I have to admit, Aunt Jayd, Aunt Nellie, Rahima, and I look damn sexy together. Auntie Jayd in her one shouldered, white mini dress that contrasts against her glowing, brown skin, and gold jewelry; Aunt Nellie in a red mini dress that looks gorgeous especially with her thick brown hair hanging down her back. Rahima in her red carpet ready outfit, and me in my black, silk romper and silver spiked heels. I couldn't resist wiping my long legs down in bronzer to make them shine.

We all arrive in style in Auntie Jayd's sleek, blue convertible with the top down to a club that looks like it'll take forever to get in to. There is a line a mile long outside the sleek looking brick building, and I can hear the smooth beats pumping from the parking lot even with the door is closed.

Aunt Jayd kills the engine and announces, "We're here."

"Let's do this." Aunt Nellie adds, and we slide out of the car.

Aunt Jayd leads the charge taking us right to the front of the line. The beefy, Latino man guarding the front door smiles warmly when he sees Aunt Jayd and Aunt Nellie.

"Hi there, Raul." Aunt Jayd coos, immediately turning on the charm.

"Jayd, Nellie beautiful as ever." he remarks in a strong accent.

Nellie runs a long nailed finger up and down his bicep and asks, "Are you gonna let us in, papi?" she gives him a sexy little pout. "Or are you gonna make us wait?"

Judging from the hungry ass look in his eye, I'd say it's pretty safe to assume that he's gonna let us straight through.

"I should make you work for it." He replies deviously. "Go on through ladies." he says, lifting the red, velvet rope for us much to the bystanders disapproval.

"Thanks, Raul." We say. I can't help, but spare the protesting women a haughty glance. Eat your hearts out. I think to myself.

When we enter the club, the booming bass makes my ears pop, I wince ask I look around the club. Damn! This place is hot! It's like stepping into sea world. There are fish tanks in place of walls, filling the room with an aquatic blue glow, and the exotic fish make for a colorful back drop. A DJ booth is set up against one of the walls where there is no fish tank, and off to the far sides of the room are intimate, plush looking booths.

"Look up." Aunt Jayd yells in my ear. I do. Above us are large tinted windows that remind me of a car.

I lean in toward my Aunt's ear and yell back, "What's up there?"

Auntie gives me a knowing smile and a wink. "You'll see." she replies.

"Let's go Jayd," Aunt Nellie announces, "you know he's up there."

Aunt Jayd takes the lead again. We follow her to a discreet elevator in the back of the club, where Aunt Jayd taps in some code. The doors glide open, and we step in. We soar to the second floor of the three story building.

I try hard not to gawk, but I've never been in a place this swanky before! I mean, the teen clubs I've been to are sweet, but this place makes all those clubs combined look like Chucky Cheese's! The elevator doors open to reveal a long hallway, with a red carpet rolled out in the center of the dark marble floor. On either sides of the walls are long rows of doors, and in between the doors more, large fish tanks are built into the wall. We walk to the door at the very back, and Auntie Jayd taps in a code on the little keypad beside it. The door immediately slides open, and we enter.

"Welcome to our exclusive VIP room Nick nick!" Auntie announces. She, and Aunt Nellie head straight to the silver table that sits right by the tinted window. Rahima heads straight to the mini fridge, and begins to examine it's contents.

Aunt Jayd sinks back into the large, cushioned cream colored chair and sighs. "Himi, babe, pass me a wine cooler, and the remote will you?" She asks, lookin hella comfortable with her high heeled feet propped up on the table.

"Girl, we got freakin Creole sitting here in the middle of the table, and you want some piddly ass wine coolers?" Auntie Nellie chuckles, grabbing the wine off the center of the table along with a glass. "You better step your game up, Ms. Jayd." she raises her wine glass to my Aunt with a smile.

"Need I remind you who this entire room is reserved for exclusively? Aside from baby girl of course," she gestures towards Rahima. "My game needs no more up stepping, I'm urban royalty babe." she replies with her usual sassy smirk.

Aunt Nellie throws back her head and laughs. "Heeeyyy I heard that!" she and Aunt Jayd clink their glasses together.

I shift uncomfortably and nearly sink into the dark carpet. Aunt Jayd takes notice of me and says, "Nickey don't look like that baby, make yourself comfortable. Anything in this room is yours."

I walk over and sink into a seat at the table. "What do you mean Auntie? This room is for you exclusively?" I inquire.

"Yes, baby, these up here are the VIP rooms, and this room is all mine. Everything you see in here was picked out by me, for me."

Wow, my Aunt Jayd is ballin' big time! I think to myself.

Yes she is. I hear my Aunt's voice in my head, and catch her wink. Damn. I keep forgetting that I can't keep anything from my powerful Aunt.

I look around the cozy space.

Off to the center of the room is a large, circular couch in the same cream color as the chairs, it sits in front of a huge flat screen that's built into the wall.

Damn I envy my Aunt's swagger. She's a best selling author with several successful books on politics, race relations, and spirituality, making her one hell of a name not only in California, but pretty much in the entire country. She has connections in high places, and is never without a man. All this, and she's only thirty three!

"This remote here Nick nick," my Aunt pipes up, drawing my attention, "works everything in this room." She twirls the thin, white remote in her fingers before tossing it to me.

I catch it. It's surprisingly solid to be the width of an ipod. I see tiny words like TV, massage, fridge, jacuzzi, and music written under the little buttons. Just then, I hear a ding. I turn and see a tall, fine dark skinned man walk through the doors of yet another hidden elevator.

Auntie Jayd smiles, and Aunt Nellie straightens up.

This is your godfather Nickey. My aunt says in my head.

"Daddy!" Rahima yells. She sprints up to my uncle and throws her arms around him.

"Hey princess." he laughs picking her up in his muscular arms. I can see how solid his build is even through the shiny, white and peach suit. It must be tailored.

When he sets her down he turns his attention to Aunt Jayd. "Jayd, Nellie, glad ya'll could make it."

"Wouldn't miss it Rah." Aunt Nellie responds.

He gives her a smile then leans down to kiss Aunt Jayd on the lips. "Good to see you."

"You too." Aunt Jayd smiles back. They stare at each other for a while, and I don't need to read their minds to see what they're feeling. I can never read Aunt Jayd for some reason anyway.

His warm, dark eyes land on me. He smiles kindly. "And this tall, beautiful thing must be my god baby, little girl I haven't seen you in forever! Come give your Uncle Rah a hug." he insists. I walk up to him awkwardly, but instantly relax against his loving hug. He gives hugs just like daddy, warm, comforting, and protective.

He gives my shoulders a squeeze, and looks down at me. "Your father and I got together a couple of years ago when you guys lived here, but I haven't heard from him much since." He remarks. "Jayd we're so spread apart now, I hardly see ya'll any more." He says sadly. Like Aunt Jayd, he misses the days when their friends were all together. I can feel the pang of sadness in my chest, and it even makes me a bit nostalgic.

Aunt Jayd wraps an arm around his waist. "I know Rah it's sad, but we got each other." That puts a smile on his face.

Suddenly, Aunt Nellie jumps up and says, "Come on girls, let's get our dance on. Jayd we'll see you on the dance floor later."

Aunt Jayd doesn't respond, she's wrapped up in the Uncle Rah's arms, and pretty much tied up for the moment.

"Bye daddy." Rahima says.

"I'll see you on the dance floor, gorgeous." The man responds.

We hop in the elevator, and sail down to the dance floor. On the way , Rahima states, "My daddy, Raheem, owns this place."

"Woah! He's ballin!"

"Yeah, two years ago this place was just an idea, now it's one of the most popular clubs in Cali." Rahima says trying to hide the trace of pride in her voice.

Aunt Nellie leaves us to hit the bar once we get to the first floor. "You young gals don't want an old lush like me hangin around, scaring off these young men anyway."

We laugh. "Come on now Auntie you're not that old." Rahima teases.

Aunt Nellie struts off attracting the attention of damn near every man in her path.

Rahima grabs my arm gently. "Nickey, wanna dance?" she asks.

"Um.." I hesitate. I haven't been dancing with anyone in about a year when I found out how much I sucked at making friends. I've pretty much been club hopping on my own for the past year.

"Come on," Rahima prods whinning a bit. Her round, chocolate brown eyes widen and she cocks her head in almost a child like way. This move must work wonders on the fellas, 'cause it's working on me.

I sigh. "Fine."

Rahima gives that stunning smile, and cheers, "Yay! She pulls me to the center of the dance floor, and we grind to the fast beats. I begin to relax as we dance taking center stage, and the familiar emotion of pure happiness washes over me. I'd forgotten how fun it is to dance with somebody else! I've always fed off of others energy when I dance and tonight is no different. Everybody's care free spirit is entering into me bringing me to a place of unrivaled. The next thing I know I'm outside in the parking lot, shoes off, and stumbling to a car being escorted by a group of five boys.

Sorry for the late ass update you guys this is a longer chap.