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I started a fan fiction featuring wolves divided in different tribes, battling each other for control in a fictional world. The basic premise is something I borrowed from the Sengoku Jidai. While the story is all self made you might see references from the GNG/GDW series. I try to keep it to the basics such as wolves walking on all 4 paws and not using weapons like katanas and stuff. Obviously though I will have to exaggerate at some point. Fun fact though, this story came to me in a dream a few weeks ago and I have expanded on it since.

Enjoy this prologue to set the mood and please review if you have the time.


"This life has now passed away"

"He is with the ancestors today"

"Enjoying a better life anew"

"His memory shall we carry through"

"Until we again rendezvous"

"As we burry Arkadi and see him into the afterlife amongst our ancestors, we must all remember to fight with a heart as pure and with even more honor". The black wolf finished his speech with howling in sheer honor of the deceased wolf.

In a forest far to the north lies the arctic paradise of Coldcrest woods. Well paradise is giving it fair credit if I don't drag the ongoing war into it. We are many Tribes spread around the woods, some bigger than others. Amongst these we find different kinds that are ferocious, pacifists', cunning and at times arrogant. My name is Clitus I'm a black wolf and part of the Cephaulus Tooth Tribe. I'm a subordinate for the alpha Shiro and amongst one his most respected fighters.

Today we are sending a rather special wolf into the afterlife. That wolf is my father Arkadi, he wasn't exactly as respected as I am, but my position earned him a worthy departure. When my father lost my mother in a fire, he felt it was his duty to offer me the best protection he could, so he took me with him and joined the ranks of Cephaulus Tooth as an omega, where he had to fight hard for his food. He didn't make much of a name for himself, so he instead spend most of his time raising me in his way of honor, and he always made a great deal in respecting his opponent. When I was 2 years old it was the time of the year were all sons had to fight for their ranking in the pack and it would all be decided in a tournament. I owed my father that I would do better than him with my life, and I trained hard day and night for the tournament.

When the day arrived I was pumped to show my worth, and it all went well, I even went as far as to beat some of the betas' to reach the finals. My opponent in the final was the alpha's son. He had a notorious reputation for being fast, smart and strong; I was scared and doubted my own abilities. I think my father had sensed that since he walked up to me before the final round and spoke to me. "Clitus, you have already exceeded anything any omega could ever do, but you still owe your opponent the best your abilities can muster."

Had my father not spoken to me that day, I might not have made it to where I am today. Rightfully so I went into the fight and made it out as the victor. Shiro was greatly disappointed in his son, but recognized my skills and choose to make me his subordinate with special privileges. It meant I would always have my food served to me, my own den and most importantly a mate with approval to mate and create new pups for our future cause. It however also meant vigorous training, and Shiro had plans of me taking the spot as his personal bodyguard. Life was good and most importantly I got to travel with Shiro into different territories to ensure alliances.

"Clitus!" A feminine voice echoed through the den. The female approached Clitus and nuzzled his muzzle with her own. "I suggest you get outside if you want breakfast." The female left the den and Clitus followed. His breakfast consisted of deer fawn, needless to say he wasn't impressed at the chance for tender meat.

"The hunter's are getting lazy too I see." He said slightly annoyed and turned his head to the female who had already begun eating and didn't seem to care.

This is my mate Caecilia, she is a gray wolf and is known to always push the offspring into greatness, but always does so with a tender and loving heart. She is the daughter of a beta wolf, but for some reason she chose a subordinate like me to be her mate. I don't think I could be any luckier than I am now, and it feels like there is no end to it.

"You better eat your food before I do." Caecilia snarled.

Clitus dug right into his food and began eating. It was good but he wasn't too happy about it, since he had just returned after a five day trip with Shiro and a few others, only to be presented with food that may as well be considered a snack.

After a quick trip to the pond, he returned to his den to find his mate observing some of the younger pups wrestling. "Clitus you do know that winter is over soon don't you?" Caecilia said to Clitus as she turned her head to look at him, expecting an answer. "I am, and I look forward to fatherhood as well as teaching my pups the ways my father taught me."

Caecilia smiled "close enough," she giggled and turned her head back to the pups. "Still, I have to say I expect you won't spoil our offspring and get lazy while raising them." She said in a more serious tone. Clitus didn't pay much attention to what she was saying, he was tired and wanted to sleep but faith had other plans.

"Clitus! Shiro wants to see you." Clitus turned to his left to see Akame, the tribe's messenger.

Wasting no time, he immediately went to the alpha's den, there was no ignoring his summoning.

The alpha's den was a fortress within the already thick defenses around the tribe's territory. Clitus always wondered what it would take to get through unnoticed whenever he got the chance to be there. Upon entering the den he found his leader, an old but sturdy black wolf stretching his legs and letting out a slight chuckle. "I expect your breakfast was to your taste and liking?" Clitus responded with a nod and a discreet smile, not trying to seem ungrateful. Shiro went on to explain about their upcoming attack against the Alkirk Brutes Tribe. The Alkirk Brutes are our greatest rival and they are well known for their knowledge, strength and ambushes.

"I want you to work with Akame and lead a smaller force to lure out the enemy, once we have them they will tremble at our paws." Shiro finished his sentence with a smile and a nod, obviously wanting Clitus to get busy right away. He bowed before his alpha and set out to find Akame and get their troops together to plan their attack.


Shiro and Akame trained their small force of omegas' and did their best to offer them support. Shiro taught them how to properly defend themselves, while Akame trained them to become "speedy little devils," as he would often call it.

A few months passed and their force showed great promise and talent, but at the cost of Clitus and Akame getting little sleep.
Having prepared their little task force they were given the right to rest, and the attack itself would happen during tomorrow's full moon.

As Clitus and Akame wished their luck to the omegas' they both went off to their den's to be fully rested. Clitus laid down next to his mate and got comfortable for a good night's sleep, or so he thought. "Remember Clitus, you better make it back alive, because I'm not going to raise our pups alone." Caecilia said in a serious tone as she licked his cheek. Don't worry he said to her, this was no death and glory mission and he was confident that nothing would go wrong. As he descended into sleep he found himself in a Zen state, mentally preparing himself for the upcoming challenge.

What Clitus wouldn't expect was later that night, he would be awakened to the horrifying sounds of wolf howls, and the sounds of pain and death occurring outside.
"What's going on out there?" He wondered.

Dun dun dunnn. What is happening out there, and is Clitus Zen like state really just his own imagination?
So that was the prologue, I hope you enjoyed, please review and leave feedback if you have any. I'll see you next time when I have figured out some more, until then take care :).
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