behind and still make great money! You have connections in Cali where the entertainment capital of the world is! We could go to Hollywood! You and Rah can work on your music again-"

"Weren't you the one always pushing me to do this basketball thing? Isn't this why you stuck with me?"

Mom's voice becomes a mere whisper as she tiredly replies, "Don't do that."

But Daddy continues; "Is my money not buying you one hundred thread count sheets to lay down on? Is it not paying for your ridiculous looking nails? Is it not affording us these mansions with all the amenities? Does it not keep these gas guzzling ass luxury vehicle's tanks full? Does it not make sure that Nick Nick has the best education money can buy?"

"That's another thing," my mom interrupts in a voice so uncharacteristically soft that I don't even here her.

I edge a little further out of my room only to find that my parents have inched into the guest entertainment room. Which is a room, that would be exactly what it sounds like, if only we could stay somewhere long enough to entertain guests.

"Think about Nickey," Mama pleads. "Our daughter deserves a normal teenage life. She's been begging us to let her go to a real school, but what's the point in putting her there only to have her transferred two months later? She'll never make real friends, or a boyfriend, or join a swim team, or cheer squad."

I'm touched that Mama has actually thought about my feelings so much. She's not exactly the coddling type, so that was one of the few times, she'd demonstrated much motherly love.

"You think I don't know that? But Nickey will be fine. She makes plenty of friends every time we move and she'll make plenty of friends-"

The fire returns to my mom as she exclaims, "When Nigel? When she's in college? When she's about to enter the workforce? When she's about to get married? The girl is sixteen years old and she still hasn't had any extended interaction with kids her own age. If this continues she'll never develop any social skills."

"Dammit Mickey, what are you saying? I'm tired, and I wanna go to bed." Dad snaps back dismissively.

Angrily my mom replies, "Fine, then sleep on this; Nickey and I are leaving! I'm packing our shit tomorrow and taking the first plane back to L.A."

I gasped loudly. Like I said this wasn't the first time my mom or Dad had threatened to leave, but usually when they did, they set themselves up in a nice hotel where ever we were living at the time. It was the first time one of them had made the decision to leave our resident state all together, and the first time I'd ever felt like my family would be permanently split up.

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